There are 23 different essays in this volume.

Many  of these essays were written in response to a student’s request for information which they deemed not clearly explained in Crowley’s writings. Since many students ask the same questions, our teachers started writing their replies in the form of essays which could later be handed out or emailed to other students who might be asking the same if not similar questions. In this light the essays run the gamut of thought from easy magickal foundational information to more intricate theories related to the Qabalistic spheres on the Tree of Life in which the student resides. It is also important to note that some of these essays were written to male students, while others were written to female students. All these essays are considered foundational stones designed to open a dialogue between a student and their teacher on often difficult topics. 

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The essays from our private archive
 which are included in Volume 2 are as follows: 

No.108 – ON THE NOTION OF VERTICALITY by Frater ZLA282 (circa 2004), 4 pgs
        The only answer to right Submission without pride, guilt or shame—Reverence—comes from 
        believing in God. This is an essay on the Thelemic student–teacher relationship.  

No.97 – ON HOLY OBEDIENCE by Erica M Cornelius (January 31st, 2015), 2 pgs 
        The Vow of Holy Obedience remains as important in the New Aeon as ever. But what was once an 
        outward love and worship has necessarily turned inward.

       by Frater Hortulanus (March 11th 2015), 4 pgs 
        Perhaps surprisingly, Thelemic Holy Obedience is not only compatible with doing one's Will, but 
        required for it.

No.105 – ON THE PHILOSOPHUS by J. Edward and Erica M Cornelius  
        (April 19th 2015), 16 pgs 
        What is so dangerous about the seventh Sephira on the Tree of Life that it appears to be a stumbling 
        block for so many? A breakdown of the difficulties corresponding to the four Sevens of the Tarot and 
        the four labors of Psyche.

No.101 – ON THE ROLE OF AN OUTER ADEPT by J. Edward Cornelius (March 14th 2015), 9 pgs 
        Hod, Netzach and Tiphereth are in truth One and should be worked accordingly, with the Adept 
        focusing back and forth as necessary to fine tune. In the lower Ruach we establish the second of three 
        sets of wires. Critically, these wires do not permit communication with our Angel, which can never 
        descend below the Abyss. Rather, if established properly, they allow us to shine our unique Light on 
        Malkuth but ever unto Nuit! Beware the runaway ego.

        Being the roles of an Inner and Outer Adept by J. Edward Cornelius (September 28th 2014), 4 pgs
        Contrary to popular belief, the HGA is not communicated with in Tiphereth, a folly which Crowley 
        later admits to fostering. How the Operation for the Invocation of Adonai is actually the establishment 
        of what Crowley terms the ‘wires’ between Self and Higher Self. 

No.73 – ON VIRGINITY by Erica M Cornelius (October 19th, 2014), 7 pgs
        The Whore of Babalon’s Virginity is the fertility of the Earth in its natural and therefore perfect 
        arrangement. The Woman can only manifest the intrinsic orderliness and fertility of nature through 
        non-interference, unleashing it to the Work. 

No.79 – ON BEING A VIRGIN by J. Edward Cornelius (November 21st 2014), 3 pgs
        Did you know you can be a scumbag whore and still be a virgin, how? 

No.40 – ON AROUSAL, And the Sabbath of the Witches by J. Edward Cornelius (January 3rd 2013), 9 pgs
        This essay is primarily directed toward women in their Lunar role as a Scarlet Woman, detailing sexual 
        practices used in dreams.

No.66 – ON WOMEN’S SEXUAL FREEDOM by Erica M Cornelius (October 12th, 2014), 4 pgs
        Women, beware of morality and of benevolent dictatorships!

No. 72 – ON THE PHASES OF THE MOON by J. Edward Cornelius (December 29th 2004), 4 pgs
        Primarily for females regarding the path of The Moon and its relationship to the three phases of the 
        female path of Death (Nun); Scorpio, Serpent and Eagle and its implication to the phases of the Moon 
        from New Moon closest to Malkuth to Full Moon closest to Netzach where it draws the light of its Star 
        (Tiphereth) through Death. It also explains the Quarter Moons. 

