Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law - AL I:40



Friday June 5th 2009 – 9:00am Here are some amusing thoughts that I wrote in an email yesterday that I'd like to share with you all. We were discussing childhood rites of passage and sexual experiences. I wrote:

"My own experience has taught me that sexual curiosity is found in both sexes if given half a chance. It’s the societal ‘consequences’ which often keep kids from playing doctor. Remove the ‘stigma’ and children will become children.
Also, a lot of my guy friends ‘think’ with their penises and if they get a hard on all they want to do is get laid and ‘playfulness’ is usually not in their vocabulary. Me, on the other hand, I don’t know what makes me different but I have always found it amusing to let the girls take control but I don’t consider myself a passive player or submissive as much as a curiosity seeker to see what the opposite sex wants. Still, what I once wrote about my Zodiac sign is more revealing than I care to admit; I wrote how Cancers are ruled by the Moon “and more than any other sign it will embrace the Light of its partner’s Sun in order to become Full and happy; which means that it often mimics their partner’s proclivities before their own.” ... Knowing this, it explains my childhood and why I so often volunteered my services.
Sadly, the older I get I find the sexual curiosity of innocence gone and often I find myself in a relationship where all the woman wants to talk about is getting laid and the importance of her fucking orgasm. To me, anyone can get laid, that’s why they make vibrators ... but not everyone can push the envelop to have erotic fun. The mind is the true pleasure organ! As children we knew that but with age so many forget it. ... Many of my adult friends find anything too sexually different a perversity rather than an exploration of self."


10:30am Kathy sent a brief email regarding my 9:00am posting in which she writes - “Jerry 93 I was fascinated by what you wrote “Many of my adult friends find anything too sexually different a perversity rather than an exploration of self." What do you mean? 93s Kath.”

Reply: "Every sign of the Zodiac has a unique libido which quests differently than others but society wants us all to conform to the same type of sexual experience. Society is the great slayer of the real.
But as magicians we must learn to explore not only our bodies but our sexuality; these are the very Foundation stones which defines us both outwardly and inwardly. Everyone's Tree of Life (body on up) is different and our ability to use it is defined by our unique sexuality which is rooted in our Kundalini in Yesod and Malkuth. This is part of the experience that we incarnated for ... but the problem has always been finding someone who’ll not take advantage of you while you are questing to discover Self. Remember, first and foremost, understanding your sexually is not about others. To involve others is to quest for the opposite externally - rather than within.
Oddly, when I watch male students in the A.’.A.’. approach their sexuality, especially when writing about it, they are more apt to seek or refer to an external vehicle more so than a woman. Men are visual creatures, women emotional. Men function in reality, woman within their mind. We have to ride the men in our A.’.A.’. far more than the women simply because women seemingly ‘get it’ when talking about their sexuality, while men ‘seek it.’  Trying to get the man to stop crossing the planes and go within is always an ordeal!
Anyway, you need to be comfortable with the vehicle that you picked to incarnate into. You need to be honest with Self as to what excites and stimulates the flesh in order to control it (10=1 ... One you control, while the other controls you - Malkuth and Kether). But too often, when a person tries to talk about the sexual proclivities which find a purpose in their imagination, others think them sick or perverse. Society brain washes us with the need to be accepted by others and sadly, this keeps most individuals quiet about their fantasies and if they are not going to explore ... well, why bother picking a body to incarnate?"

As a p.s., which I didn't include in my reply email to Kath, I should have pointed out that using an actual physical person (like a man in her case) as a projected 'opposite' and the means of Self exploration is 100% condonable but for a beginner, I wouldn't recommend it. The nature-oriented group that I grew up with as an adolescent had a practice that was simple: it was a great psychological stimulant. A boy and a girl would simply sit opposite each other nude in big comfy chairs and talk openly about their curiosity about each other's bodies while also talking about our own sexuality; our fantasies and desires; it was a kind of show and tell without fear of being groped or fondled  ... but too often, while sitting opposite each other, the boy would try to take control in order to try to get laid rather than simply allowing each other to explore what they were feeling to their projected opposite. It was fascinating to watch this behavior; it taught me alot. However, one of the rules imposed by the adults was that we were forbidden to have sex. The practice was not about getting laid but some of the boys always tried anyways. Me, on the other hand, I conformed easily to the practice and where some of the boys were told simply not to come around, I was always allowed. I think it had to do with the fact that I was always an exhibitionist at heart and I think some of the boys missed out on a great experience. You can learn alot by the curiosity of the opposite sex; it's reflective of our own inward Self.


11:50am Kath replied with a long tome about her views on Crowley’s sexual practice. Some of it way off. I replied, “Yes, I am convinced that this is what Crowley tried to achieve with his unbridled sex, orgies and anything goes sexual mentality. He wanted his students to explore their sexual Self but more often than not all he produced were dirty little school children. The OTO is a classic example of this kind of behavior amongst Crowleyites today; especially if you’ve ever attended a Gnostic Mass.  Still, I was not at Cefalu, or at least I don’t remember and so in truth I really don’t know what the talks between Crowley and his students were regarding sexuality ... the bottom line is that there can be no single correct approach because we are all individual Stars with different sets of sexual proclivities and needs. Where one person might need to be bent over table and simply fucked, another may require walking more slowly with, at first, no sex. To create a blanket program for all disregards each individual's needs. Still, the over-all goal remains the same for each despite what a teacher believes is the correct method – we all begin on Malkuth where we explored the bodies that we chose for our incarnation until we feel 100% comfortable and in control and moving up the Tree to Yesod we then explored our sexuality and Moon-like inner libido-driven fantasies. ... We will never make it into the deeper reaches of the Tree of Life unless we create a good Foundation in the man of Earth and this is the first step on the path of ‘Knowing Thyself.’

I disagree where you state that “Nudist colonies seem to be more in tune with accepting their sexuality than the rest of society.” ... To me, nudist colonies desensitize us to the flesh. Walking around naked is no big thing and as a magician I want to get aroused; I want the to get a hard-on in order to raise my libido out of Yesod but I don’t want to become as an ‘animal’ ... and drag it back down to Malkuth. 

As for your thoughts about the 'ps' on my 10:30 posting where you write that ".... it seems you would have a lot of naked horny kids in comfy chairs if you can't have a sexual release." ... I never said we were not aloud a sexual release, I simply said we could not touch, fondle or have sex with each other; masturbation was considered OK because this dealt with Self exploration. The idea was to explore our bodies and our sexuality without being afraid to show it or talk about what we did or what we saw the other do.

You asked " ... and so what do you think the biggest problem was with the practice of the 'comfy chairs' ?"  ..... I like that name ... the "Comfy Chair Practice" ... it brought a smile. Anyway, the biggest problem that I remember was that of a spectator's sport. In time we began forbidding some kids from simply watching from the sidelines because it annoyed, distracted and inhibited the performers. Again, take this for what's worth; but the girls on the sidelines never seemed to be the problem. It was always the boys. If they got the slightest bit excited their focus immediately shifted away from the drama; onto themselves and their need to get laid. It became like 'little dramas' all over the place, very distracting.


12:30pm Frank sent a brief email. He writes - Hey Jer 93 It sounds like you guys have fun at your Clerk House. Do you have a room I can rent?” 93 93/93 Frank.” ...... I replied – “Frank 93 Ha! Sorry, no room to rent but in truth, what I was describing took place in my adolescent childhood and is not part of my present practices. Furthermore, men and women as adults past about twenty-five, have a pile of hang-ups and often trying to get them to regain paradise lost or the innocence of exploration about their bodies is all but impossible. In my magickal youth, when me and some girl would get together and say, “Lets get naked and talk about sex” ... before we actually heard “talk about sex” we were both getting undressed. Today, if I have a girl over and told her the same thing, she’s either get offended or think, oh boy, I’m getting laid! Even more tragically is that sitting around naked as an adult often winds up as being little more than a seen that, done that, kinda thing with the opposite sex and where in my youth arousal was used as a tool to get our 'focus' off Malkuth; as an adult we tend to want to get laid if we get sexually aroused which earth's out everything. The frivolity of play dies with our youth. 93 93/93 Jerry.”


