From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. 1I, No.12 December 1982e.v.

In the 32° Readings of the Masons it is written, in THE TEMPLAR DOGMA,  ”… the Khasideans were a religious fraternity, or an Order of the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, who bound themselves to adorn the porches of that structure, and to preserve it from injury and decay.” It’s on this the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CASTELIAN is founded.

They are those of each Thelemic community who, like the original Templars, bind themselves together for the  and security of the Temple.  In those days it was Caravans and Jerusalem.  Hence the signal of three Camels marching.  Today it is the psychic dimensions of the Gnostic Mass.  It is the one place we come together in worship & in peace.  Pax Templi.  Outside Templars can get pretty rowdy.  Inside the Temple, PEACE!
Those who find their vocation in the ranks of KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CASTELIAN follow many occupations, but those will feel most at home who have something to add to a theatrical production company: artists, directors, actors, set designers & builders, costumes, holy oils, incense, fire alters, you get the idea? Dramatic ritual is a play that is theatre that is real that is an invocation = group ritual (good as individual ritual is, you will not grow as a magician until you start to relate to the universes… “Every man and every woman is a star.”) = needs a stage, props, grips, actors, etc.  and don’t forget that this is not just play acting.  The forces invoked will come.  So if that is your place of worship, be respectful.  Recently a young lady called me and wanted to know if she could come to Mass at Grand Lodge.  When questioned her it seems she thought it was a play.  I pointed out that if she was not going to participate, she was not supposed to come.  It says so right in the Rubric.

In dedicating themselves to the sanctity and security of the Temple, KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CASTELIAN would not only be interested in the physical building of the Temple, but also the dramatic rituals, group & individual, school & tutoring that would go on within it.  Chandria has given an excellent example of this recently by having given the RITES OF ELEUSIS as written and performed by Aleister Crowley, five (5) times.  Complete.  This is phenomenal.  And a lesson to all of us.  I have now given her direction of the Guild of Drama and Thaumaturgy with specific invitation to use Grand Lodge Temple as a stage for her video-cassette tape program so all you good Thelemic buckaroos out there can see the mass, the Rites and the Rituals as they should be done.

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CASTELIAN come in various categories. The first level, the basic unit, would of course be the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CASTELIAN; Helene Schuld and Eugene Plawiuk are the first to be established the ranks that could have several variations like KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CASTELIAN EXAMPLAR for whatever reason, etc.

In terms of administrative ranks:

And for special purposes,
Since the Caliph takes a special interest in this enterprise.

Those of you who wish to volunteer for this should consult together locally & if you wish, write to me personally & I or someone at Grand Lodge will act as a communications guide until you can set up your own network.

In THE EQUINOX Vol. III No.1 (THE BLUE EQUINOX), Liber LII, Manifesto of the O.T.O., p.197 it is written, “The O.T.O. is a body of initiates in whose hands are concentrated the wisdom and the knowledge of the following bodies.

1.  The Gnostic Catholic Church
2.  The Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost
3.  The Order of the Illuminati
4.  The Order of the Temple (Knights Templar)
5.  ETC…

On p. 200, “The letters O.T.O. represent the words Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the Orient, or Oriental Templars), but they have also a secret meaning for initiates.

And while I am at it. If anyone should come down on you heavy our Masonic “connections” the answer is that we do not have to justify them because we are the original Masons, the Templars.  Why? Because:

1.  The Encyclopedia says so
2.  The 32nd Degree Readings of e Masons says so
3.  Our Prophet says so…pp. 197-200 above in THE BLUE EQUINOX

                                                                  H.A.    777

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