A genealogical voyage with one of the descendants
of Captain Aaron Cornelius


Jonathan, the father of Elias mentioned in the previous chapter, had a younger brother named Moses. He was the last child born to Elias II and Elizabeth. It is from Moses that I am descended, not Jonathan. I added in the previous information about Jonathan & Elias simply because they portray a fascinating jaunt into early Cornelius history.

Anyway, when Moses became an adult he would marry a young woman by the name of Ann (Nancy) Carmen in 1767. She was the eldest of eight children of Samuel and Mary Carmen. She was born in Hempstead, Suffolk, New York in 1749. She and Moses also had eight children.

6. Moses and Anna Cornelius  

1.  Samuel     born  August 14th 1769   died  April 24th 1845
2.  John         born  August 25th 1773  died  July 27th 1830
3.  Elizabeth   born  [twin of John]       died  .......... 
4.  Mary        born  October 4th 1775   died  June 26th 1864
5.  Henry       born  January 20th 1780 died  June 12th 1855
6.  William     born  1782                     died  Winter 1802/03 [?]
7.  Moses       born  1785  died  [died very young]
8.  Benjamin  born  June 9th 1788        died  May 13th 1874

Moses Cornelius died in Farmingdale, Nassau, New York in September of 1796. I have no idea when his wife died. Their second child, whom he named John Cornelius, would marry Hannah Darby in 1800. She was born in 1774. Together they would have four children.

7. John and Hannah Cornelius

1.  William     born  March 3rd 1802    died  November 16th 1865
2.  Moses       born  July 24th 1805      died  December 19th 1880
3.  Sarah Ann born  July 29th 1807      died  March 12th 1815
4.  Jacob        born  Sept. 23rd 1809    died  November 26th 1885

John Cornelius died on July 27th 1830 in Farmingdale, Nassau, New York. His wife Hannah lived for another nineteen years and she died on August 9th in 1849. Their 2nd child would also carry the name Moses like his grandfather. When Moses grew up he fell in love and married a woman by the name of Mary Place on September 4th 1828. She was born on September 13th in 1812. Together, Moses and Mary would have eleven children.

8. Moses and Mary Cornelius

1.  Zephaniah        born  Sept. 9th 1829    died  April 6th 1911
2.  Sarah Anna      born  July 2nd 1831     died  July 3rd 1907
3.  Mary Elizabeth born  June 12th 1834   died  December 10th 1846
4.  John                born  Aug. 20th 1836   died  October 13th 1899
5.  Jacob   born  March 23,1840   died  December 20th 1909
6.  William            born   Aug. 12th 1842  died  August 12th 1844
7.  Levina             born   Feb. 2nd 1845    died  November 2nd 1846
8.  Mary   born   Oct.25th 1847    died  July 30th 1913
*    9.  Moses  born   April 18th 1850  died  July 21st 1918
10.  Hannah Jane    born   May 27th 1853  died  July 31st 1880   
11. Solomon Place  born   Jan. 1st 1857     died  August 4th 1898

Moses died on December 6th 1880 and was buried on the 19th in Farmingdale. His wife Mary had died eight years earlier on February 13th in 1872.


  *  The following photos have graciously been supplied by Allan R. Cornelius, a direct descendant of Moses H. Cornelius (1850-1918). Moses spent most of his life in Amityville, Long Island. A possession that he had, which has come to be passed down into his family, is the original mariner's fog horn or conch shell that was used by Captain Aaron Cornelius aboard the Canary Bird. The photos below are taken of the mariner’s fog horn as it is seen today. The pictures were taken by its present owner, Bruce E. Cornelius of Merrimack, NH. He is the nephew of Allan R. Cornelius, the great great grandson of Moses H. Cornelius [1850-1918], the great grandson of John D. Cornelius Sr. [1888-1957], and the grandson of John D. Cornelius, Jr. [1911-1996].
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The photo to the left is from
The History of the Cornelius Family
in America (1926)