Saturday June 6th 2009 – 8:00am To answer an email - Yes, Frank, yesterday's sexual postings were rather amusing. I only posted about a third of the incoming/outgoing thoughts, yours included and admittedly what you read on line does not tell the whole picture about others.
Our man of Earth grade focuses primarily upon understanding Malkuth and Yesod. Often when magician's start practicing they come up with lofty rituals or teaching dealing with the external world or with internal practices which don't really reflect the needs of these two spheres. It seems everyone wants to play with Enochian or do the Goetia but few ever achieve anything outside of phantoms simply because they forgot the First Law; being the principle of 'Know Thyself', which implies on the lowest level - our bodies and our libido; the very foundation stones of what we picked as a vehicle for our incarnation. The higher spiritual and ritualistic practices will come with time but first we must learn to 'clean' our Temple and to make our body a suitable vehicle for our Star. Our libidos, as Carl Jung clearly points out, is our Kundalini. We must learn how it functions within our body through the Muladhara chakra; the seat of our sexuality. Repression of sexual desires often leads to an unhealthy focus upon this Chakra when, on the lowest mundane level, you become aroused ... and instead of bringing our Kundalini upward into loftier highs, we often keep it within Yesod to function out of Malkuth.
Now I'm not advocating that to overcome 'sexual repression' you must go out and have sex, sex, sex because that would mean that I know the needs of your True Will. The nature of any 'restriction' must be determined by yourself. But first, in the most simple terms - "You must learn to be comfortable in your skin." 


Sunday June 7th 2009 – 5:30am It has often been asked as to why Aleister Crowley made certain chapters from The Book of Lies required study for a Seventh Degree initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis. Wasn't this book written for Babes in the Abyss in A.'.A.'.? ... Well dear students, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that the initiatory system set up by Aleister Crowley for both A.'.A.'. and OTO has them both centered within the Qabalistic sphere of Chesed (4) on the Tree of Life facing the ordeal of the Abyss.

Minerval Chockmah
First Degree  Binah
Second Degree          Chesed/Geburah/Tiphereth
Third Degree             Hod
Fourth Degree           Netzach
Fifth Degree              Tiphereth
Sixth Degree              Geburah
Seventh Degree          Chesed
Eighth Degree             Binah
Ninth Degree              Chockmah

We know that the two organizations function differently. The A.'.A.'. works within the microcosm which is from the Greek mikros kosmos or ‘little world’ which is a reference to the Tree of Life symbolically found in each one of us. Its purpose is to assist the spiritual growth of each individual in order to prepare them to assume the role of helping humanity move forward spiritually. It is primarily a vertical school or working within an individual.

The OTO works on the macrocosm which is from the Greek phrase makros kosmos or ‘greater world’, which refers to the Tree of Life symbolizing our Universe, the Heavens above, the Angels and the entirety of God’s Kingdom but, in this case, the Order works primarily on the planet Earth. Its purpose is to assist fratenally the growth of an 'idea' across the Earth; it is a horizontal or a mundane school. It is not necessarily the goal of OTO to foster spirituality as much as establishing behavior, this behavior being Thelema.

It is believed that both Trees are identical or mirror images of each other because God used the same blueprint to create everything from the most exalted to the infinitesimal and Qabalists believe that to study any part thereof on one Tree will reveal, simply by analogy, an identical fundamental principle on the other Tree. In other words, what is found on one Tree must be found on the other and to know one Tree is to know both. Thus the fundamental principle of all magick - As Above, So Below.

Hence, if there is an Abyss that initiates of A.'.A.'. must face in the microcosm then there must be an Abyss on the macrocosmic Tree. The question is, what is its purpose on the lower Tree and how did Crowley prepare the Seventh Degree initiate for its ordeal? Why specific chapters from The Book of Lies?


5:55am A clue is found in LIBER DE LEGE LIBELLVM  (Liber CL-150), also called A Sandal. Regarding this liber Crowley writes - "A further explanation of the Book of the Law, with special reference to the Powers and Privileges conferred by its acceptance." ... It is also known as L-L-L-L-L or The Law, Liberty, Love, Life and Light.

Within OTO the qualities of 'Liberty, of Love, of Life, of Light' are assigned to the Degree between Minerval to Fourth in the man of Earth.

Minerval/First Light (Air)            Nuit
Second    Life (Earth)          Hadit
Third                    Love (Water) Man
Fourth                  Liberty (Fire)       Woman

In the seventh Degree grade paper Liber De Natura Deorum, Sub Figvra CCXXVIII (228) – Of the Nature of the Gods it states regarding initiates of this degree - "And also of His own nature is He Liberty and Love." (Secret Rituals of the OTO, edited by Francis King, NY: S. Weisers 1973, pg.172)

So, if Third Degree works out of the Qabalistic sphere of Hod and Fourth out of Netzach what is the role of the phallic path of The Tower which unites them?

Equally important; if (according to Liber Aleph) Hod is the pivotal sphere in the Formula of ON for the man and Netzach pivotal in the formula for the Woman; what is a Seventh Degree initiate being prepared for?  You don't need to know the secrets of IXth Degree to figure this out but the intent behind the degree would be helpful ...

On a side note: When I took seventh Degree back in March of 1979 under Grady McMurtry it took awhile to understand all the 'references' that he simply told me to study but when at last I got 'IT', I was so blown away that I painted my Tower card to reflect the secret. On the back of the canvas, scribbled in pencil, was one word - "Chastity.' ... Needles-to-say, Grady was not quite amused but I believed that if a person wasn't ready to understand Seventh then you could flaunt the secrets right before their eyes. Grady agreed and, as all who knew him will attest, on his private altar at the time of his death there was a small photo of this card that I had sent him years earlier.


7:30am A few emails have come in wondering if I am going to reveal the final secrets to the OTO Mysteries. The answer - Absolutely not. In the VIIth Degree Grade Paper De Natura Deorum, Section III De Natura Dei Soli it clearly informs us to “make no attempt to disclose this inner Truth to the profane” ... adding - “For all attempts to initiate even the worthy before they initiate themselves are folly and fatality. The Secret of the Wise, although known of them, are not to be expressed in the language of common men.” (Secret Rituals of the OTO, edited by Francis King, NY: S. Weisers 1973, pg.175)  And I agree but like Crowley did in his writings, and even Grady did to me by offering ideas and references, I too am offering carrots in my writings which will hopefully inspire a few donkeys to have epiphanies. But from majority of the previous emails that have come in regarding The Book of Lies only a few individuals clearly get IT. Most of you have been holding up a different carrot as proof that you get it, silly rabbits, you're simply intellectually vomiting Malkuthian ideas proving that you can hold pearls before the swine. Still, seeds have been planted and someday when you're least expecting it, you'll be reading a book or meditating and "Wham!"  It'll all make sense. I only wish I could be there to watch you smile.


8:40am Maria writes - "I think what you are writing about is webbed enough and offers us OTO initiates a place where we might understand our mysteries. Keep up the good work ... don't reveal too much." .... Reply: thanks for the kind words. I will never reveal too much, or anything more not already discussed in books. I am simply making connections between the obvious.

9:00am To address a question:

"Chastity in the true magical sense of the word is inconceivable to those who are not wholly emancipated from the obsession of sex." - Aleister Crowley

And this is why a man of earth, both men and women, must learn to 'Know Thyself' and understand the Mysteries of their libido (Yesod) and body (Malkuth) ... they must not become a pawn to the lower bodily powers which can become obsessive phantoms dragging them down to Malkuth. Too often when either a man or a women 'represses' their sexuality and avoids discussing or talking about their bodies, or that of their mates, they become like dirty little school children. People, time and time again, who are driven by the urge for sex will sell their Soul for a piece of ass and end up in a daily life on Malkuth only to fall by the wayside. Remember, the very thing that can lead us to Heaven is the same thing that can lead us to Hell. Ah, grasshoppers, take a hint from Crowley's own life; orgies, sexual debauchery and frivolity are not the problem ... it's getting so wrapped up into sex that you lose sight of the greater picture and you walk off the cliff.


11:15am To address a question:

... to get out of the man of Earth grade I look to see if a student is unconsciously living the Seventh Degree secrets; because this practice is an easy example of something which we can compare them to. Once in the next grade their Clerk House becomes a living representative of the secrets behind the Lover Grade ... which could take them years to realize; or until they reach Tiphereth where they have put their 'outer' personality under control; and remember; our personality is not just the mask we wear but our libido which fuels it.


Wendesday June 10th 2009 – 1:45pm Jerri from Sacramento writes - "Hi Jerry,  93 Ah, the magick sentence… I just read the VII degree paper, Liber De Natura Deorum…"Mountains are female when they are hollow; most especially, when they are inhabited: for example, Abiegnus, the ‘Mountain of the Caverns.’"  I have been utterly struck by this idea that Mount Abiegnus could be referred to as a feminine mountain--one that is hollow and inhabited, no less. I am laughing and laughing…this never occurred to me before, yet it is the most obvious thing in the world!!! I suppose all aha’s! are like that… It is with that Understanding that I can relate my Universe, my Body, my Kteis (or my hollow phallus), to the Sun…

My reply: Like all things below the Abyss, a mountain is bathed in duality. Whatever you think it to be, automatically implies that there must be an opposite somewhere and if you see a phallic male mountain then there must be another with a cave to represent the female.

