Cornelia 65/Claudia 10
Circa 49 B.C. Roman republic silver denarius.
Mint – Apollonia (then Asia)

The front of this coin depicts the head of the young God Jupiter (some authorities claim it is Apollo), facing right. Behind his head are the letters COS. In front are the letters L LENT C MARC. The letters NT & MA in monogram. Border of dots.

Coin Ref: Cornelia 65; Crawford 445/2; Sydenhan 1031/1031b; Sear 415. This currency is also catalogued as a Claudia 10. 
On the reverse side is the God Jupiter facing right and standing before a garlanded altar, on his right. There is a thunderbolt in his right hand and an eagle perched on his left. Underneath the thunderbolt is a star and the letter Q. Border of dots.
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“The issue was regarded as military and irregular.”
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