Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. – AL I:40

The following chapter from The Book of Lies, or Liber 333, was placed at the top of my blog on Sunday May 17th 2009 and all week long I asked anyone who wished to partake in the discussion to feel free to join in and send me their views, ideas and interpretations. The end result is this Epistle.


Consciousness is a symptom of disease.
All that moves well moves without will.
All skillfulness, all strain, all intention is contrary to
Practise a thousand times, and it becomes difficult;
a thousand thousand, and it becomes easy; a
thousand thousand times a thousand thousand,
and it is no longer Thou that doeth it, but It that
doeth itself through thee.  Not until then is that
which is done well done.
Thus spoke FRATER PERDURABO as he leapt
from rock to rock of the moraine without ever
casting his eyes upon the ground.


Sunday May 17th 2009 - 6:45am I have posted another chapter; a really, really easy chapter from The Book of Lies above that I'd like us all to discuss for the upcoming week; it is the 32nd which is titled - The Mountaineer. Aleister Crowley's COMMENTARY on this new chapter is as follows - "This title is a mere reference to the metaphor of the last paragraph of the chapter.  Frater P., as is well known, is a mountaineer. This chapter should be read in conjunction with Chapters 8 and 30.  It is a practical instruction, the gist of which is easily to be apprehended by comparatively short practice of Mantra-Yoga.  A mantra is not being properly said as long as the man knows he is saying it.  The same applies to all other forms of Magick."

My comment: "For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect." - Liber AL vel Legis I:44

This is the only chapter of the seven theoretical pieces required for study by a Seventh Degree OTO Initiate which does not have any obvious Tarot or planetary attributes; this is because it is pendant to Steeped Horsehair and to know one is to know both. Be that as it may, the previous chapters talked alot about aspiring to a specific mental state; now it is time to practice! First, read Book 4 by Aleister Crowley, Chapter II “Pranayama and its Parallel in Speech, Mantrayoga” and note that in the Glossary he adds that Mantrayoga is - “A practice to attain union with God by repitition of a sacred sentence.” ... "There is no God by man." ... I’d also recommend looking in the Index of Magick Without Tears for references to Mantras; as well as other Crowley volumes, or see J. F. C. Fuller's book YOGA pg. 42.

As a practice: we know that the Kundalini lies coiled like a snake in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the Sacred Mountain in the sphere of Yesod. Sit comfortably in a chair with a good back, feet on the floor, hands gently resting on your knees. Lets climb a mountain; relax, breathe deeply inhaling and exhaling and meditate by putting your focus on your Crown Chakra on the top of your head [1=10] and use the repetition of the Muladahara chakra which is LAM [Open mouth for LA starting in the back of the throat, closed lips M]. Do this for ten minutes. This will not only ground you but it will open up blockages in the lower body and it will allow the energy to flow.  Let's start practicing this today for a week. Keep a journal.

O golden hawk! O lidless eye! Behold
How the grey creeps upon the shuddering gold!
Still I will strive! That by the striving broken
I may exhaust this me! That thou mayst sweep
Swift on the dead from thine all-seeing steep -
And the unutterable word be spoken.
Mantra Yoga ( poem) by Aleister Crowley


7:50am Ok, I'm going to have to throw this out about The Mountaineer because I don't think you guys will ever go here.
First of all; if this new chapter, no 32, is a compliment of chapter 8 which rules the sign of Cancer consider the fact that Cheth, the Hebrew letter which rules Cancer adds to 418. Also, 'Cheth' in English Qabalah (C/8,H/5,E/5,t/9,H/5) equals 32. ... And Eight itself, which is not only the number of the previous chapter (Steeped Horsehair) that we reviewed but it is also the number which refers to Cheth and in English Qabalah 'Eight' (E/5,I/10, G/3. H/5,T/9) equals 32. ... In magick we’re taught that nothing is mere coincidence. There is a great quote by the FBI profiler Ed Sulzbach regarding this subject. He writes, “There really aren’t many coincidences in life. And to call coincidence after coincidence after coincidence a coincidence is just plain stupid.”
However, besides this Qabalistic ramblings, the main thing I want to point out is that if you guys and gals are true Mountaineers you'll realize that there are ten Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and 22 paths or major Thoth cards; both totaling 32. And is not the Tree of Life also a metaphor for the sacred alchemical mountain of Abiegnus?
Climb away oh student but bring lots of water and snacks, its a long journey and watch out for Castle Anthrax along the way and especially keep away from Zoot - "Oh, wicked, bad, naughty Zoot!" She is always setting alight to a beacon above the Castle which is Grail-shaped which can lead a good mountaineer off the path. Damn Kundry! Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't true. And finally, if Zoot's friend tells you, as she once told Sir Galahad, "Oh, wicked, bad, naughty, evil Zoot!  Oh, she is a naughty person, and she must pay the penalty -- and here in Castle Anthrax, we have but one punishment for setting alight the grail-shaped beacon. You must tie her down on a bed and spank her!" ... Run Away!
Hummmm, this almost sounds like a basic lesson about Steeped Horsehair and how looks can be deceiving, no? So I guess, if you're not fooled, you can spank Zoot first and then run away!!!  :)-