Jerri - "As well, I’m beginning to understand the importance of not killing the seed and how and why women do tend to do so---in my quest to know thyself, and my exploration of Chastity, I’ve noticed this thing that I do. It would be unfair to say this happens in all women, but I think it fairly common.
I define it as the feminine, constrictive aspect and of course I can only comment on the manner in which I personally experience it as a shadow beneath my Sun. I tend to reject many new or foreign thoughts, ideas, emotions, and tasks that I encounter as my first response, but will eventually work through them later as time goes on, but only sometimes, and sometimes only just so far. This is the sin of restriction. Restriction kills the seed! The seed is Life and all potential...
I bring this aspect up to make the following point regarding my personal journey up the mountain: A female Pisces with no Earth struggles to bring forth her ideas in a tangible, concrete manner upon Malkuth. But this is exactly what I must focus upon!! Sound backwards? Maybe, but it’s not. What I am suggesting is not to focus upon Malkuth/Yesod, it is rather to focus upon the Sun-to recognize the Sun within and to pluck ideas and emotions from my subconscious and bring them into the light that shines upon Malkuth. If it’s made of Light…well…it’s Light. If it’s a shadow…then it must die. By nature, rejection is a phantom which automatically makes it “false,” and thereby only an abstract representation of the Divine Light, but not the Light itself." 

My reply: Ah, Chastity; as an example: in Qabalah we are taught that in order to fully understand the subject we must bring the Tree of Life alive. To achieve this we’re taught the practice of seeing its symbols in everything that we do in our daily lives. If we see a yellow sign, think Tiphereth; if we see a specific number try to relate it to the Tree, etc and etc. The idea that everything in the Universe is part of this symbol must become so ingrained in our psyche that the macrocosm and microcosm merges. In other words; the topic can no longer just be a practice in study but the ‘Above and Below’ must come together as a hexagram. That is what makes a magician different than others who are just book read. When learning 'sex magick' this practice of focus is likewise important; we must see the divine play in everything ...

Jerri, don't ever believe for a moment that you have trouble making inner things tangible; you are by far one of the most articulate of our female student. You words inspire, very good ...

"When one is unchaste, one fails to recognize the difference between the shadows and the Sun. Therefore, Chastity then is a constant focus upon the Sun and our diligent quest of becoming it-that which we already are. What does Crowley mean when he states: "Chastity in the true magical sense of the word is inconceivable to those who are not wholly emancipated from the obsession of sex?" In my estimation, this statement has little to do with sex whatsoever. He could have used any example—video games, relationships, fruit-loops, or the color blue because sex isn’t the point at all!!!! The statement seems to be more of a blind to those who are not emancipated from their obsession or focus upon Malkuth and Yesod…"

My reply: You are quite correct; if 'obsession with sex' were a sin, I think Crowley could be deemed guilty. But Crowley uses this analogy because the quest to understand our bodies, its sexual nature and labido is not only the Way toward Universal Freedom according to most Tantras but its also the very thing which leads us to Hell, or being earthed-out. We must learn to control it rather than becoming obsessed or controlled by it.
"The concept of Chastity seems simple but, it’s not as simple as it sounds. It is always a double edged sword below the Abyss. What is down here isn’t “real,” it is “false.” But, we are here to experience, in whatever manner we is when we grow too attached to these shadows and our lower egos cling on to these false notions of ‘self’ that we become stuck here in the muck with the slaves. One can fall in love with or become obsessed by the shadows that exist here on this plane. Sex is great…fruit-loops aren’t bad either… but there is love and there is Love. Choose ye well!"

My reply: Very well said but I never liked fruit-loops. I'm a Special-K kinda guy.

And Jeri ends it - "93 93/93 Jerri ...more on Chastity later!!!"

My reply: Looking forward to it ...


6:00pm The following chapter on 'Chastity' is written by Aleister Crowley and is from Little Essays Toward Truth


Those Works of Ancient and Mediaeval Literature which more particularly concern the Seeker after Truth, concur on one point. The most worthless Grimoires of Black Magic, no less than the highest philosophical flights of the Brotherhood which we name no, insist upon the virtue of Chastity as cardinal to the Gate of Wisdom.

Let first be noted this word Virtue, the quality of Manhood, integral with Virility. The Chastity of the Adept of the Rose and Cross, or of the Graal-Knights of Monsalvat, is not other than very opposite to that of which the poet can write:

......Chastity that slavering sates
His lust without the walls, mews, and is gone,
Preening himself that his lewd lips relent.

Or to that emasculate frigor of Alfred Tennyson and the Academic Schools.

The Chastity whose Magical Energy both protects and urges the aspirant to the Sacred Mysteries is quite contrary in its deepest nature to all vulgar ideas of it; for it is, in the first place, a positive passion; in the second, connected only by obscure magical links with the sexual function; and, in the third, the deadliest enemy of every form of bourgeois morality and sentiment.

It may assist us to create in our minds a clear concept of this noblest and rarest --- yet most necessary --- of the Virtues, if we draw the distinction between it and one of its ingredients, Purity.

Purity is a passive or at least static quality; it connotes the absence of all alien admixture from any given idea; as, pure gallium, pure mathematics, pure race. It is a secondary and derive use of the word which we find in such expressions as "pure milk," which imply freedom from contamination.

Chastity, per contra, as the etymology (castus, possibly connected with castrum, a fortified camp *) suggests, may be supposed to assert the moral attitude of readiness to resist any assault upon an existing state of Purity.

"So dear to heaven is saintly chastity
That when a soul is found sincerely so
A thousand liveried angels lackey it,

sang Milton, with the true poet's veil-piercing sword-vision; for service is but waste unless action demands it.

The Sphinx is not to be mastered by holding aloof; and the brutish innocence of Paradise is always at the mercy of the Serpent. it is his Wisdom that should guard our Ways; we need his swiftness, subtlety, and his royal prerogative of dealing death.

The Innocence of the Adept? We are at once reminded of the strong Innocence of Harpocrates, and of His Energy of Silence. A chaste man is thus not merely one who avoids the contagion of impure thoughts and their results, but whose virility is competent to restore Perfection to the world about him. Thus the Parsifal who flees from Kundry and her attendant flower-witches loses his way and must wander long years in the Desert; he is not truly chaste until he is able to redeem her, an act which he performs by the reunion of the Lance and the Sangraal.

Chastity may thus be defined as the strict observance of the Magical Oath; that is, in the Light of the Law of Thelema, absolute and perfected devotion to the Holy Guardian Angel and exclusive pursuit of the Way of the True Will.

It is entirely incompatible with the cowardice of moral attitude, the emasculation of soul and stagnation of action, which commonly denote the man called chaste by the vulgar.

"Beware of abstinence from action!" is it not written in Our lection? For the nature of the Universe being Creative Energy, aught else blasphemes the Goddess, and seeks to introduce the elements of a real death within the pulses of Life.

The chaste man, the true Knight-Errant of the Stars, imposes continually his essential virility upon the throbbing Womb of the King's Daughter; with every stroke of his Spear he penetrates the heart of Holiness, and bids spring forth the Fountain of the Sacred Blood, splashing its scarlet dew throughout Space and Time. His Innocence melts with its white-hot Energy the felon fetters of that Restriction which is Sin, and his Integrity with its fury of Righteousness establishes that Justice which alone can satisfy the yearning lust of Womanhood whose name is Opportunity. As the function of the castrum or castellum is not merely to resist a siege, but to compel to Obedience of Law and Order every pagan within range of its riders, so also it is the Way of Chastity to do more than defend its purity against assault. For he is not wholly pure who is imperfect; and perfect is no man in himself without his fulfillment in all possibility. Thus then must he be instant to seek all proper adventure and achieve it, seeing well to it that by no means should such distract him or divert his purpose, polluting his true Nature and hamstringing his true Will.

Woe, woe therefore to him the unchaste who shirks scornful the seeming-trivial, or flees fearful the desperate, adventure. And woe, thrice woe, and four times woe be to him who is allured by the adventure, slacking his Will and demitted from his Way: for as the laggard and the dastard are lost, so is the toy of circumstance dragged down to nethermost Hell.

Sir Knight, be vigilant: watch by your arms and renew your Oath; for that day is of sinister augury and deadly charged with danger which ye fill not to overflowing with gay deeds and bold of masterful, of manful Chastity!

*The root cas means house; and an house is Beth, the letter of Mercury, the Magus of the Tarot. He is not still, in
  a place of repose, but the quintessence of all Motion. He is the Logos; and He is phallic. This doctrine is of the
  utmost Qabalistic importance.

