From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.3 March 1983e.v.

I know how to spin a top: at least I think I do.  When I was a small boy in Oklahoma growing up-it was very simple; you wrapped a string around the top & spun it with a dexterous motion toward the ground where it hit on its spike as you pulled on the string like an artilleryman heaving the lanyard on a 105 & you knew the spin was imparted by the torque of the string.  And that is Archimedes Law: “Give me a fulcrum & I can move the world.”  The string was my fulcrum & the top was the world I was spinning, like seeing the Tree of Life as an activated double helix.  And that is small boy logic & that is a Law of Nature & that is the way the world works & that is the only way there is to spin a top, right?  Nope, wrong again! (You’ve really got to watch that, kids.)  I found that out in the Korean War.  One day I was inspecting my back-up Ammunition supply depot at
Sihungni, that’s East of Yung Dong Po on the road to Suwon South of the Man… after the battle of the Khumwha Ridges they had pulled up out of the line to get some of the pounding of the artillery out of our ears… when I noticed this small Korean boy spinning a top.  Only he wasn’t “spinning” it as we think of it.  What he did was lay this top down & then with the far-out switch he had he beat the living shit out of it until it stood up & spun like mad to show it’s joy at being allowed to dance at the fiery touch of its masters’ lash.  We had forgotten.  This kid is a Mongol.  You can tell by the copper red skin & heavy Mongol eye-flap.  he never heard of Archimedes Law & wouldn’t believe it if he did.  He is an Oriental.  He thinks like Genghis Khan.  His answer is: Ferocity!  “Anything that moves is meat.  Kill it!  The Earth is the Lord’s,” &they charged.  There is no known record of a Mongol charge having been stopped.  Their way of proving it was to line up a country and devastate it.  That is what happened to the irrigation works of old Babylonia.  By the time the region could be repopulated no one knew how to build a dike.  They were half way thru Hungary (you will notice Lenin had a half-Mongol eye flap) when the Great Khan died and everyone went home to celebrate his Greater Feast.

For Archimedes was wrong.  Greek logic.  The curse of Western man.  Permeating our thinking thru Plato became Augustianism & thru Aristotle became Thomism & thru Descartes became symbolic logic.  It made sense to the Greeks.  The reason Greek and Roman numbers have that funny square look is they were carved in stone.  Their world was measured by rock.  But it made absolutely no sense to the little Arab boy next door.  For the Desert is broad & the sky is a sphere which bisects the Earth & he is a small point in the middle of it & so the Arab developed the Zero.  That floating dot between the material universe & the theoretical.  To him Archimedes’ Law does not exist because he never knew there was a problem to begin with.  He takes his intoy, a vertical stick, looked at from above it looks like an Hadit point, loops a string around it, & pulls on the ends of the string.  As the string moves so does the center of his universe.  And that is the Arab answer: Intelligence.  There is no such thing as “written in concrete forever.”  Reality changes; & so do you.

How do you find your own True Will?  You look within.  For convenience take your belly button.  That is your Jupiter center where the Wheel is, your Solar plexus.  You exist inside that wheel & you stretch out to touch the inside of it.  You will remember the Shaman friend of Don Juan who walked across a waterfall by detaching hands from his naval center securing him to the rocks ahead of time.  Be very Zen about it.  That is your job.  Detach those hands from the inside one at a time, to whatever you are attached in the material world, until you and your little button float clean in the Thelemic current.

“There are 2 fish in the sea.”  Any standard text on Tantric Alchemy; that is Pisces, Back of Head, Qoph = 100.  See 2 of Cups, THOTH deck.  Then you are free to do your Will.  To spin your top.  To rise, “glorious as the Sun.”  For an example see tanka “Buddha in Meditation,” on the cover of Penguin Classics The Dhammapada, Juan Mascaro, 1973 paperback.  You will notice the center of that glorious sun is his navel.

Failing that try the Sun in the Resh card of the Thoth deck for your belly button.  It looks exactly the same.  Obviously Crowley had been there.  In some universe that creative helix really does exist.  And so do you.  Turn into the wind.  The psychic wind that’s blowing.  Go with the flow.  And that is the Thelemic answer.  The Dao.  The answer of Magick is Will!  The answer of Thelemic Magick is given by Crowley in The Book of Thoth p.227, in discussing the harmonious exercise of the elements whereby, as he says, “The fifth Element of Spirit is formulated in the being of the Adept.  It is the god within, the sun, which is the center of the Universe from the human point of view, with it’s own peculiar virtue, which is to go.” “thou has no right but to do thy will.” AL I:42. 

Or again, The Vision & the Voice, 20th Aethyr, “This one wheel… is being spun by a hand… spinning the wheel merely for pleasure, it would be better to say amusement.”  Or take our planet, with it’s cute little Polar tilt spinning.  Or the Sri Lalita Sahasranama by C.S. Murthy Bombay 1975, p.182, “The   prime Mover of the universe…with his Maya He rotates the entire creation as if mounted on a Wheel.”  Or The Tibetan Book of the Dead W.Y. Evans-Wentz, 1960, p.8: “in the first round of our planet… in the fire-mist… assumed a rotary motion and became a blazing globular body of undifferentiated primeval forces…”

I know how to spin a top.  At least I used to think so.  When I was a small boy.

Blessed Beast.
                                                   H.A. 777

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