        AS MEN? by J. Edward Cornelius (January 2nd 2014), 4 pgs
        A controversial essay. Qabalah teaches us that all configurations on the Tree of Life are correct. No 
        single method is carved in stone. As it stands, AA initiations work specific Sephiroth on the Tree of 
        Life. This configuration was designated by men, mostly fulfilling their needs; traversing from Malkuth-
        10, Yesod-9 to Hod-8 in order to fulfill the male ‘O’ in Formula of ON as the Son questing for the 
        internal female of Netzach-7 and the Holy Grail. But do woman need this? Or should women follow
        the course from Malkuth-10, Yesod-9 to Netzach-7 in order to fulfill the ‘N’ in the Formula of ON as 
        the Daughter, then moving over to Hod-8 in order to grasp the Lance. Both men and women inevitably 
        will move to Tiphereth-6 fulfilling ON-The Sun.

No.60 – ON REDEMPTION AS A WOMAN: Or On Authoritatively Embracing One’s Receptivity
        by Erica M Cornelius (October 5th 2014), 4 pgs 
        As the New Aeon heralds the full, conscious participation of the Woman in Western sex magick, She 
        ought to understand both the advantages and hazards of her role. For, outwardly receptive and thus in a 
        particular respect vulnerable, the female sex magician also wields tremendous Power on the inner 
        planes. Avoiding that hazard and embracing that Power, she may now do her Will freely as a Goddess 
        upon the Earth.

        Part I: Psyche and Eros by Erica M Cornelius (October 12th 2014), 8 pgs
        As the incarnate Soul of Nature, we women represent what individuating men—and thus male 
        Thelemites—should flee. Yet as female Thelemites, we embrace and celebrate our nature, drawing on 
        the insights of Jungian psychology to embody and perfect the second half of the equation: Love under 

        PART II: Tam Lin and the King’s Daughter by Erica M Cornelius (October 16th, 2014), 7 pgs
        Twin aspects of Woman–Fairie Queen and fierce maiden–battle for the love of an unearthly Knight 
        named Tam Lin. Their struggle reveals key sex magickal principles for the Woman.

No.91 – ON TYKHE by Erica M Cornelius (December 24 2014), 24 pgs 
        The Kundry or Witch exercises her Power upon the Path of the Moon (Qoph). And just as every
        female magician embodies the Kundry, every male magician possesses an inner Kundry. In this 
        Qabalistic and practical exploration of the goddess Tykhe or Fortune, the author meditates on the 
        Moon in conjunction with Love under Will on the Right Hand Pillar. 

No.77 – ON THE KUNDRIES OF DRACULA by J. Edward Cornelius (March 16th 2013), 5 pgs
        This essay breaks down the symbolism regarding the three vampire sisters in Bram Stoker’s Dracula 
        and their relationship to the Flower Maidens in Wagner’s Parsifal, to the three witches in 
        Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to the three old ‘grey sisters’ in the Greek myth of Perseus, the three sirens 
        Pisinoe, Aglaope and Thelxiepi as well as the three Fates in Greek mythology. 

No.52 – ON BANISHING PROPER by J. Edward Cornelius (September 20th 2014), 5 pgs
        A VIIth Dgree technique taught by Crowley to Grady McMurtry to replace the old aeonic Lesser 
        Ritual of the Pentagram and even The Star Ruby with a formula found in Liber AL vel Legis. 

No.90 – ON LIGHTNING by J. Edward Cornelius (November 11th 2012), 4 pgs
        The secrets of Crowley’s sex magick using the metaphor of lightning.

No.50 – ON TRINC by J. Edward Cornelius (April 17th 2013), 4 pgs
        An in-depth discussion on the ‘special drink’ found in Francois Rabelais’ book Gargantua and 
        Pantagruel which reveals the secrets of IXth Degree OTO.

No.62 – ON CHASTITY, VIIth Degree O.T.O. 
        by J. Edward Cornelius (December 12th 2013), 19 pgs
        Self-explanatory; being the preliminary requirements which determine the success or failure of an 
        Adept crossing the Abyss. 

No.41 – ON TAKING THE OATH OF THE ABYSS by J. Edward Cornelius (March 19th 2012), 6 pgs
        This is a study of Aleister Crowley’s and Grady McMurtry’s theory on what the Abyss is, how to 
        approach it and how to determine a successful crossing. Also mentions the dangers of Choronzon and 
        the Black Brotherhood.

        Being the story on the rise and fall of a Magister Templi – Charles Stansfeld Jones
        by J. Edward Cornelius (January 21st 2015), 79 pgs 
        This is not a standard biography. It is from the point-of-view of Frater AO583, a Magister Templi 
        himself, examining the life of another Magister Templi using hundreds of unpublished letters from 
        Aleister Crowley addressing why he believed Achad had failed to fully cross the Abyss. Also includes 
        the foundation of the O.T.O. in North America as well as the secrets behind the Order’s sexual 


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