Note: Little Essay's Toward Truth: OTO, Privately printed, High Holborn, London HB,
December 22, 1938


6:10pm The following paragraph and footnote on 'Chastity' is written by Aleister Crowley and is from Magick In Theory & Practice, Chapter XX  - OF THE EUCHARIST AND OF THE ART OF ALCHEMY

Chastity is a condition; fasting for some hours previous is a condition; an earnest and continual aspiration is a condition. Without these antecedents even the Eucharist of the One and Seven is partially --- though such is its intrinsic virtue that it can never be wholly --- baulked of its effect. *

* The Word Chastity is used by initiates to signify a certain state of soul and of mind determinant of a certain habit
  of body which is nowise identical with what is commonly understood. Chastity in the true magical sense of the
  word is inconceivable to those who are not wholly emancipated from the obsession of sex.


6:20pm The following chapter is written by Aleister Crowley and is from Liber Aleph:

(On Chastity)

My son, be fervent! Be firm! Be stable! Be quick to make Impurity, how one Course of Ideas seeketh to infringe upon another, to quell the Virtue thereof. Gold is pure, but to drink molten Gold were Impurity to thy Body, and its Destruction. Law is a Code of the Customs of a People; if it intrude thereon to alter them, it is an Impurity of Oppression. So also Diet is to be in Accord with Digestion; Ethics were an Impurity therein. Love is an Expression of the Will of the Body, yea, and more also, of That which created he Body; and its Operation is commonly between One and One, so that the Interference of a Third Person is Impurity, and not to be endured. Nay, even the thought of Third Person hath but ordinary not Part in Love; so that, as thou seest constantly in thy Life, Love being strong, taketh no heed of others, and some after Interference bringeth Misfortune. Now hen shell we therefore cast out Love, or accept Impurity herein? God forbid. And for this Cause see thou well to it hat in thy Kingdom there be no Interference there with, nor Hindrance from any. For it is perfect in itself.


6:30pm Come on folks, we've spent weeks talking about seven specific chapters from The Book of Lies that are required for a Seventh Degree Initiate of OTO to study. These chapters inform us of the inner physilological basis of the Oversoul rooted in the phallus which is required to understand in every Seventh Degree's quest for 'Chastity' ... therefore; all thoughts on this subject should reflect the lessons learned over the previous weeks. Otherwise, why did we study them?


Saturday 13th of June 2009 – 6:45am Frater Orpheus wrote a gem on the VIIth Degree concept of 'Chastity' which is rather lengthy for this blog so I included it at the bottom of 'AN OPEN EPISTLE ON CHASTITY.' ... All our students in the man of Earth Grade would be wise to read this and study it well. Frater Orpheus and I have had a private discourse for years on magick and it is obvious by the fruits of his labour that it has paid off. He clearly understands why The Book of Lies discussions were important and why this little discourse on chastity was the obvious next step. Unlike the discussions regarding certain chapters from The Book of Lies which ended each week, the discourse on this subject will continue further ... it is mandatory for students to understand.
He writes:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Considering “Chastity”…

JC began the conversation on Chastity by discussing Sexual proclivities… But has anyone wondered why this is a good place to start?  It is no secret that while the A.’.A.’. gives us a great foundation but, as JC once wrote me, it “lacks the psychological approach to embrace our sexuality, or libido on its lowest level (Yesod). As you know the Kundalini is an objective force identical to what the Greeks called our Daimon; she is a pure elemental force given to us by the Gods to assist us in our incarnation and our spiritual growth.” 

    It is said that this Daimon guides the Spirit into the body and continues to assist us throughout our life.  Yesod is called the Foundation for a reason and without this fundamental astral connection all progress will be rooted in intellectual only.  This may be one of the reasons why so many students, in all lineages, have historically failed in their attempt up the Mountain; they simply failed to lay the proper foundation.  Without proper ‘training’ in both understanding and “controlling” the Libido (and by this I mean almost the exact opposite) how far can you expect to climb?  Those within our branch of the A.’.A.’. will soon discover that the answer is not far.  But hey, Do what thou Wilt; each of us is on our own peculiar journey and there is no shame in that.

    Our sexual proclivities from the highest to the lowest are a divine reflection of that relationship between the Body the HGA and the Spirit.  Kundalini energies are that universal force, the creative principle of the LOGOS which is the word of your own Spirit.  Our goal then is to recognize and understand how this energy works within the Ruach and the Body of Man as spiritual-creative power.  In it’s lowest materialized form it is known as sexual energy.  But in its highest form it is the divine Creative powers of your Spirit which descends through Libido. The true Nature of this energy is hence that of your own Spirit… You are the Word made flesh...

     By It’s nature the Libido attaches to the body through the Doorway found within the Muladhara chakra in Yesod and because our Angel is the go-between us and the Gods, then within our Libido lays the connection to the Macrocosmic self! 

    Consider this… The whole of creation is formed from the division of two poles and in our bodies these poles are male and female.  Yes we are all twofold entities which when Masculine in our outer Nature are feminine in the inner, and vice versa.  Each sex therefore, to a greater or lesser extent, possess the qualities of the other.  These poles exist internally and it is said that in the Psychic body of Man the positive pole is found in the Ajna chakra and the negative in Muladhara.  Our goal is to unite them using our Libido as the bridge.  Although both sexes have within them a complete Tree or both poles we nevertheless in our bodies manifest only ‘one pole’.  In the Old Aeon we searched for “Completion” or to be united with the opposite pole outside of “Self” and on the lowest Malkuthian level this is still much the case as is necessary in pro-creation; But, in the New Aeon there is also the quest within which leads us to another kind of “Unification“, that with our inner Divinity.  We understand that true “self” or spirit has no sex. 

    Since the poles represent the energies of all of Life then in the re-unification of these poles lays the primal state of God.  As above so Below! When this happens on Malkuth the encounter of the two sexes engenders a new life and the trinity is completed… Father-Mother-Son.  But what when we are the Word or the Son???

    The energy/Libido which manifest through sexuality is our Daimon.  She is the link between spirit and matter.  It could be said that in order for our Bodies (which are one pole) to be separated from the Spirit (which has no polarity) a third is engendered, the Daimon…this in part, is why high states of spirituality are often characterized by a fluctuation between sexual polarities; think BAPHOMET.  In other words the primal state of the Spirit or “God” is without this division.  (Consider the practice of engendering the Angels as your opposites or the Divine Lover)

    Certainly on the lowest level a unification of opposites is how we actually create life on this plane.  As above so below!  In this sense true Unification between the Macro and the Microcosmic is only accomplished on this plane through what we call Knowledge and Conversation.

    Taking all of this into consideration then our Libido holds for Man a secret which has little to do with the procreation of new life.  Just as this Daimon has guided the Spirit of Man into the Body so can she guide him out and into full awareness of his divine primal state.  In other words these Kundalini energies are quite literally that bridge between the Microcosmic and the Macrocosmic.

    In Chakra land this looks just like what the Gurus of old have always taught us… through a balancing of the Chakras the Snake who lies sleeping and coiled about the Muladhara will awaken and ascend the Tree.  In truth this process is happening all the time our task is to understand it, as best we may, in order to tap into the source of our own True Spirit and for this Thelemites seek the guidance of their Angel.

    This task is on one hand daunting as you may be forced to look at self, your own sexual history and proclivities; A part of you usually hidden in the recesses of your mind and rarely explored yet central in the psychology of Self.  On the other hand, this process is as natural as breathing, with all the necessary tools already at your disposal.  It is essentially the arousal of the spirit within our Libido while being fully emancipated from the obsession of sex and to pull this off we must have our “animalistic nature” under control so that we are able to arouse it for purposes grater then those things purely Malkuthian.

    Yes it is true, in many ways our sexual proclivities are wrapped up in Ego and the experiences of this plane,  but is Malkuth not the first thing you are charged with getting a handle on?  Remember we may, in a certain manner, want to transcend this plane so that we may achieve our ultimate goals but this is not to be had thru a denial of this plane.  As long as we are in these bodies we are on this plane, instead we simply aim to control the complexes of this plane and not the other way around.  The Thelemic Magician should realize that He is here for a purpose of which he freely chose to incarnate and play out.  All along the way on our journey up the mountain we are tempted from our course by the Kundry of this plane.  Believe me the mask that she wears will change and mutate with every step you take, at times grapping hold of us, myself included; But when these challenges arise will you react as a King or a Slave?  Will you slay the Dragon or will it devour you?  You do have free Will, you make the choice.

But what of Chastity???

    Clearly we not Christians there idea of Chastity is rooted in restriction, while ours may be seen as a “focusing“ of energy.  Crowley wrote that “Chastity may thus be defined as the strict observance of the Magical Oath; that is, in the Light of the Law of Thelema, absolute and perfected devotion to the Holy Guardian Angel and exclusive pursuit of the Way of True Will.” This perfect devotion and exclusive pursuit of Will is what I mean by “focus“... A Devotion towards, in another sense, is a union with and therefore an act of Love.  Devotion, Oaths and Vows (all binding) go hand in hand to keep our thoughts focused and pure.

