From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.1 January 1983e.v.

One day in the summer of 45’ e.v. I was sitting in a long green Army tent at a green fold out camp table on a green fold out Army camp chair not far from those red clay graves of the American Army cemetery on the bluffs overlooking Normandy Beachhead… you would not believe those D-day tanks… instant rusted dinasour… thoughtfully reading my MAGICK IN THEORY & PRACTICE… which I usually kept stashed in my long green D-Day footlocker (that’s what we called them) when this Captain walked in & said, “Hey, Mac, what’cha reading there?”  I looked up at him, looked at the green ceiling of the tent, looked back down at my MT&P & knew there was absolutely no way in this universe or any other I was going to explain Aleister Crowley to this guy who had been a tank commander in the HELL ON WHEELS Armored
Division & was going back home to be a banker in N.Y.C., so I looked back up at him & said, “I’m studying to be a Pagan Priest.”  He snorted and walked away.  “That crazy McMurtry.”  Jawohl, Herr Kapitan.  Just another Oberleutant who had had his brains scrambled once to often on the long & bloody road from Normandy to Numberg.

For what I was reading was how Crowley was saying in the Aeon of Horus there would be two sexes in one person, the Aeon of the Child being that of the androgyn & gynander.  I must confess that I hadn’t the foggiest idea what he was talking about at the time…like so much of Crowley, MT&P is a whole new book every time I re-read it every 5 years…but I have damn sure made a lot of observations since.  One was of Crowley’s amazing ability to see in time.  In a letter to me dated Nov 21 ‘44 e.v. (see O.T.O. NEWSLETTER Sep 1978 e.v. for facsimile) he says, “1965 e.v. should be a critical period in the development of the Child Horus.”  And we all know what came down in 1965 e.v. :  Acid & Rock.  The Haight Experiment.  Those of you who went thru it have some foggy idea.  Those of you who are still around much more so. For it was not just a life-style that changed, but a radical new approach to engineering.  A whole new pattern, a different way of looking at things.  A way so different we had forgotten it is as old as Mankind.  The use of psychedelics for Sacramental purposes.  There was some heavy Magick trips went down in the Haight.  There is still that solid circle of yew around a redwood log amphitheater in the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park and much of it hinged on Crowley, which is why the Gemini card in the Tarot was known as “the acid card.”  Because in 777, col. XLIII, line 17, we had ergot.  Crowley didn’t have Clinical LSD.  Neither did the Pharaohs but they both had the same idea in mind.  Changing the Psychic Body alchemically.  Which is why COL. XLIII, Line 2, has both hashish and cocaine at the Ajna Chakra level because of their “direct action on the deepest nervous centers,” of the brain & spinal column.  Right down to your coccyx.  Alchemy being from the Arab AL-CHEMIE, the Chemistry of God.  And that which God has united together, let no man put asunder.  Although much of this is based on Crowley, 777 etc. most of the direct observations were made in the Haight, which about the only place they could be made. 

Take for example the Acid Tarot, or so it was called in the Haight.  Here we had 22 Major Arcana as re-interpreted under the impact of heavy psychedelic experiences. The reversals of meanings and fresh insights gained may have been controversial to more established heads, but by reexamining their material within the accepted framework at least they could be compared with “reality” as the classical scholars of this discipline understand it rather than some idiots private head trip.  Which are also interesting but mostly for their flaming debris. 

The real meat of the trip, however, lies in the tradition of Gnosis, i.e. the use of LSD & other heavy psychedelics to awaken the Serpent Power-Kundalini-Tantric force (see TOWER-Mars-Pe’ card, THOTH DECK) this can be very dangerous…the Haight was a battle field; only for artillery they used lightening=Acid-the Sword-Gemini-Twins-Zain=7=The Lovers (see the Holy Guardian Angel trip since Gemini “the Elevator” crosses the Abyss), =Tiphereth connected with Binah through Da’ath=the throat/Vishudha Chakra once constructed in the psychic body.  Or, as you can read in your daily paper, “NEW STUDIES BACKS THESIS ON WITCHES Article Says Ergot Poisoning Caused Behavor That Lead to 1692 Trials in Salem,” NEW YORK TIMES, Aug 29 1982, p. 30.  It is best to have a friend who has been there before when you get your head into that particular far out place & for this reason mankind has had Initiatory societies, like the Native American Church, throughout the ages except in modern Western civilization where there are laws against such experimentation.  But there certainly are none in the traditional Orient where Mohamed could smoke hash & talk to the angels along those far out camel trails like Ishmael (God-hear) ראעתשי = 451, Gen. 16:11.  You will notice that the ears (מיבזא = 108) has a sword (Zain) in it.  Nor are there in the Soviet Union where they are considered to be handy adguncts to psychic investigation.  If a Uri Geller can bend spoons with his mind, what can their developed psychics do to our missile system?  Those Buddhists are going to get tired of mantras one of these days.

Among traditional initiatory practice is circumcision.  Any male who has been automatically butchered by his mothers obstetrician in the delivery room should ask for a rebate.  There is always a reason for any initiatory practice within a closed group, and “cleanliness” of the physical person is certainly not one of them.  Shamens-medicine men-priests of all times have know the esoteric Yogic doctrine that there is a sympathetic neural connection between the foreskin & the pituitary gland=Binah see above.  In that light circumcision could be seen as revenge on any outside group by crippling them psychically in a way that they would never know or suspect.  Such considerations might lead to a number of parents opting for home delivery of their next child as it is almost impossible to expect a modern Western physician who, otherwise rational sees even the use of vitamins as a waste of time.

The ultimate for our purposes, however, is to be found in THE HOLY BOOKS (See ‘LINK Oct 1982 e.v.).  Here, in Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente vel LXV (The Heart Girt With The Serpent) we have experiences loaded with reverse sexuality.  “As Crowley goes through the various levels of experiencing this phenomenon he slips in & out of sex roles easily as could
be expected at this height of tantric androgeny.”  On the other hand he could be equally bawdy on the subject.

How many heads has a hyper?
It depends on which ends you diaper
The minimum is 7
The max 11
And the rest you can count with a Cypher
Blessed Beast!

H.A. 777

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