Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. – AL I:40

The following chapter from The Book of Lies, or Liber 333, was placed at the top of my blog on Sunday May 24th 2009 and all week long I asked anyone who wished to partake in the discussion to feel free to join in and send me their views, ideas and interpretations. The end result is this Epistle.


   Concerning the Holy Three-in-Naught.
   Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, are only to be understood
     by the Master of the Temple.
   They are above The Abyss, and contain all contradiction
     in themselves.
   Below them is a seeming duality of Chaos and
     Babalon; these are called Father and Mother, but
     it is not so.  They are called Brother and Sister,
     but it is not so.  They are called Husband and
     Wife, but it is not so.
   The reflection of All is Pan: the Night of Pan is the
     Annihilation of the All.
  Cast down through The Abyss is the Light, the Rosy
     Cross, the rapture of Union that destroys, that is
     The Way.  The Rosy Cross is the Ambassador of Pan.
   How infinite is the distance form This to That! Yet
     All is Here and Now.  Nor is there any There or Then;
     for all that is, what is it but a manifestation, that is,
     a part, that is, a falsehood, of THAT which is not?
   Yet THAT which is not neither is nor is not That
     which is!
   Identity is perfect; therefore the Law of Identity is
     but a lie.  For there is no subject, and there is no
     predicate; nor is there the contradictory of either
     of these things.
   Holy, Holy, Holy are these Truths that I utter,
     knowing them to be but falsehoods, broken mirrors,
     troubled waters; hide me, O our Lady, in Thy
     Womb! for I may not endure the rapture.
   In this utterance of falsehood upon falsehood, whose
     contradictories are also false, it seems as if That
     which I uttered not were true.
   Blessed, unutterably blessed, is this last of the
     illusions; let me play the man, and thrust it from
     me!  Amen.


Sunday May 24th 2009 - 6:00am We are coming down to the wire folks; I have posted another chapter from The Book of Lies that I'd like us all to discuss for the upcoming week; it is the 11th Chapter titled - The Glow-Worm. ... and what is a Glow-worm you ask? It is a common generic name for various different groups of insect larvae and adult bugs which glow through bioluminescence; some resembling worms, others are female fire flies, some are even beetles.

Aleister Crowley's COMMENTARY on this chapter is as follows:

“The Glow-Worm may perhaps be translated as “a little light in the darkness”, though there may be a subtle reference to the nature of that light. Eleven is the great number of Magick, and this chapter indicates a supreme magical method; but it is really called eleven, because of Liber Legis, I, 60. The first part of the chapter describes the universe in its highest sense, down to Tiphareth; it is the new and perfect cosmogony of Liber Legis.  Chaos and Babalon are Chokmah and Binah, but they are really one; the essential unity of the supernal Triad is here insisted upon.  Pan is a generic name, including this whole system of its manifested side.  Those which are above the Abyss are therefore said to live in the Night of Pan; they are only reached by the annihilation of the All. Thus, the Master of the Temple lives in the Night of Pan. Now, below the Abyss, the manifested part of the Master of the temple, also reaches Samadhi, as the way of Annihilation. Paragraph 7 begins by a reflection produced by the preceding exposition.  This reflection is immediately contradicted, the author being a Master of the Temple. He thereupon enters into his Samadhi, and he piles contradiction upon contradiction, and thus a higher degree of rapture, with ever sentence, until his armoury is exhausted, and, with the word Amen, he enters the supreme state.”

Liber AL vel Legis I:60 - "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. 
The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, &the circle is Red. 
My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the
seeing.  Also I have a secret glory for them that love me."

Although not directly related to The Book of Lies topic consider this info from Achad Osher's private Commentary on The Book of the Law:  - "Crowley writes that “I failed to hear a sentence, and (later on) the Scarlet Woman, invoking Aiwass, wrote in the missing words.” (Eq.of the Gods pg.119) However, in the original handwritten manuscript Crowley begins writing the sentence which he could not completely ‘hear’ as “The shape of my star is -”  it then abruptly ends.  Later Rose Edith Kelly, invokes Aiwass and scribbles “The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, &the circle is Red.”   What might be confusing is that only a few pages further on in The Equinox of the Gods (pg.127) Crowley writes that; “Aiwaz is none other than mine own Holy Guardian Angel, to Whose Knowledge and Conversation I have attained, so that I have exclusive access to him.” If this is the case, that Crowley has “exclusive access to him” then how could Rose evoke him, or better yet - who was she really in communication with and is what she’s written really valid?  A similar problem occurs with Chapter III:72 where Crowley “got a phrase indistinctly, and she (i.e. Rose) put it in.” (The Equinox of the Gods pg.119). ... Further, if  we are to consider The Book of the Law as a sacred manuscript, Chapter Three, verse 47 clearly states, “This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine.” The problem being, wouldn’t Crowley’s original handwritten ‘beginning’ which is actually written in the manuscript with its “chance shape of the letters and their position to one another” contain the real  “mysteries” as The Book of the Law would imply? A similar problem occurs with verse 26 in Chapter One." 

Ok, enough of Jerry's digressions and ramblings ... back to Lies!