Consider this… Crowley wrote,
“The root cas means house; and an house is Beth, the letter of Mercury, the Magus of the Tarot.  He is not still, in a place of repose, but the quintessence of all Motion. He is the Logos; and He is phallic. This doctrine is of the utmost Qabalistic importance.” (Little Essays Towards Truth)

    The Magician is He who brings down forces and utilizes them to His advantage, He has mastered the four powers of the Sphinx and his intentions are Pure.  Like Mercury He is the mediator but also He is the “House” of the Spirit.  Recall that Hadit states, “I am the Magician and the Exorcist“ (AL II:7), the maker and destroyer of illusions.  Like the Fool, he is dual fold in nature.  The real Mystery behind the Magician is that He is the Wand and the Will… the message and the messenger.  This path is the Unconscious Will and these two paths A & B are AB = the father or BA = to go…motion and Hadit.

    So what am I saying?… Be like the  Magician, a conduit for the Spirit.  Stay your course up the sacred mountain and allow nothing to sway you from your path; remain “Focused”, recognize the Creative Energy in everything always; …this is Chastity.

But what of actual practice???

    Consider this… Crowley wrote…
“Firstly, we still the body by the practice called Asana, and secure its ease and the regularity of its functions by Pranayama. Thus no messages from the body will disturb the mind. … Secondly, by Yama and Niyama, we still the emotions and passions, and thus prevent them arising to disturb the mind. … Thirdly, by Pratyahara we analyse the mind yet more deeply, and begin to control and suppress thought in general of whatever nature. … Fourthly, we suppress all other thoughts by a direct concentration upon a single thought. This process, which leads to the highest results, consists of three parts, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi, grouped under the single term Samyama.”

    There it is in a nut shell.  Here he clearly points out practices that silence and control the body or Malkuth, while stilling the emotions and passions so that we can ultimately control or focus our thoughts purely upon a single object which begins the practice of Samyama that culminate in Samadhi.

    In Eight Lectures on Yoga Crowley stats that Samyama “represents the merging of minor individual acts into a single gesture…”, he also says that that ‘Sam’ means together and ‘Yama’ means ‘control’.  Dharana means "concentration" or  holding the mind to some particular object and Dhyana is "meditation" or  creating an unbroken flow of knowledge of the ‘object‘.  These then lead to Samadhi which means "absorption" or unification with that object .  The idea is that through progressive practice you will master the first two and with persistence, they will lead to an experience of Samadhi, which brings ecstatic union with the object.  Yoga by it’s definition means “Unification”.  In his earliest stages the Yogi, just like the Man of Earth, seeks to control his body and then his thoughts.  He separates himself from this plane thinking so that “problems” no longer stem from Malkuth or the sexuality of his Body.  He no longer wishes to seek the half in everything in order to be complete but instead recognizes the “absolute” in everything.  All intent is focused on the Union.

    This then is where the discharging of the “Lyden Jar of Genius” comes into play… either we able to utilize the Libido to drive the Creative Spirit or the energy is dispersed (or worse) and guided downwards towards Malkuth.

    The Magician must “focus” in order to remain Chaste and ultimately achieve Samyama.  The Spirit “Focuses” in order to achieve MAN.

Love is the law, love under will
                                                                                               Frater Orpheus


7:15am Frank writes - "Your June 10th 1:45pm posting by Jerri says : "I just read the VII degree paper, Liber De Natura Deorum…"Mountains are female when they are hollow; most especially, when they are inhabited: for example, Abiegnus, the ‘Mountain of the Caverns.’"  I own Francis King's The Secret Rituals of The OTO and I cannot find this quote anywhere in Liber De Natura Deorum. Is she wrong or just quoting something else?" ......... Reply: King's version is 'edited' and omits quite abit from the original typescript. Also, if you have Peter Koenig and Tony Naylor's book OTO, Rituals and Sex Magick by Theodor Reuss & Aleister Crowle' (London: I-H-O Books, 1999) pg.269, they simply use King's version. .... Also in King's book regarding the next paper or Eighth Degree, Deorum cum Hominibus, did you know the original typescript is 42 pages? Yes, you heard me right - 42 pages! Now compare that to Francis King's 18 pages and what do you get?  EDITED!!!! 


9:00am Mick writes - "93 Jerry, you recently started a discussion about Chastity on your blog. I won't reword what's being said there because It speaks for itself.  So I'll just cut to the chase scene.
As I see it now, Chastity is an important element to infuse this new egregor. Fairly soon into the blog, the alchemical cup of Babalon emerges as an important element in the conditon of Chastity. After our discussion about Leigh's "pitcher of soma" and the Ibis' beak, this quote from the blog struck me as revealing -- the image of the two instruments fitting each other perfectly as if they were parts of one transcendent thing:
"...he is not truly chaste until he is able to redeem her, an act which he performs by the reunion of the Lance and the Sangraal."
So a question comes up about Thoth:
Does the Ibis drink from the pitcher or does he fill it?
Mick 93 93/93

Reply: Well, I'd love to answer you but I'm not quite sure where you are coming because your email is too brief and unclear as to what you imply. I cannot simply assume that you and I are on the same page because we use 'similar' phrases. This is why I so often scream 'clarity' ... magicians must learn to drag from their Ruach images and ideas into the light of day in a way that others can understand them on Malkuth; which is a Sacred Garden that you're tending ... consider this about The Fool card - "Mountains represent the abstract mathematical conceptions which are behind all knowledge of Nature. As such, they are cold and uninteresting to many. But the melting snow upon the peaks feeds the streams that make fertile the valleys below. So will the principles of Ageless Wisdom feed your consciousness and make fertile your mental imagery, thus transforming your life." - Paul Foster Case. ... Learn to water your garden or fertile valley carefully, you don't want the water to simply run off into the gutter.  ... Also, is not the white snow the 'Dewdrops' mentioned in The Book of Lies?  .... Finally, I can hear Grady right now laughing and yelling at me - "Spell it out boy, I'm not a mind reader!"


4:10pm I received this email regarding Chasitity:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

This whole business of discussion on “Chastity”, and the need for it as a practice, brings to mind, and re-reminds my observation that outside forces always seek to control us.

As creatures on this planet- there seems to me a division
and merging of inner forces and outer forces.

Daily practice, through Liber Resh Vel Helios and Holy Meditation is one way in which to sharpen our instruments of absorption and transmission so that we may edit out all which is always there, so that we may focus on that
which is our goal.

Conditional reflex may be normal for animals- but for human beings, accepting a conditioned reflex robs of us of the ability to act and grow from within- or from what is “truth “according to our True Wills.

Through not being obsessed, I feel that this part of us which is motivated from the forces within, replace that part of one’s self which used to use analysis instead of understanding.  It seems that analysis always tries
to substitute for understanding.

Chastity may imply a practice of avoiding a desire or action,
resisting temptation.

No one can be “tempted” or swayed unless one desires what is offered- breaking trance through daily practice can liberate us from this.

CHESED reminds me of this section from the WAKE WORLD

“There are three ways into the Fourth House from below. The first passage is a very curious place, all full of wheels and ever such strange creatures, like monkeys and sphinxes and jackals climbing about them and trying to get to the top. It was very silly, because there isn't really any top to a wheel at all; the place you want to get to is the centre, if you want to be quiet.”

Agape- Joe from Beverly
Love is the law, love under will.

Reply: Amusing but not really reflective of chastity in a magickal sense as taught in VIIth Degree OTO. The thoughts seem primarily from a Malkuthian point-of-view rather than remembering that the lessons we've been discussing from The Book of Lies over the last few weeks are the foundation stones of Crowley's sex magick which each invidual must master before ever considering a 'magickal partner.' So what does chastity, as you mentioned, have to do in this regards?


