From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.2 February 1983e.v.

One day I ran into this guy who had come down to Berkeley from Canada in black cape, pointy hat & wizard’s staff & wound up going to North Africa with a friend where one day they dropped acid & started riding camels out across the dessert.  Whereon under the terrific compression of Karmic vibrations that happen under such conditions, which is why things are much more vivid, focused & together at those levels, he migrated into that dimension of the ultimate Hadit point where all things become one thing & all mathematical systems from Pythagoras to Einstein & all pryamid-stupa-chorten-astrological-tarot-kabalistic power generator structure systems come together & all language-computer programs etc come together.  In other words the Mythos of the Tower of Babel was clear to him.  As he said to me, “I got so high I’ve never really
come down.”  His only mistake was to tell someone.  The Sphinx says, “Silence” when it comes to spiritual enlightenment.  Unfortunately he tried to explain all this to the nice Canadian consul who introduced him to the nice Shrink his family had flown from Vancouver who put him in a nice straightjacket & flew him like that all the way back t the West Coast.  Suitable medicated Clinical evidence like this belongs in 777 as addenda.  The last time that I saw him he was doing permanent voluntary KP in the kitchen of an Oriental ashram trying to get his head back together.  I’m sure he needed it.  Such therapy is highly recommended.  See Crowley’s DE ILLUMINATORUM OPERIBUS DIVERSIS, LIBER ALEPH.

One reason I was so interested was that all this took place at Bou-Saada where, as all good students know, Crowley & Neuberg did much of the XXX Aethyrs (The Vision & the Voice) Enochian working.  I was interested in whether they had left any tracks.  Or found some.  Maybe that’s a ‘power spot” pre Don Juan.  Or maybe it is just that the desert focuses solar energy.  But anyhow take The Cry of the 20th Aethyr, which is called KHR.  First the Seer comes to the 49 wheels that are one wheel.  Then we have the White Lamb w/Flag (salt - Neschamah), Wolf (Mercury - Ruach), & Raven (Sulphur - Nepesch).  The White Lamb speaks, “I am the greatest of the deceivers, for my purity & innocence shall seduce the pure and innocent, who but for me should come to the centre of the wheel.  The Wolf betrayeth only the greedy & the treacherous; the Raven betrayeth only the melancholy & the dishonest.  But I am he of whom it is written: He shall deceive the very elect. 

For in the beginning the father of all called forth lying spirits that they might sift the creature of the earth (note: Man = the mind of God) in three sieves, according to the three impure souls..  And he chose the Wolf for the lust of the flesh, & the Raven for the lust of the mind, but me did he choose above all to stimulate the pure prompting of the soul…”& they know me not the chief of the lying spirits that the Father of all sent forth from before his face in the beginning.” & note 5, “It is the superficial appeal of the idea of “Jesus” to the sentimental type of aspiration (the vilest parody of Neschamah is this pollution by the least virile elements of Nephesh).”    Bou-Sada 11-30-09 e.v.

Which brings it very nicely to the point as to whom the enemy really is.  Thelemites are especially sensitive to the Doctrine of the 3 Sieves. Most of the turbulence is caused by the Wolf & the Raven, but those “pure promptings of the soul” can be murder at the higher altitudes of Initiation.  “Lust of result” (AL I:44) is most tricky when one’s true promptings are trying to tell the real Creative Light from it’s Qliphothic Shadow.  Your touch stone is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” you have to leave room for the Child that is the Aeon to grow, not, “Do what that wilt is the whole of the Law,”  which follows it like the Shadow that always follows Creative Reality.

Like e.g. in my lecture on ENOCHIAN ANGELS AND COMPUTER CIRCUITS my central thesis is the relation to the individual Psychic (Microprosopus) to the Cosmic Psychic Body (Microprosopus) & how transposing the Nuit card for the Aries card in the HE (creative eye of Nuit) path putting the Patriarchal image on the Fish-hook (Tzaddi) path below the Abyss has changed the psychic winds that have been blowing on this planet since 1904 e.v..  My examples are like the Buddhist Stupa as a material realization of the Cosmic Psychic Body & the energy charges running thru the convections of its ground plan as related to the computer chip as an image in the electronic universe of the 4-gated City.  In Tibet this was greatly refined in Chorten.  With the Egyptians and the Central American Indians it was the Pyramid in various configurations.  With the Templars it is the Baphomet.  Put the Zodiac in a circle like Dendera & you have a power chain with Aries the spark plug.  Put the Tarot cards in a circle and you come to the ultimate Hadit point of the North Pole.  Which we normally think of as Nuit.  Put the Yi Ching in a circle and it looks like a Pratt & Whitney airplane engine.  Obviously a power train with the XX the “beginning of the beginning”.  That’s about 2 am.  In the human body as the abode of the Temple, your eyes (irisology) are receptors.  A trained Irisologist can give you a retinal inspection & tell you things you can confirm for yourself.  Your ears (Acupuncture) are also receptors.  Energy goes in and out thru the tips of the fingers & the tips of the toes.  At least it does with Yogins.  But they have trained Psychic bodies.  I then have a section on the Cakras as energy patterns which is where we relate thought patterns in the brains as computer circuits  with Enochian Angels who hit the individual Phychic Body on at least 12 Paths, but only 4 Sepheroth: KThR = 620; ThPeXRTh = 1081; SmVD = 80 & MLKvTh = 496.  See ‘LINK’ Sep 1982 e.v., ON THE PHYSICS OF METAPHYSICS for technical diagram.  For a visual relation, take any blow-up of a micro-chip, or the plug in board, & put it up against that great big plug board way up in the sky in the 4-Watch Towers diagram, Plate X, “Kelly’s Universe,” THE EQUINOX, Vol I, 7, opposite p. 243.

Because of course the ultimate Hadit point is yourself.
                                                                                          H.A.     777

Inspired by my visit to Yakina Encampment Seattle WA.

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