Astrology in the New Aeon 
for Thelemites

by J. Edward Cornelius

The importance of our Birth Chart is that it indicates both our strong points and the pitfalls that await us upon the Tree of Life. It shows us the first step that is required in the voyage of self discovery and it teaches us an important lesson as to the role our body plays in determining our life and our self-discoveries. It reveals our potentials to us, but before exploring these it is important to discover how the Birth Chart correlates with the Tree of Life.This book is the distillation of a lifetime of reflection on a very complicated subject. Some may see it as provocative in that unlike many “conventional” works on astrology it presupposes an acceptance of reincarnation; that is that our Spirits are engaged in a continuing cycle of birth, life and death as they move from one incarnation to the next in order to gain the experiences they need. We are all wandering heirs to a lost inheritance and our astrological Birth Chart can give us clues as to why we incarnated in our present forms. This book is designed to help you find and interpret those clues.

My book is named ALETHEIA (αληθεια) after the Greek Goddess of Truth; the daughter of Zeus. Etymologically Aletheia’s name is derived from the Greek word alethus which means “true” or “not concealing.” The name Aletheia signifies many things. For instance, the letter “A” when added in front of a Greek word as a prefix can denote “not” or "non" while the 
next five letters of her name spell out Lethe (λήθη); Lethe being the name of the mythological River of Forgetfulness which the dead must pass before reincarnating. Greek scholars have always acknowledged that Aletheia is the Goddess who helps us undo the forgetfulness of Lethe; which is why her name is often translates simply as “remembering.” She is often depicted as a beautiful young virgin dressed in white but the ancients also acknowledged that Truth can be very elusive. The Greeks believed that she hides in a Sacred Well, and can be found if only one knows where to look.

It is said that every sacred art and science can be laid upon the glyph known as the Qabalistic Tree of Life. If so, how does our Birth Chart fit onto it? If the Tree is truly a road map of everything that concerns our human species, and our Birth Chart indicates the heavens at the moment our Spirit entered our body, there must be a correlation. This book dares to explore this possibility. The author strongly believes that the occult sciences, like all sciences, are ever-evolving as we push the threshold of our spiritual understanding toward new depths. The Houses and House systems of astrology, as well as the spheres on the Tree of life, have taken a long and often obscure evolutionary road over the centuries, so why not let them take another step? Why not explore our Birth Chart as a journey from birth to death upward into the branches of the Tree of Life. From a magickal point-of-view our Birth Chart can guide us in regards to specific areas where we might have issues as well as showing us our strong points. If our birth chart was superimposed upon the Tree of Life we’d be able to see which Spheres or Sephiroth, as well as Chakras, or Power Zones, are working to our benefit; or if there are blockages. In pursuing our birth chart in this light we will be able to traverse the Tree far easier knowing where we require more serious focus than possibly what some magickal curriculums might offer. 

The book begins with a lengthy Introduction on the subject of Astrology from the point-of-view of psychology, Aleister Crowley, and the New Aeon. It then goes into the historical foundations of Astrology, Our Daimon and the Kundalini, the Three Greek Fates and their connection to our Lot of Fortune and the Nodes. There is also a chapter on how the Tree of Life is constantly growing and embracing new ideas. We’ll also explore each of the Twelve Houses and discuss how our Birth Chart fits upon the Tree of Life, and then we’ll Interpret each of these Houses, along with the Planets, Chiron, Ceres and the Asteroid Belt, and finally we’ll discuss the First Four Houses and their relationship to the man of Earth grade which is a foundational stone of how to act as a Thelemite. At the very end of the book is a blank chart in which the reader can pencil in their birth chart. This is followed by numerous blank pages to be filled in with personal notes. As a magician, if you have a specific planet in a certain house; read up on the House and then read up on the Planet and contemplate deeply how their qualities interrelate in regards to your own life. Books regarding such configurations are often too generic.  A magician must take the initiative to figure things out for themselves in their quest to ‘Know Thyself.’ 

This book is deliberately made small for easy carrying so that it can always be at your fingertips in order to give you the tools to interpret your incarnation. 