Monday May 18th 2009 – 7:35am Joe from Beverly MA, writes this thought on The Mountaineer - "IT reminds me of a statement by one of my favorite Painters, Phillip Guston- in which he described the perfect day in the studio- He stated, that, on a good day one begins to paint, and along with you in ones's studio, are your peers and your heroes, and you speak to them as you work on your art- and as you do they leave the room one by one- until there is only you left- that being a good day ... He went on to stated that on a GREAT day- This also occurs, except the Artist doing the artwork also leaves the room." ....... Reply: Nice.


9:00am Ed Wormuth sent in this gem regarding The Mountaineer. Great advice; Ed's starting Monday off with a bang of an interpretation; the bar has been set high. Who's next? Anyway, Ed writes - "93 Jerry, At the risk of being too alert to the obvious here are my comments on the present chapter of the "Book of Lies".
In learning to do any physical activity, one conceptualizes the task, be it walking, a tennis stroke, operating an automobile or traversing a moraine. Then the brain consciously operates the physical body to acheive the desired effect. i.e. taking a step, striking a ball, driving down a road or hopping from rock to rock. The conscious mind orchestrating this process is an awkward and slow method until enough repetitions allow the muscles to remember these specific actions. When the brain allows the ganglia [which are much faster] take over the process the actions become more fluid. After repeating the actions correctly, over and over [in the instance of tennis, this is known as grooving a stroke] it becomes more automatic to perform the function desired.
It is only after the preceding is done that it is possible for the task to seemingly happen "by itself"  [in tennis circles this is called "being in the zone"] and it doesn't happen all that often even to the Pros.  [You may have seen Roger Fedderer or Raphael Nadal have moments like this where there tennis seems effortless and 'impossible shots' happen.  If asked about this they will likely tell you that they were not "thinking' about their actions, but rather they were "in the moment" and it was just "happening".
Walking across rocky terraine such as a moraine is a tricky business at best requiring the knowledge of how to attack such a landscape, a good sense of balance, as you are basically "hopping" from rock to rock, and being able to "let go! ". [focusing on your feet, or where the next step must be too closely is the "kiss of death" for such an operation. { the attitude of "The Fool" [check the picture] is much more appropriate.
I am reminded of A.C. talking about "inspired poetry". One must write constantly, know all the rules of rhyme and meter, [learn them well, the better to break them when necessary]. you may write a lot of drivel or merely "workmanlike pieces, but when the inspiration comes-the tools are there!

*that being said, I wish I followed this directive 'cause ,  my poetry sucks... and there is so little of it.

93 93/93,  Ed


Wednesday May 20th 2009 – 6:20am Well guys, Jerri has again set the bar high when it comes to discussing a chapter from The Book of Lies. She writes:

Hi Jerry,
93 It seems simple for us to understand the nature of practice described in The Mountaineer. How practice makes perfect. How it is that we lose ourselves through stilled action and how through that loss of ego we become the vehicle of our Divine Will. It flows through us, unencumbered by the ego that creaketh “I.” This is the Charioting, as described by Steeped Horsehair. But, the only purpose of the Charioteer is to bear the Cup of Our Lady Babalon and although we have discussed the nature of the Charioting, we have yet to touch upon the manner in which he bears this Cup and what it represents. As this is his only function, I feel it is important to explore its significance and its relationship to the chapter(s) at hand.
We have established that “Cancer also represents the path which leads from the great Mother Binah to Geburah, and is thus the influence of the Supernals descending through the Veil of Water (which is blood) upon the energy of man, and so inspires it.” [Book of Thoth, pg. 85]. So, what does this mean to me? Blood is Life or Prana. It is the lifeforce and the Dewdrops of the Moon. These Dewdrops are “the Quintessence and the Elixir of his being.” Not only is the blood comprised of our complete nature, is the Father and the Seed, but it also is our fountain of youth and nectar of the Divine.
Whether we are male or female, our path when traveling up the mountain must be solar and phallic by nature. What do I mean by this? We are taught in the Gun Barrel, “Mighty and erect is this Will of mine…Mighty and erect is this Phallus of my Will.” We also know that the Phallus is the sole viceregent of the Sun upon the Earth. This solar aspect has nothing to do with our physical sex. We have the entire Tree within us at all times. As shown by the Charioteer rather, it is the active aspect of ourselves. We pours that active Will into Her Cup, the passive aspect of our silent selves. Emotionally, it is through our love and dedication, desire for and lust of Her that we are inspired to give our all to Her thereby losing ourselves within Her.
I keep thinking about what it takes to practice something so much that you lose yourself to it. What inspired madness is it that possesses one to do this, let alone to do it successfully? We must know, will, dare, and keep silent. The Charioteer fills the Graal with his own Will upon a Chariot of stillness which is the body or ego that is lost in that practice of Willful focus. It is all for Her, so it must be through his bloody sacrifice that the Charioteer bears Her Cup.
The fruit of our practice or labor comes to its fruition while we are lost to in it’s doing-it is now unassuaged of purpose, and we are delivered from the lust of result, so it is every way perfect. Through that sacrifice, or the giving of our all, She bears us through the seas of eternity and we bear a magickal child of Her...
Every one of these chapters so far deals with the unification of the microcosm and the macrocosm in one form or another. All demonstrated in varying metaphor…all to be crystallized in some grand fashion in my mind unfolding like a flower that will take years to bloom. A thousand thousand times a thousand thousand hours perhaps?
93 93/93

Reply: It has been said that one cannot truly claim progress while climbing up the sacred Mountain until you’ve learn how to turn around and offer a hand to someone behind you. You must learn to teach, and make severe the ordeals. Here is a classic example of someone being able to take a rather complicated subject from The Book of Lies and bring it down to Malkuth in a way that is simply matter-of-fact without being too over analytical or intellectually dropping of facts. Yes, men and woman teach differently. Yes, Jerri is a gem amongst a sea of systematic and often over-academic knowledge ramblers (of which I include myself). She teaches from an ‘angle’ often obscured in the male mind. Yes, we can learn alot from this one   :)


Thursday May 21st 2000 – 1:55pm In regards to my reply to Jerri's 6:20am posting; she writes - "93 Jerry, Thank you :) It's interesting to me...that it was the Charioteer that really helped me figure out this thing that I have been noticing...this manner in which we travel upward, "finding ourselves" and discovering "what we are made of,"  to only lose ourselves to the Divine. Now, considering how we descend...thinking a bit about the Glow Worm...inspired by the Charioteer and the Word...How the path upward is simply a mirror of it's descent, a child is born of both, yet it is the perspective from which that child is born that is the "difference." ... Hmm...I love this practice!!! I am learning much and having fun in the process. Hugs and Love to you!!! 93 93/93 Jerri ."  ... Reply: you are precious.


2:01pm Miguel sent in this very interesting observation worth sharing. He writes - "93, Br. Cornelius, A wordy  diatribe from one sailor on  the "sea of systematic and often over-academic knowledge ramblers." :-)  . . . :-/
As has been previously established the Grades of Thelemite have been communicated as being triadic  defined in the Book of the Law chapter I verse 40, I as “the Hermit, the Lover, and the man of Earth.” The McMurtry lineage of A.’.A.’. has been reconstructing itself to reflect the Thelemite’s “Hierophantic task”  as passage through these Grades. These three stages have precedence in historically related traditions such a Hellenic Gnosticism and Indian Tantra. Along with these, one also finds a relationship to the Christian philosopher and Saint Bonaventura’s “three eyes of the soul” giving the following analogy between the schools:

Thelema              Gnosticism         Tantra                            Boneventura
man of Earth       Hylic                   Pashu(animalistic)          Eye of the flesh

the Lover            Psychic              Vira(hero)                      Eye of reason

The Hermit         Pneumatic            Divya(divine)                Eye of contemplation

In connection with interpreting inspired verse such as these related to Liber 333 the analogy to Bonaventura’s categories of perception suggest that interpretation is quite different as the Thelemite moves through the Hierophantic task associated with each Grade. In that this exercise of interpreting the verses of liber 333 has been already referred to as a practice of the Lover Grade within the McMurtry A.’.A.’. lineage; Cf. Bloggeria, Sunday, May 3rd, 2009. It seems appropriate in connection to this Grade’s association with Boneventura’s eye of reason to appeal to Liber AL :II:32 in that in this verse reason is specifically associated with lies and words are implicated as being misleading or inaccurate  due to the “factor infinite & unknown.” Liber AL associates reason with the word “Because” which is cursed as a process that gets in the way of the expression of the Will ; Cf AL:II:27-33. Reason is also associated in Liber AL with the animal totem of the dog. AL:II:19  ask “Is a God to live in a dog?” giving the answer “No” and then suggesting that there are Thelemites who are beyond reason indicating the “friends”of Hadit or Hermits referred to in AL:II:24.  This Grade has been associated with the traditional Magister Templi grade and in the originating documents of the A.’. A.’. initiates of this grade are defined as being “free from internal contradiction and external obscurity” that is to suggest that their actions are removed from the conditions associated with the other grades in association with this I reference AL:II:24 again which suggest that the lower grades reflect the workings of the higher. As such our most unconscious thoughts and actions contain within them indications of our soul’s code. This is clearly discussed in Liber Aleph and elsewhere in Crowley’s philosophy.
In connection with chapter 32 of Liber 333 regularity of practice is presented as a condition for success in manifesting the tendencies of the Will. A significant question to ask in regards these discussions is exactly what are we practicing? Let’s not forget that the study of these verses are connected to a specific instruction connected to Crowley’s work on the VII degree of the O.T.O..
The dog is associated in 777 with The High Priestess and the Art card, but in G.’.D.’. based tarot the dog is often pictured as the companion of The Fool. The dog has been suggested as being emblematic of faithfulness and symbolic of companionship and loyalty. As such this suggests that the reason can be trained/domesticated in service of the Will. In relation to the above noted Atu and their association with the sephira of Tiphareth once again one is confronted with the Hermetic axiom “one you control while the other controls you.”  In further association with the discussion of Liber 333, chapter 32 and its association with chapters 8 and 30 (others as well) the body and mind easily attributed to the sephiroth Malkuth and Yesod and therefore the work of the man of Earth, are implicated as needing to be placed under discipline. A note should be made here concerning path 32 of 777 associated with the Atu of the World or Universe defined in the Sepher Yetzirah as the “Administrative Intelligence .“ It is so called because it directs the operations of the Ruach.
93 93/93


5:20am And Frater Orpehus sends us his understanding of The Mountaineer from The Book of Lies.  Wow!  All you guys are getting better and better; or at least the ones of you who have stuck in there week after week. This practice of meditating on chapters is really forcing you all into areas of your Ruach not normally traveled. I like it. ... Anyway, here is what he wrote:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

My thoughts on the Mountaineer…

“Mind is a disease of semen.”…and…”Consciousness is a symptom of disease”

The five physical senses, in the sacred design of Man, allow us to “perceive” the world around Us.  They bring us colors and add “richness“ to the experience we call life; yet place boundaries upon that which we may perceive.  “Self” is limited to the circumference of its knowledge and experiences.  Only in the minds Eye, thru Inspiration or Imagination, are we able to grow our understanding of Nature, whether She be of this world or the next.  We all have an Imagination and at times may “feel” Inspired - yet we may struggle to divine its source or harness its full creative potential; save for those moments of Divine Inspiration, of the “discharging the Lyden Jar of Genius”, as Crowley puts it.  IT moves thru Us, yet is not Us.  This “invisible” force may lay just outside the boundaries of our physical perceptions, even when part of us; and In the case of our WORD, or that True Will unassuaged of purpose, it really couldn’t be any other way; because its source is Divine… Birthed from the sacred rivers in the Garden of Eden and yet is “Us”… a greater part of Us then even We are. 