Monday June 15th 2009 – 10:30am I answered an email from the 14th - "... technically with age this sexual energy doesn’t change, it mutates direction. To work with it we just have to rethink the whole scenario of its usage. The older we get we ‘play’ less and arousal usually implies an outright need to simply get laid. But getting laid Earths-out the libido in a fleeting moment of gratification. So, the key is how do we get ourselves ‘arouse’ without being stupid. Each person is different, each person’s proclivities are different. I sit back with my students and try to push buttons with them, similar to Crowley’s techniques; to get them to embrace ‘arousal’ without shame, guilt or fear that it’ll automatically lead to a sexual encounter. I want my students to understand their bodies (Malkuth) and their libidos (Yesod).
Think of your past beyond your early ‘puberty’ years into young teens and adolescence ... how many times did you think of another person to the point where you became temporarily obsessed with the ‘idea’ of them. This is Chastity from a magickal point-of-view.
How many times did you masturbate to someone whose image lay deep in your mind? How many times did the world stop while your focus turned inward with an emotional psychodrama fueled by fondling yourself?
A secret - self gratification does not ‘earth-out’ inner intent. It only fuels it. It kept the sexual drive alive to the point where you channeled it toward a ‘direction’ but in your youth, what was the direction?  ... was it just toward a boy? What would have happened had your focus turned toward your Inner Self; the Hidden God within? This is what Eighth Degree OTO teaches; if properly understood. It teaches us a matrix whereby we channel the energy correctly into creative genius. Poets, writers, artists have unconsciously been doing this for centuries driven by an often crazed sexual appetite or libido.


Saturday June 27th 2009 – 8:30am On March 21st 1979 I was made a full Seventh Degree initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis by Grady Louis McMurtry himself. I immersed myself immediately into the task of studying this degree, almost to the point of being annoying for people around me. Over the next year I continual chatted by phone with Grady about this degree, whereby he directed me toward specific places of study. One of the areas that we often talked about were the Chapters from Liber 333, The Book of Lies which are require study according to the seventh Degree grade paper Liber De Natura Deorum, Sub Figvra CCXXVIII (228).
Now, years later, we began reviewing these same chapters on our blog starting on April 19th 2009 with Dewdrops and running seven weeks until we finished with The Sabbath of the Goat on May 31st. These are important foundation stones not only to making Seventh Degree ‘work’ but also for the Gnostic Mass to work properly. Remember, it is in this degree where Bishops are made or individuals whose task it is to properly consecrate the wafer ... but without an understanding of how this grade works then all that being done is making delightful cookies which do not fulfill the goal of the Order but the proclivities of an individual.
Anyway, I was pleased with the over-all discussing on The Book of Lies and beginning on June 5th we began, or at least tried, to get a discussion going on the nature of Chastity which is the next step in understanding Seventh Degree. This is important because I needed to see if people really understood the chapters from The Book of Lies ... and so I asked everyone for an over-view or summation of what they learned. If they understood the chapters they’d realize what is truly meant in the Gnostic Mass by the phrase ‘There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.’
But by the 15th the discussion on Chastity had all but ended.  So, let’s try to revive it, ok?
So, here is the question folks, knowing that Bishops are made in Seventh Degree [which implies a magickal connection to the Grade's teachings] what does - ‘There is no part of me that is not of the Gods’ - really mean?


2:10pm To Mr. Anonymous [aka OTO initiate], I'm sorry but I disagree; doing The Gnostic Mass, or Liber XV, correctly, or by the book, with perfect props and regalia merely distinguishes the difference between performing a good play on Braoadway or one on a High School stage. It doesn't make you a magician. Anyone can do the Mass perfectly but not everyone can learn the 'magick' behind it unless they have been truly 'initiated'.
The Secret is taught in Seventh Degree and Bishops [who are made in this Degree], upon learning this secret, will be able to train the Priest, Deacon etc to assist him in performing the ritual correctly.
But remember, in the VIIth Degree Grade Paper De Natura Deorum, Section III De Natura Dei Soli it clearly informs us - “For all attempts to initiate even the worthy before they initiate themselves are folly and fatality.” This is the reason why I don't, as you put it - "spell things out" on my blog. I can't make someone a magician [or teach them the secrets behind Seventh Degree or that of a Bishop] by my posting, or with the wave of my hand, or a signature on a piece of paper. I'm trying to get my students to have epiphanies which make them realize the Secrets in their own time.
And with that in mind I can ask you, "Do you know the 'Secret' to Seventh which would allow you to transform the wafer into a vehicle of the Gods?" Your email implies the answer very clearly. Although you obviously know all the Gnostic Mass rhetoric perfectly you still have 'doubt' wheher or not you're doing the 'magick' behind the Mass correctly ... and doubt implies a lack of certainty built on a crumbling ruin of faith. ... In other words, simply knowing 'why' you're doing certain things along with the symbology behind the implements, movements and words does not make you a true Bishop. It makes you a really good motivated actor.


Sunday June 28th 2009 – 6:20am I have received about a half dozen emails to my question about chastity and or the phrase 'There is no part of me' etc which I posted yesterday. All, so far, from non-initiates of our lineage. Although I appreciate the thoughts I have not posted them because I feel they will only complicate a rather difficult magickal discourse due to their personal nature and the fact that they are all 'slightly' off the topic. Always remember, the first goal of this blog is to be a learning tool to reach our A.'.A.'. initiates world wide, if an incoming email distracts from our teachings rather than is helpful, we usually will not post it. Personally, I enjoy your thoughts but when we are trying to discuss 'specific' topics we will not let the blog degenerate into people posting bizarre ideas, theories or psychobabble prevalent in many LiveJournals. ... But thanks for writing.


7:30am To address an email: let me quote Liber De Natura Deorum in that "Baphomet and Babalon is a Measure of Heaven and Earth" regarding the Mystical Marriage. On a practical side I'd suggest performing Liber NU (Liber XI 11) which Crowley calls "An instruction for attaining Nuit" ... and also Liber HAD (Liber DLV 555) which Crowley states is "An instruction for attaining Hadit." ... In the old A.'.A.'. system after the Philosophus degree you obtain the portal grade of Dominus Liminus which is a bridge between 4=7 (Netzach-Venus) and 5=6 (Tiphereth-Sun). Once you've been given the Portal Degree you are required to study and perform both Liber Had and Liber Nu. But in our branch we feel that where the 'portal' is placed reflects the old Christianized Golden Dawn views of a sacred 'Solar Christ' rather than views expressed in Liber AL Vel Legis. The 'Portal' should, in fact, lie between Yesod and Hod to reflect a bridge between the man of Earth (Malkuth-body and Yesod-libido) and the Lover (five spheres of the Ruach) grades. On that note, we feel every new initiate of the man of Earth should be performing Liber NU since part of their requirement for both is studying the First Chapter of Liber AL vel Legis, which should not be taken lightly. And when they are ready to move out of this grade and into the Lover they should be performing Liber Had since part of their ending requirement is studying the Second Chapter of Liber AL vel Legis. In case anyone misunderstands; all initiates should be reading all three chapters but an in-depth study of each is paramount at certain stages.


Monday June 29th 2009 – 10:00am Jay writes - "93 Jerry, The more I think about Chastity the more I find my thoughts turning to the first chapter of The Book of the Law. It seems to me that Chastity could be described as remaining faithful to Our Lady of Stars. "Obey my prophet! follow out the ordeals of my knowledge! seek me only!" I:32, "Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me" I:51 Is this not the nature of Chastity, to see god in everything? Then to address your question as to the meaning of "There is no part of me that is not of the Gods," we must also see that we are a part of the Body of Nuit: "I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy" I:13. I'm also thinking of what Ben said the other night when he was quoting a Sufi saying, that to worship a god one must become a god. There is certainly a reflective aspect at work here, that we perceive in accordance to our nature. A thug sees a thug world, a stockbroker sees money and a god sees God. But of course we must also turn to the key the Tree. We might look at each sphere as a god (Gaea, Luna, Mercury, Venus etc.) or as the Tree as the ten manifestations of one god as the Jewish Qabalists: in any case, if we keep this in context of the lower Tree, a description of our bodies and the chakras, then obviously the gods exist in us the same way they exist outside of us. One might say they are above us and in us... Chastity, then, is the work of arranging one's consciousness to be ever aware of this fact, a sort of faithfulness to the sacred. Nothing is profane. God isn't some remote abstraction. She is in every breath, in every particle of dust, in the stars above and the stars burning in the heart of every man and every woman. The bishop, I presume (not being intimately acquanted with the Gnostic Mass), must be able to bring this out so that the communion truly becomes unity with god. He must be a vehicle for Godhead. I hope that's at least a start. Love, Jay." ....... Reply: It's a very good start and right on the money.


Friday July 3rd 2009 – 7:15am One student wondered if "all of us" (i.e. meaning our A.’.A.’. students) are getting it regarding all the sex magick talks on the blog; adding - “I find it just too obtuse for me to understand.” And “Is it just me?” .... Reply: No, most people don’t ever get it. You can put the secrets right in front of someone’s nose and if they’re not ready or thinking of sex too much from a Malkuthian point of view, they’ll always be seeking that ‘shred of paper’ or ‘missing piece’ to the puzzle for the rest of their life. If the Truth were so easy to understand, everyone would be practicing the Art.
Grady once chastised me for a comment I made, which I though was brilliant but he told me at the time that you can clearly tell by a person’s writings on the subject if they ‘get’ IT ... at the time I didn’t fully understand, age has taught me that he's right; there is a difference between being an intellect and an intellect as opposite as fire is to water.