My comment: for all those bioluminescence 'fireflies' (Lampyridae), who have partaked in this exercise of meditating upon these chapters, all I can say is that you may not be functioning constantly, on a daily basis, as Magister Templi for which The Book of Lies was written but you sure as Hell are testing the depths of the water in your Ruach. And those of you who are functioning within the Lover Grade, especially when focusing deep within by meditating on these chapters, you are entering 'dangerous' waters wherein the 'Circle Squared' numbers reverse whereby you can become 'receivers' of Gnosis or the 'Dewdrops' from Above. Can any of you really say that you already knew what these chapters meant or did you have epiphanies?  Never forget this process: how what you once thought each chapter meant while you resided in the flatlands, you later realized differently as a Mountaineer and then, compounded by more and more climbing, you may someday realize and come to the Understanding that each chapter stands AL-One until naught remains.

About the number that Crowley attributes to The Glow-Worm or it being the 11th Chapter ... Ok, Mr. Pat Sajak, the host of The Wheel of Fortune; I spun the Wheel and for $666 I wanna pick the letter 'K' ... and then Vanna White with a big smile and a short skirt, slowly goes over to the board and reveals that the puzzle has '11' such letters in it!  Ah, what does all this mean? ... Well for starters the 11th Hebrew letter is Kaph the letter 'K' and Crowley added this letter to the word 'magic' and then preferred the alternate spelling as 'magick' to differentiate it from the fraudulent practices of charlatans and stage magicians. In their Introduction to Crowley's Magick John Symonds and Kenneth Grant write: "The Anglo-Saxon k in Magick, like most of Crowley's conceits, is a means of indicating the kind of magic which he performed. K is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principal number of magick, because it is the number attributed to the Qliphoth - the underworld of demonic and chaotic forces that have to be conquered before magick can be performed. K has other magical implications: it corresponds to the power or shakti aspect of creative energy, for k is the ancient Egyptian khu, the magical power. Specifically, it stands for kteis (vagina), the complement to the wand (or phallus) which is used by the Magician in certain aspects of the Great Work." ....... I might further add that the Hebrew letter K is also attributed to the Thoth card known as ... are you ready folks? The Wheel of Fortune! And at this point the crowd cheers and applauds! ... Yes, the mind of a Cancer is a terrible thing to waste.

... and I should also like to point out that Kteis is not only the Greek word for female genitalia but it is also the Greek word for a "scallop shell." ... Ah, tasty little buggers they are; sautéed in butter, or else breaded and deep fried and personally, I like them with a light semi-dry white wine ... and I should mention, scallops are tasty too!

Ok, this little glow-worm has said enough; I've babbled on and on and given you enough 'light' to follow while hopefully totally confusing the Hell out of you! Hummmm, did you know that adult female glow-worms 'glow' in order to attract a male for mating; others bugs glow as a warning signal to predators like toads not to eat them as they are mildly toxic and on the other hand, the glow-worm larvae of most species glow in order to attract prey like midges into sticky snare lines to fed upon them ... ah, makes you wonder what this posting of mine is intended to do.


Wednesday May 27th 2009 – 4:44pm Here it is Wednesday afternoon and I posted The Glow Worm on Sunday morning and still, almost four days later, not one person has sent in any thoughts or emails on this chapter. Week after week I am beginning to see a pattern. No one wants to start off the discussion by reviewing one or two simple lines and everybody wants to write the 'perfect' summation of the whole after reading everyone else's postings. ... Then again, perhaps I'm too harsh? Maybe last week and this week merely reveals why the sexual teachings of Aleister Crowley have become lost ... it's because, just like sex itself, most people lack the stamina for any serious staying power or focus. Do we need some magickal viagra?


7:30pm Well, finally a comment on The Glow Worm! Ricky takes up the challenge and writes - "93 Jerry, This is getting a bit more difficult now. But I must cast off the lids of my eyes and as a Serpent stare directly into the Sun, unflinching. 11! Great number! Great Work! The Lust of Our Lady and the Beast whereon she rides.
This path is the middle horizontal path on the Ottz Chiim that connects Chessed to Geburah. It is the path of Leo and thus the Sun. This is all a part of our higher Ruach and represents the Higher Self. The crossing path is that of Gimmle the Moon and this is Babalon as depicted in Atu XI riding the Beast or the path of Teth.
This chapter so far as I can understand it, is a direction to the aspirant. It is literally a little light at the end of a long darkness. We are told some basic truths as pertain to us below the Abyss such as the the annihilating Light of the Rosy Cross that is Union, that is The Way and the ambassador of the All. This declaration is followed by almost a demonstration of what is meant by this. The piling up of contradictions onto one another which appall the rational mind almost stunning it into submission. Then, in the 11Th paragraph is the true secret revealed, that Truth cannot be 'revealed' through speech it is forever in silence.
93 93/93 Ricky

Reply: Yes, it is getting more difficult. You threw me with the Lust card (Leo) stuff; this Chapter according to Crowley is attributed to the path of The Wheel of Fortune; Kaph or Jupiter. But I was amused by your thoughts.

Anyway, consider this Chapter as thoughts from a Magister Templi, a Hermit who stands above the Abyss holding a lantern on the peak of a mountain ... whose Light is like that of a Glow Worm; a Star shinning in Heavens of Nuit to guide a weary traveler.

I am also curious as to why so many of you haven't commented on The Night of Pan, or NOX which is mentioned in this Chapter. To give you an idea without spelling it out for you: Plato refers to the image of the Universe as ‘The Spindle of Necessity’ which is named after the primeval Goddess of Compulsion and Necessity known as Ananke. She was born of no parents, self-formed and existing since time began and whose outstretched arms encompassed the breadth of the entire universe and on whose knees the giant spindle rests. She is the darkness 'before' stars and in which all stars exist. Ananke had three daughters or Fates who sit upon Thrones and oversee each ‘Thread of Life’ which their mother spins. The first Fate is called Lachesis and it is she who gives us 'Duality' being ourself and a daimon; the second Fate is Klotho and she gives us 'Energy' to animate our Life and the third Fate is Atropos who bestows upon us 'Death.' Ah, the supporters of 'O' ... The Roman form of the Goddess Ananke is NOX.