While what we regard as “Consciousness” remains rooted in Self, the exact opposite of our Word; hence why we blot out the mind as not to destroy IT. (Not that Consciousness is all bad, I recommend a couple hours a day, minimum)

Consider the Myth that Man must be made as a child before the face of God.  Children are innocent and free from shame but also lack “language” and “experience” and so must rely greatly upon Imagination to navigate their Universe.  Yet even in the child’s imagination we find traces of the Acorn.  As the “Imagination” is but a bridge for our Word and especially so when freed from the “disease of the Mind’.  Clearly if this were a “conscious” act then children would be ill prepared and we would all have to sit around and “manually” guide the Psychic energies throughout our bodies, but we don’t… its all taken care of for us.   But how?… How can we Understand the Divine?… maybe use your “imagination“?  How do we control the Divine?… You don’t.  As Crowley already pointed out “Mind is a disease of semen”?

Now consider this: Crowley wrote, “except in the case of an Adept, man only rises to a glimmer of the universal consciousness, while, in the orgasm, the mind is blotted out."; and as previously discussed, Cheth is the path of the “sexual imagination”, where the procreative force of your Word is birthed below the Abyss.  This is the power of the blotting out of the mind and that moment of orgasm called Hriliu.

The raising of these forces is not a conscious or logical process but instead an “automatic” subconscious one whose inertia lies within.  The Seed of which is carried in the Grail of the Charioteer and is the Dew Drops of our High Priestess, whose essence is found in the Bull of the Hierophant.  If we drag this out into the light of day or bring IT to the forefront of our conscious minds then we will Earth out its full creative potential. (though there is a time and place for everything)

Simply said the Angel and the Libido exist in the land of the Sub-conscious and not the conscious.  The Daemon is a pure elemental force given to us by the Gods to guide us in this incarnation; but also in our spiritual growth, just as the Angel is said to guide the Spirit into the Body so may she guide it out.  Our ‘genius’ is fixed and inseparable from the sexual libido which, according to Carl Jung, is a psychic energy that expresses itself through “symbols“.  The Magician will understand that within his Libido lies that inspirational drive of the creative forces within.  So will strive to understand the inner workings of his libido and learn the “Mythic language” of his Angel, while blotting out his Mind from corrupting its images.  In a nut shell he must give himself over to the universal Will and put his lower ego and persona under “control” but as dictated by his libido. (Now reflect upon your sexual proclivities)

He must then still is body and his mind so that the word may descend unhampered.  But how?  How do we use this subconscious doorway to discharge “the Lyden Jar of Genius”? 

In this chapter Crowley discusses Mantra Yoga which simply means Union through Speech.  Its essentially the practice of saying something over and over again until it is no longer an act of the logical mind but instead becomes rooted in the subconscious and hence the power of Mantra in planting Seeds.  Mantra is successful then when the Speaker and the Word are made as one.  In this we can see that Mantra is an act of union (it is yoga) that “destroys the world” and Samadhi is attained.   In Book 4 Crowley writes that Mantra is, “A practice to attain union with God by repetition of a sacred sentence.”  But if there is no God but Man then what is it that he unites with but his own sacred Word? 

Crowley gives us this example of how when scaling the mountains he is on “automatic pilot”, no longer conscious of even where his feet shall land… but instead guided from within, without any conscious effort.  Most of us who have spent any real amount of time steeped in a “creative” or even repetitive process can identify with this concept of the “auto pilot”.  It’s a Natural part of all of us.  This quality of Yoga or union is true in other repetitive practices not just Mantra. Consider this in light of the daily practice of Resh .  Eventually this practice gives way and a subconscious seed is planted and we simply begin to recognize a Solar connection rooted within, continuously and subconsciously. 

Crowley writes “..a thousand thousand, and it is no longer Thou that doeth it, but it that doeth itself through thee.” In other words we have given ourselves over to a Creative energy of which our Angel but a guide… so who is really steering the Ship?  I don’t know…(how could I?)… I’m just enjoying the journey.