Saturday July 4th 2009 7:45am I received this gem from Frater Orpheus this morning.  He's been paying attention!  Enjoy ...

“There is no part of me that is not of the Gods”

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”

A little background on this line… 

    It is taken from Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass and recited by the Priest as he faces the congregation, just after consuming the Host.  This line was originally adopted from a line in the Egyptian book of the Dead and was included by the Golden Dawn in their Adeptus Minor ritual and where Crowley, most likely, first gained his familiarity. (Note: both the Adeptus Minor and Priest approach the “Veil” to partake of the “ Mysteries” beyond;  One representing Life and the other Death)  The original passage from the Book of the Dead actually lists out 22 parts of the body and attributes them to different Egyptian Deities and then states… “There is no member of mine devoid of a god, and Thoth is the protection of all my flesh.”  Thoth who represents writing or the Word.  He is called “the heart and tongue” of Ra and judges the dead. 

    Ideally the Priest would be a fully trained and properly prepared VII° when uttering these words.  But what has this phrase to do with the VII° mysteries and our discussion on “Chastity”?… Let us consider Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass.  A Eucharistic ceremony whose purpose it is, as is with similar Masses, “to transform crude matter directly into Godhead.” (AC MWT pg 81)

    The VII section of Liber XV is entitled “OF THE OFFICE OF THE ANTHEM” which Crowley states “may be set to music, which may be as elaborate as art can devise.” It starts…

“Thou who art I, beyond all I am,
Who hast no nature and no name,
Who art, when all but thou art gone,
Thou centre and secret of the Sun,
Thou hidden spring of all things known
And unknown, Thou aloof, alone…

This is true and poetic identification with the Godhead.  An affirmation of and identification of the Priests Will with that of the Universal Will.  By definition Anthems are songs of praise, sacred “vocal” music, often in celebration of the Word.  During this vocal Anthem the Priest literally invokes The “centre and secret of the Sun” of which he is but the vehicle.  This Anthem spells out the position of the VII° very clearly.  This section then leads to section VIII “OF THE MYSTIC MARRIAGE AND CONSUMMATION OF THE ELEMENTS” and it is this section which culminates with the line “there is no part of me that is not of the Gods”. This section describes an Eight stage process which begins with the “Lord most secret”, works through the Ruach and manifested in Malkuth…

“Lord most secret, bless this spiritual food unto our bodies, bestowing
upon us HEALTH and WEALTH and STRENGTH and JOY and
PEACE and that fulfillment of WILL and of LOVE UNDER WILL
that is perpetual happiness.”

This may be seen as the measurement between Heaven and Earth.  The process within the Alchemic furnace that leads to the fulfillment of our True Wills which is Perfect and “perpetual happiness”. 

    It is the Priest from the Supernals above who turns to the people below and states, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”… to which the congregation responds “Love is the law, love under will.” This mirrors the Deacons first actions when proclaiming the Law in the name of IAO. In a nut shell the Priest is channeling that which is above thru him and down to that which is below in order to properly charge the particula of the Host. To achieve this result the Priest must be properly versed in both the Theory and Practice of “Chastity”.  Those who would reduce Chastity down to a mere focusing of thoughts or to the negation of certain acts has missed the boat entirely and as JC points out, “simply knowing 'why' you're doing certain things along with the symbology behind the implements, movements and words does not make you a true Bishop.”  In order to pull that one off you must have truly prepared the body to receive the Word having given yourself over to the Universal Will so that Gnosis may descend unhampered thru the lens of the Ruach.  Gnosis being knowledge that is not outwardly gained but instead inwardly Understood. Simply put, Gnosis is Knowledge received…

    So how does one prepare himself to become a vessel for this gnosis???  Already throughout these Epistles we have in great detail discussed the theories behind the VII° mysteries.  We discussed the quintessence of the Spirit which lies within the Dew of immortality; that one must “conquer” Maya to properly direct the Kundalini forces which lie coiled in the Muladhara and that Consciousness is the disease of this force which originates with Aleph.  

    The lower three Spheres all demand that you put your faith in the hands of the Gods or above the Abyss; giving yourself over in service to humanity and the Universal Will, that you may be a proper vehicle for your Word.  Some of Jesus last words were…“My Will which is Thine be done“… Jesus who represented the “perfected” Man, giving himself over to the Will of God. Yet isn’t the Body simply a Temple of the Holy Spirit and does not the Kingdom of Heaven lie within?… “There is no part of me that is not of the Gods“!  On one level this is an identification of my Will with that of the Universal Will and on another, a recognition that “I” am but It’s Vehicle.  The proper preparation of this Vehicle includes controlling the squares from 1 = 10 thru 7 = 4;  Remember that although it is the ego which animates the Adeptus, one must learn to bring it under control otherwise it will corrupt all that lies below it on the Tree of Life. The central sphere within this Ruach is Tiphereth, Our Star and the Heart Chakra.

    It is clear enough that the Bishop or a VII° sits at Chesed the sphere of the Adeptus Exemptus who has freed himself from the Law of Opposites and possess the ability to “grasp” or Understand his conditions.  So that He may take a dropping from the Host of Heaven above and places it in the Cup of his fashion below.  This in accordance with his True Will and guided from within.

     We are all already divinely connected in all ways to “God” because we are “God” and only consciousness and the image we call “Self“ separate us from the True Spirit… only intellect and ego may distort this view.  It is your chosen and appointed path to realize the full potential behind the Willed intent of your life… to understand the purpose behind the incarnation; DO-WHAT-THOU-WILT… just those four words… shall be the whole of the Law. 

Love is the law, love under will
                                                                            Frater Orpheus

Reply: Damn you're good and as I already noted; you've been paying attention. I have read the above over and over trying to think of stuff to correct and I am simply at a loss. Well done. ... Although I should point out that your mentioning of the Anthem and how it "spells out the position of the VII° very clearly" is very true, more so than our average reader may realize. I would recommend our readers review An Epistle on OTO Mysteries where we published notes from a lengthy lecture given by Grady Louis McMurtry at Brocken Mountain Lodge OTO. The majority of the data from this Epistle was taken directly from a chart which Grady drew on a blackboard correlating the Chakra system, OTO initiations & theories, The Gnostic Mass and Aleister Crowley's Atlantis, The Lost Continent to the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Our readers should note that Section VII of the Gnostic Mass portrays the Mysteries of VIIth Degree OTO in a dramatic religious form. And, like any religious ceremony, if done correctly, it will unconsciously effectuate changes in the audience's psyche which will draw them into the fold (i.e. OTO) wanting initiation. This is why Grady use to joke about how the Mass was the OTO's "greatest recruitment tool."

Crowley also concealed the VIIth Degree in ATLANTIS Chapter VII: OF MARRIAGE AND OTHER CURIOUS CUSTOMS OF THE ATLANTEANS: AND OF SACRIFICES TO THE GODS. Very telling, especially the last few paragraphs!

The only other thing that I would highly recommend studying is the fact that Seventh Degree OTO et Bishops not only work out of Chesed but they function within The Hierophant path which also unites to Chockmah; wherein the Minerval was initiated. It is no coincidence that both these degrees use the Word - ON' ... But which is has the dominant 'O' and which is the dominant 'N' ? ... I'd note the fact that Paul Foster Case writes how the Pillars in The Hierophant card "represent the Law of Polarity, or the interplay of opposites." ... Anyway, The Hebrew letter attributed to this path is Vau, or 6, which means a ‘nail’; a nail being something which unites one thing to another. In Hebrew Vau is used as a conjunction representing ‘and’ which unites thoughts and sentences. Also, and most important, The Hierophant card deals with 'Inner Hearing' in relationship to receiving the Word of the Gods (i.e. Chastity) ... Students should reflect on these things.