Finally, a Magister Templi knows that Truth cannot exist below the Abyss ... for once Truth descends it becomes Lies bathed in This and That which are but contradictions upon contradictions. Sooner or later, by the mere Marriage of Opposites the Magister Templi finds, according to Crowley - " ... a higher degree of rapture, with ever sentence, until his armoury is exhausted, and, with the word Amen, he enters the supreme state.” ... and ALL disappears in the Night of Pan.


8:45pm Ricky replied to the 7:30pm posting. He writes - "93 Jerry, Seems I have tread off path... Damn sun spots....
I was waiting to attack the Sabbath Goat until its respective week but you've provoked some thought toward it. Just some quick notes that seem 'note worthy'
PAN= Generic term for the ALL.
The Night of Pan is the Annihilation of All...  Makes sense right.
NOX Latin for night... in Greek Ananke and for us Nuit... which is also French for Night...
Duality, Energy, Death.= ΠΑΝ
Death Begetting the supporters of O!.. Interesting.
Us and our Daimon is Duality, the quest for union with our daimon is Energy (because it is relatively impossible to measure energy without a point A and point B, or duality), then the consummation of that union is Death.... and then, please press repeat.
Just some thoughts on your reply.
OK... now let me form this into something presentable...
93 93/93


7:20pm Well, finally, someone sends in some really meat when it comes to The Glow Worm. & it is a tome but one worthy of review. Frater Orpeheus writes:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Considering the “Glow-Worm“…

“A little Light in the Darkness” sounds like Hadit inside the Womb of Nuit. 

As Initiates we use the Light to seek Truth, or our Word in Chokmah.  We are instructed to Seek it in the Well or the womb of our Mother Binah.  Together these Sepheroth of the Knower and the Known give birth to Knowledge/Daath and this Light, which represents the broken “fragments of Creation“, descends below the abyss in a constant interplay of opposites.  Akasha and Prana come bound together thru the Sun as One and inseparable.

Let us look closely at “light”.

Hadit is the Light at the core of every Star but he is also the secret Center of Nuit, the point within the Circle.  In Liber Legis we are taught that the Khabs, or the Light of your Star, is in the Khu, which Crowley calls the “Magickal identity of man”.  This Light which is manifested thru your Star illuminates your Universe and is in this way attached to your Ruach.  Hadit is “the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star… but below abyss, this manifested aspect of the Light must go by way of Samadhi and follow the path of the Sun. Consider this next time you recite “The light is mine; its rays consume Me.”

Crowley wrote that “Eleven is the Great number of Magick, and this chapter indicates a supreme magical method”.”…but what is this magical method?  Maybe it is how that manifested part of the Magister Templi reaches Samadhi by way of Annihilation; or maybe its how the Exemptus Adeptus prepares himself to become a Magister Templi by the final ‘mastery’ of those mysteries reflected in the path of Kaph; wherein we may, thru the inner self, become 'receivers' of the Gnosis; that “Dew of her light” from the High Priestess above…“the Glow”.

This “Glow” then manifest thru the “Worm” or the Solar phallic principles embodied in the Priest who some say represents the Hierophant. (Note: Gimel + Vav = Peh)  Nuit appeals for us to identify with Hadit (AL I:6), so that we may fully manifest her Word which is “US” below the Abyss.  Consider this, if we intend for Ra-Hoor-Kuit, the “Child” of Hadit and Nuit to appear on the Throne of Ra or our Sun, then we must make open the ways of the Khu…to lighten the ways of the Ka… so that the Khabs may run through to stir or to still us.

In a nut shell then, this “Magical Method” would be the key to obtaining that high degree of rapture wherein the Marriage of Opposites leads the Adeptus Exemptus, who is Exempt from the complexes of the Ruach, to enter the supreme state of Samadhi where ALL disappears in the Night of Pan and She is reborn as a Magister Templi.  “Those which are above the Abyss are therefore said to live in the Night of Pan; they are only reached by the annihilation of the All”

But how???… let’s consider Kaph…

Kaph lies in the Ruach between Venus and Jupiter or the Anahata and Manipura Chakras.  It is the “Wheel of Fortune” that mediates between the greater and lesser fortunes of Jupiter and Venus.  In the most straight forward sense, this path mediates between the Higher Self and the Personality. 

Kaph means fist and is the hand “grasping” which symbolizes comprehension and “Mastery“.  This path is attributed to the Planetary force of Jupiter who also rules our Path of the Moon and Samech; and is exalted in our Chariot card wherein it is said to be the “Wheels”.  The spinning of this Wheel of Fortune refers to that initial whirling motion of the cosmos.  Key to understanding this card lies in the duality of forces which affect this rotation within the Ruach.  These two opposite forces of “Wealth and Poverty” pull and push us in different directions; there is the Angel and there is a Daemon!  It is the Adeptus Exemptus who is free from the Law of Opposites that possess the ability to “Grasp”, comprehend and eventually master these waters.  Hence why this path is also referred to as the “Rewarding Intelligence” or the “Intelligence of Conciliation”. 

From the point of view of the Adeptus Exemptus or the Magister Templi you may see how this little “Light in the Darkness” might be understood as that Morning Star which appears in the Heavens over Jupiter or even as that Light within the Hermit’s Lantern which guides humanity up the Mountain.

