For Further Reading:
a. Coins of the Roman Republic in the British Museum by H. A. Grueber
London, 1910, Vol. I, pg. 357n
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Sydenham writes - "leaning on a spear."
Sear writes, "holding sceptre."
Crawford writes, "holding staff."

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Cornelia 45
Circa 84 BC. Roman Æ As.  Mint – Rome

Obverse has the laureate head of Janus, on left are the letters C. LICINI. L. F. upward and on the reverse is a prow on which stands a male figure lholding a staff; above are the letters EX S.C. and below MACER.

Ref: Cornelia 45; Babelon 45; Crawford 354/2; Sydenham 733;
Sear 755