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Back to the Cornelius side of the family; George Edward Cornelius Jnr would later marry Barbara Pricilla Baribault. The marriage took place [see picture below] at the Catholic Church of St. Rosa on Blathcley Avenue in the Fair Haven section of New Haven on October 4th 1947.

About six years later, or in 1954, the Cornelius family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. At first they lived in a small trailer park but after a few years they bought a house located at 1405 50th Avenue North. When he first moved to Florida George took a few odd jobs but on June 14th 1956 he began working permanently at the Milton Roy Company in St.Petersburg. He's quit this job on January 23rd 1961 to go to work for Honeywell, in the Military Productions Group at Aero-Florida.

Together, George and Barbara Cornelius had four children, two boys and two girls. However, in the early sixties they divorced and in the summber of 1964 Barbara took her four children and moved back to New Haven, Connecticut to live with her parents. George Edward Jnr. stayed in Florida.

12. George Edward Jnr. and Barbara Cornelius

1.  Gary Louis          born  July 20th 1950       died  ..........
2.  Gerald Edward    born  July 14th 1951       died  ..........
3.  Georgiana           born  Sept. 10th 1955      died  ..........
4.  Susanna              born  Dec. 20th 1961      died  ..........
Barbara Pricilla Cornelius
George Edward Cornelius Jr. with his two sons, Gary left and Gerald right. 1953
Left to right: Gary, Gerald, Georgia
and in the middle, Susan
George Edward Jnr. died on January 21st 1978 in Old Orchard Beach, York, Maine of a massive heart attack. He had just turned fifty on the 12th. Barbara died on February 14th 1996 in New Haven, Connecticut of pancreatic cancer.
I am George Jnr's son, the author of this article on the Corneliuses. My name is Gerald Edward Cornelius I was born in New Haven, Connecticut, as was his brother. Both my sisters were born in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I moved to Berkeley, California where I now reside in late August of 1989, about a month before the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit the area, which was of a magnitude 7.1. Being from New England all I can say is that it was 'amusing.'

I have been married three times.

I married my second wife, Marlene Elizabeth Smith, on October 10th, 1993 in Oakland, California. Marlene was born on November 11th 1960 in Texarkana, T
I have no children by my first marriage but Marlene and I have one child, a little boy who was born in Oakland, California, named Faustus. Over the years Marlene & I drifted apart and we divorced in February of 2003.
13. Gerald Edward and Marlene Elizabeth Cornelius

1.  Faustus Edward   born  Jan. 10th 1996      died ..........

14. Faustus Edward Cornelius and ? 

I know, Faustus is still kinda young but I just wanted to point out that he's the 12th generation of Cornelius born here in the United States.

Marlene Cornelius
  October 29th 2001

After picking Faustus up at Washington School
I found out that he had a good fall during the day.
He had tripped on a rug and hit his head. It had
been a tear jerker. On the way home we talked
about it. It was during this conversation that he
looked up at me and said, "You have to cry."

I smiled, and asked him, "Why?"

He replied, "Otherwise your head will fill up
with water and it'll explode!"

He then went on to say that when his head
is filling up with water his "brain will not float"
and "my brain can't swim."

All I could do was smile and acknowledge the problem.

I married my third wife, Erica Peterson,
on August 31, 2015 in Berkeley, CA.

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