Yet to really understand the forces at play here we must look closer at this Wheel.  This Trump depicts three “Animals” on the Wheel; the Sphinx on top representing Sulfur; Herm-Anubis or Mercury is climbing up the left side and on the right side, “precipitating himself downward”, is Typhon who represents Salt… these as Crowley points out correspond to the three Gunas of Sattva, Ragas and Tamas. 

In the philosophy of Yoga all matter in the universe is reducible to one primary substance called Prakriti which is composed of the three prime qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.  This Prakriti is the original state of pure potential of which all things are made possible. It is the “prima materia” of the Universe of which matter, energy and mind are manifested. (Time is only relative to them)
In Alchemy these are the “Tria Prima” of Paracelsus who defines Sulfur  as the Omnipresent Spirit of Life; Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, as the fluid connection between the High and the Low and Salt as Base Matter.

That is…
Sattva = Mercury on left going up = Balance/Light/Reason
Ragas = Sulfur on Top = Energy/Fire/Thymos
Tamas = Salt on right going down = Death/Matter/Desire

These three “Principles”, whether in Alchemic or Yogic terms, are said to contain within themselves all possibilities and in that sense not unlike YHV-H except that these look specifically at the Mysteries as related to the Triad.  Even in Cabbala land everything is said to manifest in a tri-fold manner; consider the Supernal Triad, which is really a single concept as it contains within itself all contradictions just as the Magister Templi who lives in the Night of PAN must also.  Yet even here in the Supernals we must conceptualize them as Three separate Spheres in order to begin to understand their mysteries… yes, it is true, below the Abyss all Knowledge is a duality bathed in Lies. 

You may further reflect upon the mysteries of the Trinity in IAO, AUM, TAO, OTO etc… all of which are directly reflected in Nature and mirrored in the Psychic body and the Psychology of Man; From the highest to the lowest, the Song remains the same…Plato simply took the Soul of Man and divided into three principles; Desire, Reason and Thymos.

Now let us look at the Soul and Psychology of Man thru these three principles…

Hillman states that Salt is the “Objective ground of personal experience making experience possible”.  But, Salt also makes events “sensed” and “felt” and therefore Subjective.  In other words Salt makes possible what psychology calls Experience.  It is the Salt of our experiences which grows Soul.  Consider this line from the Gnostic Mass, “Let the Salt of the Earth admonish the waters to bear the virtues of the Great Sea”.  Yes this Salt is of the Earth and herein lies it’s inherent danger.  Salt is “Fixation” and may potentially work horizontally within us dragging us down to Malkuth; recall the dual fold nature of this path, where shall you focus your energy?  Consider the Biblical Myth of Lot and his wife, though already saved from the destruction of Sodom, she could not refrain from “looking Back” and therefore YHVH turned her into a pillar of Salt.  We must understand that Soul is tethered to the Body and to “Experience“.  But we are not our experiences.  We must separate Inner self from the outer; to do this we must understand the root of our personality, our history and our story.  “The danger here is always fixation, whether in reflection, child-hood trauma, or in a literalized and personalized notion of experience itself” (Hillman, “Salt” pg.117) Note that Typhon, who attempts to destroy Zeus, is “precipitating himself downwards” towards Malkuth… but this Wheel turns!… The key once again is where are you going to put your focus? Are you Exempt from these complexes?  Have you “Mastered” the Lower Self?

Sulfur is the Alchemic principle of combustion, the “Magna Flamma”.  It is the Flame by which all is distilled; it causes change.  Jung wrote that “Sulphur represents the active substance of the sun” and then calls it “the motive factor in consciousness, on the one hand Will and on the other compulsion.” (CW 14, 151)

On one level it represents the Passions and Desires that arise in the Heart and on another our True Spirit.  In a way it is our “drive” towards “Union” as Desire and its object are united.  The Sphinx, who sits atop the Wheel, represents this principle of Sulfur.  Remember that the Magician is expected have “mastered” the Four powers of the Sphinx; Knowledge, Will, Courage and Silence”.  This he greatly achieves thru the Greek Axiom, “know thy self”.  In a nut shell Sulfur is the directing or distilling aspect of the Higher Self centered in Tiphereth.  It is the Gate keeper of the Spirit by which the personality of Man and his Soul are refined.  Consider the Greek Myth of the Riddle of the Sphinx; that is, “What animal is it that in the morning goes on four feet, in the afternoon on two and in the evening three?”  The answer of course is Man, who as a child crawls on all four, as an adult walks on two legs, and then as an old man walks with a cane.  This Myth reveals to us a ratio very important in the Pythagorean and OTO mysteries, that of 4:3:2.  It represents the formation of the pyramid and is directly related to the hand that “Grasps”…but I digress.  The point here is that once the Initiate has mastered the four powers of the Sphinx and answered his riddle then this “Gate-keeper” is no longer needed! The Gate of the inner consciousness is swung open and the initiate stands ready to “master” the currents of the Thymos.  This Inner or Higher Self can be seen as a descending triangle between upper Tiphereth, Mars and Jupiter who are bound by the Rose Cross (note that L-Th-Y = 49) which is pierced by Gimel from above so that the Dew Drops may descend into the Heart of Man.  Is this Triad not a symbol of Ra-Hoor-Kuit?  Master the Wheel, then Gnosis will descend and Ra - Hoor - Kuit “appear upon the Throne of Ra” or our Star.  Remember that those who are unable to answer the Sphinx riddle are slain on the spot.  So prepare yourself…