Love is the law, love under will
                                                     Frater Orpheus


6:40am Frater Shiva, the author of the now classic book - Inside Solar Lodge, Outside The Law; True Tales of Initiation and High Adventure (The Teitan Press 2007) sent us this brilliant right-to-the-point interpretation on The Mountaineer. He writes - "Hi Jerry 93:
"The Mountaineer" touches upon a principle that is well-known in the Oriental Martial Arts. Our mountain-climber says, "Practise a thousand times, and it becomes difficult; a thousand thousand, and it becomes easy; a thousand thousand times a thousand thousand, and it is no longer Thou that doeth it, but It that doeth itself through thee."
But rather than invoking the 1,000,000,000,000 [one billion!] times mentioned in Ch. 32, the Japanese merely say, "Do it one hundred times," and this motto is posted in dojo all around the world.
The idea is that if one is engaged in combat, and one has to actually slow down to think, then one is going to get injured or worse! Through repetitive practice, the [re]action becomes "natural" and "automatic." Technically, an attack is perceived by the brain and the response is routed directly to the motor nerves - without taking the more leisurely route through the rational, thinking area.
Of course, this principle is applied in many areas: Learning to walk, riding a bicycle, driving a car, and learning to flawlessly perform any other task. After struggling through the first few times wherein basic coordination must be rationalized, one is expected to "Leave your Mind at the Door!"
! Will/Love, Shiva   


6:55am Dave Solina from Florida writes - "I love the 333 meditations. However I am going to have to say Merc-retrograde has my teeth holding my tongue in a vice. :)   ."  ....... Reply: I understand. Luckily it goes direct on the 30th.


7:00am I should like to throw in my two-cents; which is actually worth about three cents now due to the inflation of copper prices; but anyways, regarding The Mountaineer, Crowley states - "This chapter should be read in conjunction with Chapters 8 and 30." ... We have already discussed chapter 8 'Steeped Horsehair' fairly in-depth but no one has bothered to really comment on Chapter 30 or John-A-Dreams. The title is derrived from an old slang given to anyone who daydreams and becomes more inactive than not. It would do my students well to at least consider this chapter and while you are at it, consider the first lines to these three chapters:

8   - Steeped Horsehair - Mind is a disease of semen.
30 - John-A-Dreams - Dreams are inperfections of sleep; even so is
consciousness the impurities of waking.
32 - Mountaineer - Consciousness is a symptom of disease.


11:10am I want to remind everyone that there is an Open House at my apartment tonight; the lecture being a discussion on The Book of Lies, what we learned and why we need to learn it .... it begins at 6:30pm; bring something to drink.


11:08am I like it when you guys teach me a thing or two and so far today everyone is opening up interesting thoughts for me to ponder. Great! I wanna learn stuff too!!! ... anyway Mick writes:

Jerry 93,
Crowley assigns the number 32 to the lie he names The Mountaineer. The number thirty-two calls to mind the ten Sephiroth and twenty-two paths of the tree of life. Equally important, the title itself “The Mountaineer” suggests a cognate image of attainment – The Holy Mountain. Together, the two appellations suggest a common theme; as the Eastern Taoists might prefer to call it: “The Way of Skillfulness.” Crowley uses the image of the mountaineer as a metaphor for an initiate aspiring to skillfulness. This is because he was a skilled climber of mountains himself and understood the metaphoric resonance of the mundane order with patterns of the initiated path (Tree of Life).Similar metaphors for the path to skillfulness arise while acquiring any class of ability. Malkuthian life itself informs us of the initiate’s path if we look at its patterns in a certain way. That is to say, if Tiger Woods had written this he might have named it something like “The Golf Pro” or maybe a bad Crowleyian pun like “The Putter.”

I suppose if I had to write on this theme I’d end up calling it “The Judoka.” When I was in high school I spent most of my evenings and weekends involved in the amateur sports scene in my region. I was a Judo guy and I practiced any time I got a chance. My instructor Mark used to pick a few of us up on different nights and we’d drive all over the county practicing at different Judo clubs. In those days it wasn’t a business for anyone. Even the Senseis were in it for the love of the sport.