Again, well done Frater Orpheus


Sunday July 5th 2009 – 7:45am Ok, since Saturday July 4th's 7:45am posting by Frater Orpheus I was waiting to see if anyone made the connection; you have not. Most of the incoming emails are not being posted simply because they are missing the point and rather than offer things that will sidetrack our students, it's best to handle these in private. Anyway, let me offer you all a place of study but first, re-read the posting that I just mentioned; then consider this from The Book of Lies; it's Chapter 6 which details The Hierophant and the Hebrew Letter Vau:

The Word was uttered: the One exploded into one
thousand million worlds.
Each world contained a thousand million spheres.
Each sphere contained a thousand million planes.
Each plane contained a thousand million stars.
Each star contained a many thousand million things.
Of these the reasoner took six, and, preening, said:
This is the One and the All.
These six the Adept harmonised, and said: This is the
Heart of the One and the All.
These six were destroyed by the Master of the
Temple; and he spake not.
The Ash thereof was burnt up by the Magus into
The Word.
Of all this did the Ipsissimus know Nothing.
Aleister Crowley's Commentary : "This chapter is presumably called Caviar because that substance is composed of many spheres.
The account given of Creation is the same as that familiar to students of the Christian tradition, the Logos transforming the unity into the many.
     We then see what different classes of people do with the many.
The Rationalist takes the six Sephiroth of Microprosopus in a crude state, and declares them to be the universe.  This folly is due to the pride of reason.
The Adept concentrates the Microcosm in Tiphareth, recognising an Unity, even in the microcosm, but, qua Adept, he can go no further.
The Master of the Temple destroys all these illusions, but remains silent.  See the description of his functions in the Equinox, Liber 418 and elsewhere.
In the next grade, the Word is re-formulated, for the Magus in Chokmah, the Dyad, the Logos.
The Ipsissimus, in the highest grade of the A.'.A.'., is totally unconscious of this process, or, it might be better to say, he recognises it as Nothing, in that positive sense of the word, which is only intelligible in Samasamadhi."

J. Edward's comment - “There is no part of me that is not of the Gods”

Any thoughts?


8:30am To address an anonymous email. ... I’m sorry if you are confused and upset by me not spelling everything out clearly but this blog is not for everyone, it is used as a learning tool for our A.'.A.'. students. If you don't get how we work, you never will. ... I already know these Mysteries; the blog is not a place where I should be flaunting how smart I am. Many of the blog entries are for my students whom I look forward to their replies to see if they can grasp the carrots. How many great books and articles have you read over the years only to have the information forgotten down the road? It's the 'Wows' that you remember; the epiphanies which trigger a response as if you have personally discovered something. These are true magickal foundational stones that you’ll remember and which really matter. And I will not taint these 'Stones' by spelling them out too clearly ... I can only lead my students to the water ... they must drink.
But they must also remember the lessons of Plato in the Xth Chapter of The Republic; if greedy, if too thirsty, you’ll forget everything down the road. Therefore, I will NOT spell everything out here in this blog.


Monday July 6th 2009 –  10:00am & Jay writes - "... and in the end was the flesh and the flesh was made Word." ... "93 Jerry, You are the Word! We are each a manifestation of the Universal Will, the Word of god. It seems then that the practice of Chastity is the realization of this fact; Chastity is putting oneself in line with the Word on the Microcosm. The Magus, having crossed the Abyss and entered into the sphere of Chokmah, realizes the Word on the Macrocosm. One of the symbols of Chokmah is the phallus from which the Word is emitted. We are each manifested by the flesh of god: "There is no part of me that is not of the gods." The path of vav, to which Caviar refers, unites Chesed to Chokmah indicating a uniting of the Word in the Microcosm to the Word in the Macrocosm, a realizationg of one's True Will in context of the Universal Will. Crowley said that to do your Will is to have the force of the Universe behind you; to practice Chastity is to become a medium for the Universe.... I know I'm missing something here... always many pieces, but where do they fit? Love, Jay 93 93/93." ........ Reply: What you write is a good start ...  keep thinking!


Thursday July 9th 2009 – 6:00am I received this email yesterday from Jerri in Sacramento on the magickal formula of 'Chastity', she writes:

Hi Jerry, 93
I’ve been musing over the cause of sorrow…which really are just those pangs of division that we agonize over when the Microcosm and the Macrocosm don’t match up in the manner our Ego’s believe that it should. When life throws us a ‘curveball,’ when we lose our jobs, families, money, health etc.. our Egos experience the pain associated with loss or an ending—Death. This is the “sorrow.” But, this sorrow is transitory, as are our attachments, and it is only reflective of a narrowed perception of our Godhood.
I enjoyed the way that Ricardo described this the other day. He described a pantheon of oftentimes warring Gods that exist within us as a reflection of that division that exists below the Abyss, especially as shadows under the Sun, and he described an exercise in Chastity whereby one simply sits with these feelings, allowing all of their conflicting directives to just exist within us, accepting them all and denying none of them their existence. I also appreciated the pendulum aspect which he pointed out- as we do have this pantheon of “individual” Gods within-all with their individual mythos running through our minds. These forces don't always get along with each other. In fact, often times they are working at cross-purposes. This is the divided Will. As we attempt to balance these forces, unifying our consciousness, we may climb to a plateau where we get comfortable for a moment, but then...there they go again...some of them getting loud and obnoxious, trying to get all of the attention...disturbing our equilibrium, until we right ourselves again.
Why would sitting with or accepting all of our thoughts and feelings be so important and how does this relate to Chastity?? From the perspective of  Malkuth/Yesod-it is when we don't accept everything that we are--everything that we feel and think, etc. regardless of how ugly it is or how bad it makes us feel that we are then doomed to be controlled by what is left in the shadows… If I am Hadit and Nuit, there simply is no part of me that is not of the Gods. How could it be anything but so? Above the Abyss all is united. I am a God, made out of God, creating God, talking to God, eating God, fucking God, and bleeding God. The only “problem” is my perception of my Godhood. I am simply God wearing a “Jerri” suit who seeks to remember her divinity. My devotion to remembering and consciously experiencing my divinity is Chastity. When we refuse to embrace everything that we are (because again—all is God) the result is further division, further illusion. This is the sin as restriction—this is mystery as the enemy of truth.
According to Crowley In Little Essays Toward Truth: “Chastity may thus be defined as the strict observance of the Magical Oath; that is, in the Light of the Law of Thelema, absolute and perfected devotion to the Holy Guardian Angel and exclusive pursuit of the Way of the True Will.” Simply put, we seek to transmute our constricted perception of separation or division into Light and unity thereby merging the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. One small example of this process in action, as we try to shift our consideration to the internal world within, could be described through the veil of events that we encounter in our lives on Malkuth. If we spent a little less time worrying about these events themselves—and what is happening to us as pawns to the fates, as much as the understanding and reflecting upon our reactions to those events, which is more our internal participation to these external encounters, we begin to climb up the Mountain of Abeignus.
Let’s discuss this process of transmutation a bit as I have failed to mention the power that drives this energy. It is our Libido, our Daemon--the Kundalini. This subject of Chastity is a tricky one and those Christians have yet again totally fucked up our thinking on this subject. No, I don't believe the purpose is to restrict our desires or our experiences in the traditional sense, whatsoever. The point really is to fan the flames of our Libido, embracing it and igniting it with our whole heart, fully experiencing and exciting this energy however that happens to turn us on as individual stars…but, always unto Her! We learned in The Gun Barrel--Mighty and erect is this Will of mine, this Pyramid of fire whose summit is lost in Heaven…and once we can climb past the shadows of the lower planes, through our erect Wills, by knowing ourselves, through our dedication to Her, that summit of fire in Chokmah or gnosis can begin to descend…
It is when we place all the focus upon our children, our jobs, money, sex, sadness, fear (whatever is the Kundry), we have lost sight of Chastity---it is not that these things are “evil” and should be avoided, ignored or denied. I can and should have my cake and eat it too! Chastity is about the transmutation of energy...lower, into higher through a variety of methods which we have discussed throughout the series on The Book of Lies. Taking grosser, denser forms of the energy that we experience down here on the lower planes as division and shadow, sublimating it by clarifying our vessel-our body, and consciousness thus unifying our divided Will so that we receive more light or Wisdom from Above.
This is why the Eucharist in the Mass can be related to VII degree mysteries. We seek to transmute our ‘inert’ consciousness, peeling away the layers of illusion, so that we experience the God that we already are. There is an element of sacrifice in the process, as we must give our Egos (which encompass our wants…) over to the divine Will (which we only perceive to be different from ourselves) to achieve the union of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm and Knowledge and Conversation.
Ok...I’ve rambled on enough for now. This is a very intense subject...Chastity...very subtle and complex but, I will write more later!
Hope you are doing well, Jer. I look forward to seeing you on Friday!!!
93 93/93

Reply: I wonder if you realize just how far along you've come over this last year or so at understanding and thinking like a magician? Damn girl, you've gotten good. I am always amazed when I get stuff written by my students which makes me think, which shows me my students are listening, thinking and in many ways, taking things beyond even me so that I learn new things.  Bravo.
I'm doing good ... see ya Friday!


Friday April 23rd 2010 – 6:32am Yesterday I briefly mentioned how "7th Degree's foundational connection is actually within Hod" [8:55am] and this stirred up a few ideas about Chastity in my mind and just this morning, while reading The Temple of Solomon the King, which is found in The Equinox Vol.I No.4, in particular pgs 80-82, I found some interesting thoughts on this subject which I'd suggest my students to hunt down a copy of this book and to read.


Love is the law, love under will.AL I:57