In alchemy Mercury is the First Matter from which all metals were formed.  In archetypal psychology Mercury is “Puer Eternus” which Hillman defines as “that archetypal dominate which personifies or is in special relation with the transcendent spiritual powers of the collective unconsciousness.”  Puer impulses then are messages from the Spirit.  And, hasn’t Mercury, the planet closest to our SUN always been considered the Messenger of the Gods.  He may take many forms both in Myth and in our life but he is always directly connected to the Spirit and our Sun.  His tendencies are towards verticality hence his winged feet.  He does not use these to walk about the Labyrinth of the Horizontal world!!  These teachings drag him down to Malkuth and cripple his winged heels…he is the Magic Phallus, “Glowing” and strong, divinely connected to the Spirit who Crowley depicts as Herm-Anubis, A composite god who is both Messenger of the Gods and the Jackal headed guardian of the Underworld.  He is seen climbing up the left side of the Wheel. He mediates between God and Man bringing us the ability to balance the dualistic forces within the Ruach.

So finally what is this Knowledge that the Adeptus Exemptus must Grasp??  The knowledge that leads to the Knowledge and Conversation of their Holy Guardian Angel is considered to be the Highest “Knowledge”.  This is the Pure descent of our Dew Drops from above.  There are many steps to that supreme knowledge, the final stage of attainment being complete Liberation.  When the True Self is realized, the aspirant no longer fears Birth or Death but instead recognizes them as Gates to the Eternal cycle of Life…and the Wheels keep on turning…

There is more then enough here to expound upon…
but it is all Lies…Lies…it is all Lies…contradiction piled on top of contradiction

Love is the law, love under will         
                                                Frater Orpheus

Reply: You're having too much fun   :)  ... it's like you understand Lies!!!


Friday May 29th 2009 – 7:00am Miguel sent in an excellent piece on The Glow Worm.

93, Br. Cornelius,

After taking time to “Steep” the “Horsehair” of this chapter until an appropriate serpent is produced, the following illusion presents itself.

Crowley’s comment to this chapter refers to several specific points about it that seem like appropriate points from which to approach its interpretation. He first states that the chapter may refer to the nature of the light to which the Glow-Worm’s “glow “as “a little light in the darkness” gives indication of. Crowley also states that the chapter “indicates a supreme magical method.” Emphasis on Crowley’s use of the word “indicates” as opposed to his not using the word reveals should be made; Crowley was very particular about the use of words. Crowley also makes specific mention of “the essential unity of the supernal triad” and that these are reached “by the annihilation of All” which is described as the manifested side of “this whole system” symbolically referred to as “Pan.” A note should also specifically be made concerning Crowley’s reference to “the manifested part of the Master of the temple” which “also reaches Samadhi, as the way of Annihilation.”

The nature of the light is referenced in paragraph 6 “the Rosy Cross, the rapture of Union that destroys, that is The Way. The Rosy Cross is the Ambassador of Pan.” These lines also seem to indicate the supreme magical method which earlier in the verse starts out as a unity containing all contradictions which is then broken up into “a seeming duality” through the various assumptions of Chokmah and Binah. These are one above the Abyss but beyond the Abyss they are many. Pan taken as “a generic name, including the whole system of its manifested side” is the product of the interplay of Chaos and Babalon, their resolution through annihilation of their many assumptions provides the context for the aspirant’s entry into womb of “our Lady”, Nuit. The formula of the Rosy Cross is therefore the key to the mysteries expounded throughout these chosen chapters of Liber 333. The details of this formula is relayed in  Liber Aleph ch 106-108 and is refered to in Magick ch XII and elsewhere. As this formula is specifically related to the G.’.D.’. Grade of Adeptus, and the sephira Tiphareth, it should be noted that 777 relates both to the formula ABRAHADADBRA.  As has been suggested however, the way this formula is understood, while essentially the same across planes, is uniquely interpreted through the hierophantic task through which a Thelemite is particularly undergoing thus bringing the discussion to the subject of the manifested part of the Magister Templi referred to in the comment.

If we’re to take the Magister Templi as analogous to the Thelemite Grade of Hermit “the  reflection” occupies the context of the way the aspirant transits the Hierophantic task  of the Lover and the man of Earth Grades. Taking the man of Earth as the principal point of manifestation we may associate the final line of verse 11 with the Man referenced in Dewdrops, verse 18, whom is noted as not being the master of the Dew of immortality “but the vehicle of It.” As a vehicle within the man of Earth Grade the formulas assigned to the associated sephira are ALIM and VITRIOL. How the obligations of this Grade within the McMurtry lineage of A.’.A.’. reflect these formulas can be of some use to the aspirant in that they prepare the temple for the Master of the 93 current who received ABRAHADABRA as a reward for his service to the Gods.

93/93 M.

Reply: Despite some rough emails in the past, I think you're beginning to understand that it is not so much 'what' you write but 'how' you write it. It's all LIES but if you keep your thoughts in Silence, or within, they might conceal Truths and we can't have that! ... We must drag all our students fleeting thoughts out into the 'light of day' to expose them and then, through the merging of opposites of inner and outer thought, naught will remain as one sees with time contradictions compounded upon contradictions. Yes, often one's thoughts when exposed to fresh air, crumble into dust. This is a good thing. Fret Not; a student must learn to be a good witness at a crime scene. What did you see? Describe it carefully, someone's life might depend on it! And the Life you save might be your own. ... I often feel like a psychiatrist who keeps asking, "What do you think?" and then trying to drag out of the couch sleeper what is really rolling around in his or her head. 