In those days Judo practice was extremely intense and a handful of us would often practice for two hours straight - hard going - without a rest. Not surprisingly, most of our practices consisted of Uchi-komi which means “Fitting-In.” We repeatedly applied a single technique literally hundreds of times at high speed in the course of a single practice. After practicing this way for over three years with thousands upon thousands of repetitions of the techniques, something happened to me that had never happened before.

I was fighting this older student who was a body-builder; considerably heavier and stronger than I was at the age of fifteen. In the heat of contest something happened and my opponent suddenly went up in the air and landed soundly, with appreciable force, on his back at my feet. At that point, Mario, the host instructor at that club stopped us.

He asked me, “What did you just do?”

I was nonplussed. Not only could I not explain what had just happened, I couldn’t even say for sure which technique I had applied.

Mario chuckled and said, “That’s Judo, Chad. We practice by repetition over and over until one day the whole thing disappears and we do the thing without doing it.” He went on to emphasize that when we practice with great intensity until we’re exhausted, it’s precisely at that point we begin to really learn the technique. At the moment of exhaustion, our body’s will to force the technique becomes useless and the interior part of our learning begins. The result is the technique begins to come from the other-than-conscious or subconscious rather than being a case of one fighter willfully applying the technique against another. In skillfulness the fighters vanish and the Judo happens. The ego vanishes in that moment of skillfulness. Judo, by the way, means “The Gentle Way.’

Consciousness is a symptom of disease.

This odd phrase becomes clearer here and can be taken to mean more precisely “self-consciousness or awareness of the “I” is a sign of being not at ease or at rest. That “mind is a disease of semen” also suggests that mind or the “I” is the result of thought (semen) being not at rest. This is meditation 101: The meditator stilling the mind doesn’t lose consciousness and become comatose, but rather loses (however briefly) the consciousness of self as an entity called “I”. Pure awareness occurs without a subject. Samadhi.

The Judo parallel here was always to exhaust the body by rigorous repetition. In this way the body (ego) becomes useless as an instrument of force and ceases to be an obstacle to the fighter. Once the body is loose, relaxed or too weak for the use of force, that is “at ease”, the technique internalized through thousands of past repetitions takes over without intentionality or will.

All that moves well moves without will.
All skillfulness, all strain, all intention is contrary to

I would argue with Crowley’s choice of the word skillfulness. In this passage “skillfulness” reads as the pejorative sense of a person’s learned tool box tips and tricks. It could be a trick too I suppose, but the use of the word “skillfulness” is misleading here given the common use of the “Taoist” definition. The Taoist sense of skillfulness is the way I use it here because I think that’s what the “mountaineer is about.

Frater Perdurabo is archetypally the initiate who endures until the end:

Thus spoke FRATER PERDURABO as he leapt
from rock to rock of the moraine without ever
casting his eyes upon the ground.

This passage gives a demonstration of the Mountaineer’s skillfulness. Moraine is defined as the accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier. No doubt the moraine is a difficult and treacherous climbing ground densely littered with piled boulders, rocks and rocky soil. The one who endures the rigors of practice is able to move from Sephirah to Sephirah without looking down just as the mountaineer is able to cross the moraine. There’s no need for the eye (“I”) at these altitudes. Having stepped this way a thousand times in practice, the mountaineer’s feet and body skillfully know the way - at ease and without thought.

The earlier stages of repetitive practice always reflect the patterns of the “skillful” application that come later. This is as true of interior skills such as traversing the Tree of Life, as it is of mundane skills like crossing the moraine or pile-driving an opponent into the tatami. The experience of skillful ease without “consciousness” or “mind” is the result of practice. When I was fifteen and just promoted to brown belt, I experienced it for the first time. What’s really intriguing and also very telling here is that Mario, my instructor that night, was able to spot it at the moment and recognize what was happening. Mario was good teacher. He knew his stuff. He’d certainly crossed the moraine of skillfulness many times before to be able to do that.

On a lighter note, on those rare occasions someone would actually get “in the zone” and toss Mario to the mat, he would always spring back up, with a big toothy grin and remind us that even monkeys fall out of trees every once in awhile.

