From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.4 April 1983e.v.

And why some “Birds” won’t fly.  So the desert is broad & the horizon a circle & the little Arab boy a small dot “right in ze middle” at that happens to be the Egyptian hieroglyph for the Sun-god Ra-Hru (Wallis Budge, Egyptian Language, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1966, p. 74) but don’t expect the general public to thank you for pointing out the truth of technical equations. They are theoretical universes, just like Einstein chalking equations on the black-board, & equally are only made real by experience… your experience…your psychic
body.  And that has to do with human equations, the Folly of God (Liber Aleph) being more sensible than the Rationality of Man the Machine.  For Mathematics without Heart is Cruelty as Crowley points out , “The Method of Science - The Aim of Religion,” THE EQUINOX volumes. Omar Khayyam’s heliocentric calendar we would recognize as “up to date” was accepted by Malikshah the Seljuk as a child might accept an interesting toy or as an intellectual compliment to the wisdom of his reign. But what is Truth to one is Death to another so it was abolished by the next Sultan and today righteous Moslems go out of their way to visit his grave at Nisapur on the Great Haj to Mecca to spit on it (Harold Lamb, OMAR KHAYYAM, N.Hollywood, Leisure Books,1971,pp. 250 -1)…not because of the lyric eroticism of the Rubaiyat… that is beneath contempt… but because of the suicide theology of his mathematics.  For any desert dweller knows the Sun is the enemy.  Only the moon bringeth rain.  You will notice a lot of crescent Moons & fields of Green on Moslem battle banners.  “So what” if the Holy month of Ramadan falls at a different quarter of the year, they will stick to their Lunar calendar because, “that bird won’t fly.” as they say in Aero nautical Engineering.

Another interesting theoretical universe leading to a lot of flaming debris is the Achad Tree.  Achad went into the interesting head game of switching the Cards around on the Tree of Life as if they were picture post cards in a child’s game.  It is a purely intellectual exercise as to how to play The Game.  But Initiation/Intuition, the Great Work, is not a “Game” except to the Monkey Brain: Rational Analysis.  A.C. condemned Achad for “turning the Serpent of Wisdom upside down” (MT&P, P.7) on the Tree of Life because those Tarot cards are mirrors of your psychic body not just painted pictures any more then the Shri Yantra is a TV test pattern nor Paul Foster Case’s “Cube of Space” (The Tarot, NY, Macoy, 1947 p.68) is a mere line drawing.  They are illustrations you are invited to make real with your own experiential observations.  look at the Kali Yantra  (cover, A.Bharati, The Light at the Center, Ross-Erickson, Barbra, 1976) & you will see a 3-sided pyramid just like Crowley’s  3-of-Disks in the THOTH deck & looks like this diagram “A” from a 4-pillard Tree that looks like “B”. (Your regular “flat” Tree looks like “C”)  Since “B” has no place for Death (DOTh = 474) it is immediately

Suspect of being just another intellectual = rational = theoretical mindtrap.  The absence of Daath from the “normal” Tree (the reason it has 3 pillars is because of the Ida & Pingala, Moon-Sun Pillars of the Temple and the Shushumna fire-column…activated double-helix of the Yogin trip…cf. horns & Chimney of Levi’s Baphometic Goat… or Shiva’s trident) is because the Visudha Chakra does not exist until created in the course of your Yogin Alchemical/Kabbalistic training,  but this “new” Tree looks like a pipe-fitters nightmare.  Where are you going to put all those stove pipes when the Serpent straightens out on the Tree of Life & the Flaming Sword & the path from Binah to Chesed becomes 3, for Gimel connects ArikhAnpin with Zauir Anpin (ref. #777, Liber D).  Just off-hand, in terms of technical analysis & given data, I’d say “that bird won’t fly.”  Confuse it with the Achad Tree & it becomes a death trap.  For the Achad Tree, as an intellectual exercise, takes the Spirit Flame from the Shin (note 3 Yods in one Shin at the bottom of the AEON card, THOTH deck) Sadhana (wake-up/Last Judgment) path & puts it above the Abyss on the Gimel path, replacing the Hi Priestess.  Only a Camel can cross the desert of the Abyss, folks! It takes a built-in Water (Mem) (p.76, Budge) supply to cross the Abyss!  If you don’t think so, see figure of a camel at the bottom of the High Priestess card, THOTH deck.  Also note that Nandi, Siva’s OX (= Aleph, The Fool) has  hump on his back. (For all I know, babe, Paul Bunyon’s Blue Ox, may have one also) as if he knew what he was doing, takes the Water energy from the Mem path and puts it on the Sag-Samekh path (which has the Hanged Man pointed the wrong way) & takes the Fool-Air energy from the Aleph path & puts his head in Lead by assigning it to the Tau path.  When we remember that ShTh literally means “boiling lead” that could be a far out trip.  Just offhand I’d say that bird won’t fly.  If you disagree, look at the “roof over hell” at the bottom of the Aeon card, then remember that Virgo “forms the crust over Hades” (p.89, BOOK OF THOTH), Virgo being Cerberus, & the doctrine that “when the Mouth of Hell (Dis) opens the Tower of Ego falls and Eye of Horus-Shiva opens” (BOOK OF THOTH, pp. 101-2)  Personally I prefer “the good old ways” of Yoga/Alchemy in that we are reminded there’s “fire down below (the stomach) & air above” (The-Sun-heart-going-out-love) just like the Chinese told us a long time ago in the Secret of the Golden Flower. 
I’d say that bird will fly.

Blessed Beast.
                                               H.A. 777

Addenda: last months typo.  Qoph = 100, not 200.  Correct your copy or I’ll get blamed for it forever.  It was Julie who said, “Since when does Qoph = 200?”  That’s right, Julie… since it was 2 am.  [Editor - it was corrected)

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