The key word for The Wheel of Fortune card which rules The Glow Worm is 'rotation' and it implies the moving of what some, like Paul Foster Case, would call "the Limitless Light" into a whirling motion by simply 'thinking'. Ah, the light of the little glow worm.

Here is an important key to the process: Kaph, the Hebrew letter attributed to The Wheel of Fortune means a 'closed hand' as if grasping something, like an idea and then putting it to the test of Truth. The left side of the Tree is a descending current out of the Abyss, the right side an ascending current toward the Abyss and The Wheel of Fortune is found on the right side. In other words; Gnosis (ABRA - 'O') or the Dewdrops from our Higher consciousness must first be dragged 'down' via the left side, brought out into the Light of Day (Tiphereth) on Malkuth (HAD) and then re-thought within our Lower consciousness to be brought back upward on the right side of the Tree as a new Gnosis (ABRA - 'N') ... ah, Chastity ... but if what you think as a 'Word' is false, Nature will always right the wrong; hence the need for The Wheel of Fortune ... and remember, if you do not understand this process of DEATH then the knowledge that you're bringing back upward will be False and it will get lost in the sands of the Abyss. EGO then screams loudest for a distraught magician who claims that even though they're below the Abyss, what they are saying is the Truth for all to follow and "To Hell with everyone if they don't believe me!" or dare I hear it uttered in Third Degree OTO - "I am the Truth and in my Turban is wrapped nothing but God" and then Saladin throws three rocks at him, symbolic of many things and he kills the candidtate! ... Ah, "Holy, Holy, Holy are these Truths that I utter." ... A magician must learn and understand the nature of his or her LIES. They must carefully study all the facts of what they believe anything to be, then SEEK its opposite and merge them so that they crumble into dust. Only you can do this, I cannot. I can only teach the process.

Always remember what Aleister Crowley once wrote - "People who avoid facing facts are bounded by phantoms." [private unpublished diary; October 25th 1939] but since this discussion on Chapters from The Book of Lies is about Seventh Degree OTO consider this quote from De Natura Deorum - “Of all our enemies those are most to be feared, who make false gods of their imagination.”  ... Phantoms are the Kundry of our mind.

Hopefully with time a student will finally realize that what they believe today will be wrong tomorrow, it just doesn't matter. Thoughts are only reflective of the mountain [wink wink] peak where you stand and no more. So, it's OK to be wrong with what you think ... we're All wrong. What is important is the process of taking the Lies to their next stage back up the Tree of Life until naught remains ... ah, Samadhi.

Ah, the foundations laid in Seventh Degree OTO.


9:30am To address a comment from a friend's email, who asked - "Don't you think there are other chapters from The Book of Lies that could help explain things that you are discussing?"

Of course, there are many great chapters. And I hope that after this discussion of specific Chapters is over that my students now have the insight to continue to read the entire book ... but on this blog we are dealing with just seven Chapters which are mentioned in Liber De Natura Deorum, Sub Figvra CCXXVIII (228) – Of the Nature of the Gods. ... and when at last you realize why Crowley picked these specific chapters from The Book of Lies for the VIIth Degree OTO Initiate to study you'll have grasped the secrets the degree. They are the Foundation stones of his sex magick theory; the VERY FIRST THING an initiate in the Hermetic Triad is told to study. The First WORD as the last is ON. Ignore this and you're building your Temple on sand.

And my friend also asked - "What prompted you to start openly talking about Seventh Degree"

Well, first, in De Natura Deorum, Section III De Natura Dei Soli it clearly informs us to “make no attempt to disclose this inner Truth to the profane” ... adding - “For all attempts to initiate even the worthy before they initiate themselves are folly and fatality. The Secret of the Wise, although known of them, are not to be expressed in the language of common men.” .... and I agree, I can not teach anyone but I can lead 'the' Horse to water by the use of innuendos which in effect shows him the process whereby he walked there and if he grasps putting one foot in front of the other, he's off climbing the mountain by himself.

... anyway, many of my students have written to me over the years asking questions about Aleister Crowley’s sex magick. Most have known that I was one of the few 'true' Upper Degree initiates in Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis while Grady McMurtry was still alive and, since I’m no longer a member, perhaps they were all hoping that I might spill the secrets. However, when push has come to shove; the vast majority of you have kept quiet on this blog and have not jumped into the discussion on The Book of Lies. It is no secret that the sexual practices of OTO begin with Seven Degree and that eight Chapters from Liber 333, The Book of Lies must be studied ... so, how many of you can honestly say that you understand not only these chapters but why you had to study them? If you cannot do this ‘First Task’ you are, in effect, admitting that you are either incapable of learning sex magick or that you have no real desire to learn its secrets.


9:45am Most people don't realize that Aleister Crowley attributed many chapters in different books to specific Thoth cards but the full rhyme and reason for such has never been fully explored. Here is something that Crowley taught to Grady McMurtry back during WWII and which I was lucky enough to hear him lecture on and take careful notes ... it details which chapters from Magick in Theory & Practice are attributed to which Thoth cards. Some are very, very obvious while others have me just scratching my head uttering I am perplexed! But enjoy ...