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1:40pm Boy, the mountain from The Book of Lies is truly inspiring! Its getting a rise out of everyone!! Frater Orpheus just sent me an email, subject: "93! More Mountain Stuff...On Dreams really!!!" ... He adds -"Because you mentioned it I had to look into is some stuff On Dreams..I wrote it all straight out so excuse any Grammer..I've had way to much caffine today..." and then he writes:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Lets consider John-A-Dreams…

“Dreams are imperfections of Sleep”…Dreams are images presented in the Minds eye thru the Sub-conscious Waters… but they are still in the mind…Still tainted by Self.  So where do they come from and how do we use them.  Crowley writes that “Truth is Unknown“.  As we have already discussed Chokmah or Hadit is never Known, he is the Knower…but where do we seek this Truth…in the Well and where does Binah lead but to our Path of Cheth or “sexual imagination”.

The problem is still that damn Ruach.  But guess what, while in the body you will never destroy Ego but instead must learn to use the Ruach, to open up our Chakras and allow the Kundalini forces may traverse the Tree unhampered.

Consider this while it is true that the power of Man is greater then that amoeba “because he has specialized the functions of the protoplasm of which he is composed”, yet Man lacks the amoeba’s tendency towards absolute dissolution in the ALL.  In other words with the body comes the Ego while the amoeba, who has no consciousness of “Body” is also free from ”Ego”.  But Man is still the individual protoplasts of which he is composed. (You may have had Psychedelic or Yogic experience somewhat similar to this before)  1= 10 and 10 = 1; Kether is in Malkuth and vice-versa.  Remember that Crowley wrote that he was once mistaken to believe the Spirit greater then the Soul or the Mind greater then the body when in Truth they are all equally Divine and essential.  It’s all a matter of perspective, remove any Sepheroth from the Tree and the whole thing collapses…it’s a delicate balance. 

So what am I saying…simple we are trapped in our Body and our Ego; both are on the Microcosmic Tree and must therefore have its counterpart on the Macrocosmic Tree.  Simply said we are connected to the Divine in every way and we must simply put the lower ego and persona under “control” as dictated by the libido.  Why the Libido?  Simple if we are in “Silence” then the Libido images are ‘true”.  “This inner Silence of the body being attained, it may be that the True Will may speak in True Dreams; for it is written that He givith unto his beloved in Sleep”. (Crowley, Aleph chpt. 17)

Since these Dreams are tainted by the mind then how can we understand them and use them?  Even better how does the Angel display, guide or communicate thru these dreams?  We must refine our art of interpretation.  We must learn to speak “The language of our Angel”.  Hillman gives us the excellent advice of when working with dream Images, he suggest that we do not rush to define or interpret the Images.  But instead understand that these images have a life of there own and a source that is not necessarily you.  Our dreams are tainted by our thoughts but not necessarily driven by them, especially if you have mastered the art of Silence.  These Dreams are a place where the Microcosm and the Macrocosm meet.  It is here where the Angel will often speak in metaphor to gently guide us forward but we interpret what is being communicated…“those who have ears to ear it”.  Hillman suggest that you at first approach your Dreams like a scientist and simply record all the events and images etc…but not to go as far to interpret them.  Instead he suggest that you allow these symbols time to grow and leave the interpreting for some time down the road. 

Consider this is this task of interpretation, or learning the language of his Angel, not just one way the Magician raises himself to unite with the Macrocosm?  The Magician will understand the Gold hidden in there rightful interpretation. This rightful “Interpretation” has more to do with “Silence” or that ability to allow the image to display.  Crowley writes, “Every Dream or pageant of Fancy, is therefore a Shew of Will; and Will being no more prevented by the Environment or by Consciousness, cometh as a Conqueror.  Yet even so he must come for the most Part throned upon the Chariot of the Exciting Cause of the Dream, and therefore is his appearance Symbolic, like a Writing in Cypher, or like a Fable, or like a Riddle in Pictures.” (Aleph chpt.11) Note that Crowley Capitilizes each word he chose for this “Image” drawing attention to its divinity…and didn’t he mention the Chariot and the Conqueror? Ring a bell?
(For more I recommend you read Liber Aleph Chapters 7 thru 18).

Love is the law, love under will
                                            Frater Orpheus


Love is the law, love under will.AL I:57