From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. 1I, No.9 September 1982e.v.

If some of you think my articles on TECHNICAL INFORMATION & CURRICULUM are off the wall, wait until you get to comparing universes as an exercise in theoretical alchemy.  In that world all is fantasy; nothing but the equations are real.  Or as Niels Bohr has been quoted as saying to an inspiring physicist, “Young man, your idea is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be real.”  Welcome to the plenum.

Take, for example, the Hadit point of view:  “One point is all points; all points are one point.”  Imagine a laserium show: a single light source from one krypton tube painting all the colors of the spectrum above you in the planetarium.  “Yep, folks. It’s the Allegory of The Cave Time Again!  (for those of you who thoughtfully skipped PHILOSOPHY 1A that is in Plato’s REBUBLIC) in which what we call reality is explained
as a shadow-play on a screen while “true” reality lurks behind the projector.  So who is behind the projector?  As in the movie WIZARDS.  Who is the script writer?  The Director?  The Producer?  But, most of important of all, who is the audience? I.e. who is paying to see it?  Well, you might ask your H.G.A. “who finds added perfection when invoked by his client, the gold of Tiphereth.” (Col. XVIII, The Empress Scale, 777 revised) Whereupon we get into a lot of Rosy Crosses (Col. XLI), Mysteries of the Crucifixion (Col. XLV) & so on.  If so, then the “hollow earth” theory is as true as any since so far as your eyes are concerned the universe is hallow like the Innocence of the God Harpocrates & everything you see is being maintained by a projected Force the Sages of India have referred to as the tan-mantras but which we prefer to illustrate as the animated humanoid “programs” of the movie TRON.  Show me the difference.  And if you want to see the projector all you have to do is look at the Resh card in the Thoth deck or the tanka “Buddha in Meditation“; (Rietberg Museum, Zurich)  Same-same.

OK.  Now let’s try a universe of planes & islands.  According to Crowley, “the Tree of Life and the 30 Aethyrs coincide only at certain points.”  Let’s run that down.

Aethyr     Sepheroth
16 LEA(1)  KThR = 620
18 ZEN(6)  ThPXRTh = 1081
11 ICH (9)  YSmVD = 80
9   ZIP (10) MLKVTh

Notice that KThR, “The Whirling Virgin Sun,” is a description that will do just as well for a beanie as Schechinah (ShK’NH = 385) since it means a wheel (GLGL = 66) & 50 = “curls” (THL’ = 440) = white whorl (TzMR LBN = 412) = the 1000 petalled Lotus of the Sahasrara Chakra, since “1000” just means “from there on” in this instance.  Notice that the Aethyrs are not in sequence with the Sepheroth.  Obviously they are coming in at an angle.  A 3rd universe created by the interlacing of 2 others.  How many more such are there?  And a mathematics based on a triangle (see 3 of Disks, Thoth deck) instead of a single point.  Interesting thought.

Same for the paths, Starting at the top.

AethyrAtu       Paths
3 ZOM I The Magus
19 POPIIThe High Priestess
7 DEO IIIThe Empress
2 ARN VIThe Lovers
12 LOE     VIIThe Chariot
17 TAN    VIIIAdjustment
20 KHR     X  Fortune
25 VTIXI  Lust
27 ZAA
24 NIA     XIVArt
16 LEA    XVIThe Tower
28 BAG   XVII     The Star
26 DES    XX The Aeon

The only obvious point of coincidence being the 16th Aethyr, LEA, accommodating both Kether and Mars (Pe = 85 Blasted Tower).  Of course this study is incomplete.  You may find many more.  But what are you going to do with a universe of islands and planes?  I suggest you study it and see how Crowley related it to the study and development of your own psychic body.

Speaking of which, the study & development of the psychic body, I wonder if it has occurred to anyone in our state Department that the Russian invasion of Afghanistan was a declaration of psychic warfare?  Since we Americans are not into developing the psychic body it would never occur to us that the most valuable thing Afghanistan has to export is not oil but hashish.  This takes us back to the beginning of our tradition when the Templar’s met the Saracen during the Crusades and got turned onto a lot of groovy condiments that are freely available to anyone in the Orient.  But more of this another time.

H.A. 777

at Battery Alexander in the Marin Head-lands.  May our tribe increase.

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I wish to thank Frater Orpheus for making this page possible.