  0 The Magical Theory of the Universe. ... THE FOOL
  I The Principles of Ritual. ... THE MAGUS
II The Formulae of the Elemental Weapons. .... THE HIGH PRIESTESS
III The Formula of Tetragrammaton. ... EMPRESS
IV The Formula of Alhim: also that of Alim. ... EMPEROR
V The Formula of I. A. O.  ... HIEROPANT
VI The Formula of the Neophyte. ... LOVERS
VII          The Formula of the Holy Graal, of Abrahadabra, and of Certain Other Words; with some remarks on
the Magical Memory. ... CHARIOT
VIII        Of Equilibrium: and of the General and Particular Method of Preparation of the Furniture of the
Temple and the Instruments of Art. ... LUST
IX Of Silence and Secrecy: and of the Barbarous names of Evocation. ... HERMIT
X   Of the Gestures. ... WHEEL OF FORTUNE
XI Of Our Lady BABALON and of The Beast whereon she rideth: also concerning
Transformations. ... JUSTICE
XII Of the Bloody Sacrifice and Matters Cognate. ...  THE HANGED MAN
XIII         Of the Banishings, and of the Purifications. .... DEATH
XIV         Of the Consecrations: with an Account of the Nature and Nurture of the
Magical Link. ... ART
XVI (1)    Of the Oath. ... THE DEVIL Part I
XV Of the Invocation.  ... THE TOWER
XVI (2)    Of the Charge to the Spirit: with some Account of the Constraints and Curses occasionally
necessary. THE DEVIL Part II
XVII        Of the License to Depart. ... THE STAR
XVIII       Of Clairvoyance: and of the Body of Light, its Powers and its Development. Also concerning
Divinations. ... THE MOON
XIX Of Dramatic Rituals.  ... THE SUN
XX Of the Eucharist: and of the Art of Alchemy.  JUDGMENT
Appendix - The Rituals etc .... THE WORLD

Humm, that's odd. Crowley attributed Chapter XVI twice, as Part I & Chapter II sandwiched between the Chapter which he refers to as The Tower and isn't this the path that connects the Left and Right Pillars in the Formula of ON? ... Odd, I wonder if this double attribute of The Devil card is found elsewhere in any of his works? Oh yes, in Liber De Natura Deorum, Sub Figvra CCXXVIII (228) he tell a Seventh Degree to study Chapter 15 The Gun-Barrel which he attributes to The Devil but, then again, he doesn't tell us to study Chapter 70 Broomstick Babblings even though he attributes this to The Devil too.  Odd, don't you think? ... Oh, never mind, I'm just babbling ..


3:45am Frater Petros replied to my comments about his 1:50pm posting by writing - "I was trying to avoid writing a huge tome, but maybe I was too brief. Better luck next time." He then jokingly adds "Does it help if you substitute 'annihilate' for 'union?'” to which I replied “Only if you're referring to marriage.”


Saturday May 30th 2009 – 1:35pm I received an interesting piece from Joe regarding his understanding of The Glow-Worm. He writes:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

AH ! I am enjoying reading your students thoughts on The Book of Lies- Here are some thoughts of my own on THE GLOW WORM
The worm could be seen as the “lowest of the low” which would also be its opposite
The “Glow” could refer to “The inmost Light” That is “original Individual eternal essence” 
(One way done, When I  Add, Multiply and Divide the words CHAOS and BABALON
I end up with ZERO – The shape of which could be seen as a wheel. )
Wisdom and Understanding “as one” could be FIVE (2 +3) – Which may be an indication of the “Magickal Method” of Liber Legis 1:60
The way of Left/right Brain
The way of every thought meeting its opposite and resulting in Annihilation- resulting in a sort of “bliss”
The Union with the Self and the Vision of the Self-Both at odds- and Reflections of Reflections, Contradictions of Penis and Vagina, IN and OUT
(Liber Al 1:29-30 come to mind)
The Letter KAPH in the Wheel of Fortune which brings to my mind the following from Liber Al Vel legis:
“In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found”
“I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. "Come unto me" is a foolish word: for it is I that go.”
IF it is the Wheel of Fortune which this chapter indicates- the previous one was the Hermit- and thinking of the letters- The Hermit’s Hebrew letter ( YOD) of that card, in English translation “is” MY HAND or just HAND or CLOSED HAND and the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is THINE HAND ( Kaph – being PALM would be the Chalice – closed in on whatever it is that has been received by the Hermit) and then Life goes ON (“ The world keeps turning but Life goes on”—Utopia- Deface the Music ) THIS and THAT
The whole chapter puts into my head the image of Tree of Life and the “distortion” of Light from Kether to Malkuth - not unlike the game “telephone” where one utters a word or sentence and how it changes as it passes through each person’s nervous system.
Oh I am not making much sense today on this- It’s a bit jumbled-stressful week- Im searching in the dark, anyhoo…
Also I think of this quote:
“Someone who knows too much finds it hard not to lie.”  -- Wittgenstein
Anyhoo I hope you have GOOD HEALTH today!

Love is the law, love under will
Joe, from Beverly


3:33pm Ah, just when I thought that I wouldn't be posting much else on The Glow Worm Frater Orpheus sent me an email writing - "93 Jerry... these are thoughts from my journal this morning... 93 93/93."

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

If everything below the abyss is a LIE then what is the difference between fact or fiction…think???

Lets look at this Filtering aspect of the Wheel a bit closer… Each and everyone of us is a Star… in our Divine essence we are identical… Yet we are as different as night and day.  It is “Self” or Ego that is the lens through which Spirit is filtered which distorts this Light.  In other words, on the Macrocosmic level we all Nurtured and live under the Light of the same Sun but on the Microcosmic level our own individual Universe is illuminated by the Nature of our own Star; this because the Light of the True Spirit must pass thru the lens of your Ruach.  As long as we are in the Body we can not escape Ego.  Instead we must clear the Astral waters of its muck and wipe clean the “lens: of our Ruach so that the True Light of the Spirit may shine thru our Heart.  This is an inward path. 