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Their listing is as follows: ALETHEIA, Astrology in the New Aeon for Thelemites by J. Edward Cornelius. Hardcover. Black Jackal Press. Small 8vo. xxii + 136pp (xx). Black cloth spine with red papered boards, spine lettered in gilt, upper board lettered in black, appendix, illustration, blank note pages at rear. This copy SIGNED by the author by way of a bookplate affixed to the front endpaper. Edition limited to 418 numbered copies. J. Edward (Jerry) Cornelius has studied astrology, magick, mysticism, religion and tarot since the 1960s. A fascination with the magick of Aleister Crowley drew him to join the Ordo Templi Orientis and the A.'.A .'. in the late 1970s, where he was mentored by Grady Louis McMurtry (1918-1985), one of Crowley's leading American disciples. Following McMurtry's death Cornelius became the head of McMurtry's A.'.A .'. lineage, which he retains to this day, although he has relinquished his O.T.O. membership. He is well known for his publications on Crowley and magick, having been the publisher - and in many cases author - of the thirteen issues of "Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal," the compiler of the Thelemic magazine "Cornelia," and the author of the books "Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board," and  "The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley." This new book "Aletheia," is a short, practical work on astrology, with the emphasis on its use as a tool for self-knowledge and mastery by the magician or mystic. Not surprisingly it draws from and builds upon the insights of Aleister Crowley, examining among other things the relationship between astrology and the Tree of Life, the Daimon (or "Holy Guardian Angel"), and the initiatory system as taught by Crowley.


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Friday July 15th 2011 – 2:53pm I received this email from Ricardo Flores the Head of The Ox and None Clerk House in southern California, he writes - "Dear Jerry,  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  Here is a commentary on your book I wrote on my blog today.  I got the book yesterday and didn't put it down until it was over.  Now, of course, I proceed again with a more systematic study of this wonderful work.

“I got Cornelius' new book on astrology, Aletheia, with great anticipation.  Sure enough, it has what it promises, and more.  It is a valuable tool for the magician, and anyone who seeks to fulfill that dictum at the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi: Know Thyself.  The book takes the student by the hand and shows, step by step, how to turn your chart into a fertile field for self-knowledge and truth.  Aletheia offers unique strategies for unifying your explorations of your chart with your research on the Tree of Life, a powerful combo that is sure to yield useful epiphanies for the practicing magician, the bardo voyager, you!
Knowing Jerry Cornelius and having the privilege of his friendship and his teachings, I am not surprised by any of this.  Every time I sit to talk with him I come out with gems of strategies and magical theory otherwise unavailable.  However, what blew me away was when the philosopher in me realized something about this book: it is more than a practical guide for the Thelemic magician.  It is actually setting up an presenting a new paradigm for the understanding of astrology.  Indeed, Aletheia is seeking to uncover a truth (as the name implies) about the origins of astrology; that the power of this discipline lies in the fact that it's dealing not with archaic superstitions and pre-scientific notions, but with the interrelations of those forces which shape and give life to our collective unconscious, our minds, and the functioning of our bodies. Cornelius is bringing to the table a discussion about the Thelemic approach to those disciplines traditionally dismissed and ridiculed by science and rationality, yet embraced by magicians.  Instead of sidestepping the rational questioning of science, Aletheia seeks to engage by presenting astrology in a new light--albeit more connected in truth to its arcane origins when it sprung from the illuminated depth of adepts of old.  Aletheia will prove to advance the discourse between magick, science, psychology, and art in a way that could be more in line with the long reaching aims of the New Aeon.”
Love is the law, love under will.
In gratitude, Ricardo

Monday July 18th 2011 – 12:15pm Stephen Gusta writes - "93  I just wanted to let you know I just completed reading your new book and, like your previous ones, it was fantastic! I rave about how good your, " The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley" is. That book was, hands down, the best book on magick written post-Crowley. I'm also putting your new one up there. As always, I can't wait for your next one. Thanks.  93,93/93 Stephen."

Tuesday July 19th 2011 – 4:50pm Xhris from Canada writes - "I want to thank you for the personalized copy of 'Aletheia'; read good chunk on the plane and am so excited to dig into it and hope to do some study with others on this and spread the flame; to speak. Simple and brilliant."

Tuesday July 26th 2011 – 9:37am I just received an email from Richard T. Cole, he writes - "Jerry, Quick note to let you know ALETHEIA arrived safely this morning, and what a little diamond it is! The weather here is unseasonably warm, so I gravitated to the garden and fell into your latest publication. Wonderful stuff! Easy to read, educational, entertaining and (crucially) makes sense!!! Your thoughts on the 'birth-chart' stuck me as similar (on a different level) to the final report of a school-leaver (microcosm) combined with an assessment of the prevalent social, economic, religious, political, etc., conditions (macrocosm) - A sort of: "This is you. These are what you are dealing with. Now play the game." - Akin, I guess, to an individual's starting conditions on a board game (RISK, for example), or a hand of cards. It's possible to win from the most unpromising start and it's even easier to lose when holding what initially appears to be a certain winner! Back to the book.. Yours, with huge thanks! RTC."