In this practice of babbling we have brought many of our “thoughts”, which started as mere images deep within the subconscious waters, out onto this plane.  But why?  In this process what are we learning?

Are we not planting the Seed of our thoughts into the Earth that they may follow the path of the Sun and be born, live and die?  Is it not under the warmth of our own Star that these seeds are Nurtured and Death but a stage in this process just as Birth is?  Maybe this very process is part of the “Purification” of the Ruach… as those ideas or images that are “false” will fall by the waist side while those images that were “True” will be reborn!… and Wheel just keeps rollin along…

Consider the task of the Man of Earth.  It is at this stage that we are taught to control our Bodies.  We begin to write our bio’s and look to our history, yet our memories are but images; Myths that reveal more about the nature of your Souls interaction with the Spirit then the events themselves… Simply put we search out the Nature of the Acorn.  All of this we record in our journal which truly becomes our road map; so that as a Lover you may pierce deeper into the veil of “Self” as you struggle to understand your own Myths.  When you have “grasped” control of the Ruach and are Exempt from its complexes, then the “Gate” of the Anahata Chakra will open up and the Microcosmic Star and the Macrocosmic Star will be made as one and the Light of your Star manifest that deeper inner Light of the Universal Will; Dew Drops formed upon the deep Red Lotus of the Heart and gathered in the Mornings rays.

This because the once murky Waters of the Subconscious now run clear and the complexes of the Ruach no longer distort the light of your Spirit.  Better said the Inner Self and the outer personality are brought into “Balance” so that the “Ego” can no longer sway you one way or the other from your path; deluding you from understanding where you “truly stand“ or focusing your attention back towards Malkuth; Recall the Lesson of Salt and its “Fixation“. (Keep looking back at Malkuth and YHVH will turn you into a Pillar of Salt).  On the other hand if you have built your “Fortress” upon sand then don’t be surprised when the foundation gives way. If on Malkuth then focus on Malkuth stay focused so that you may lay a solid foundation.  Only Ego and this complex interplay between the Planetary forces and Myths that live within your Ruach may sway you from your Path; Remember that the True Spirit is completely outside of all this “Self”…beyond all emotions, or thoughts or anything of this plane…those things are but reflections of Microcosmic Light of your own Star.  In this way it is “True” to say that we create our own realities… ahh but once again we can not escape the Ruach and Earth is where we get to enjoy the fruits of the Tree… here is a little clue… there is no disparity between the Spirit and the Earth; Kether and Malkuth are in total Harmony…but we are in between “Experiencing” our own “Fact or Fiction”, Creating our own Myths mostly because its damn entertaining!  Remember that Achilles said “The Gods are jealous of Us”

So what’s the difference between Fact and Fiction?? Nothing, even the question is stupid, am just babbling.

Love is the law, love under will
       Frater Orpheus


7:55pm Jerri from Sacramento writes her views regarding The Glow Worm.

Jerry, 93

Below the Abyss, all must exist through the veil of time. Obviously, it's manifestation must be subjective and objective, it's representatives are the Devil or the Beast and Babalon. Above the Abyss, the object and the subject are the "same." Pan is Nuit, The One Star in Her Endless Night. We cannot mentally grasp the subtlety which are the concepts that exist above the Abyss. We distinguish these subjects- Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Kuit as separate so we have a method of describing these energies Below. But, all are lies down here, reflections of the unity which exists above. This unity is reflected downward. What does one experience when looking in the mirror but the opposite of what actually is. Imagine if Nothing could look into a mirror and see itself. Wouldn’t that reflection then be the object? So then, “who” looks in the “mirror?” Herein is the beautiful contradiction. And then those contradictions play upon each other…look in two mirrors, and what do we see?? Reflections of reflections and on and on…forever. Are those reflections "truth?” No…but are reflections of the truth...

One way that we could describe these points of reflection is through the three grades of the AA: The Man of Earth, the Lover, and the Hermit. To the Hermit-where all is “unity..” Pan is Nuit. To the Lover, as being a vessel of that Unity from above or reflecting that Light of God in the Ruach to descend down through our Sun. Here’s where that reflection of God recognizes itself as the object, through Babalon and the Beast. The Man of Earth is then sifting through the shadows that are our “selves” as reflected through that Sun.

The process by which the universe works above the Abyss is to reflect itself below. As Men of Earth, we seek to sift through the shadows of our Sun. To what end?? To become the Sun…or to achieve Knowledge and Conversation. As such, we seek to Know Thyself, and by so doing, we no longer experience the shadows or the reflections/lies/contradictions of it…The Sun by it’s nature doesn’t experience the shadow…it casts it. Men of Earth must “kill” the shadows in the Light of the Sun to become the Sun. This is the process of destroying contradiction…or, climbing up the mountain.

The Lover still further refines this process by which he’s climbed to the Ruach through the foundation that he has built in The Man of Earth. The Lover receives the reflection of the energies Above and seeks to purify his solar vessel to receive that gnosis. If the Sun shines where does it get it’s power from??? Above. These are further contradictions which fall away…the separation between you as the Sun and it’s power source. So, once we get to the Hermit grade, or we cross the Abyss, we are now exempt from these contradictions…or reflections. We are "one" with the All.

93 93/93

Reply: Very good.


Love is the law, love under will.AL I:57