From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.8 August 1983e.v.

The Crystal Paradigm in motion.  In “The Wake World” (KONX AM PAX) Crowley gives us one of the most beautiful examples of poetry in motion we are likely to find as he gives us a typically Crowleyian view of “Matrix Magick” or “Thru The Looking Glass” reality as the HGA takes Lola Daydreams thru the Initiatory Sadhana (Sod-na)/Wake-Up process Guru’s are so good at for acquainting her with the Unawakened Soul (Atu XXI, Virgo Mundi, herself) because

“He looks through one just as if one has no clothes on in the Garden of God,”
and “one could do nothing except in the mirror of his mind.”

Mirrors & crystals.  Reflectors & matrices.  Reality is emanation from a center & return.  You will find the THOTH deck loaded with them as he, TO MEGA THERION, strove to enlighten us about the New Energy Physics coming down.

In the Pe card, Atu XVI (THOTH deck) we find a fractured Mirror of 4 stories…that 5th one is a far-out Crystal Palace…as your Ego is crushed by the force of Venus & only 2 figures are falling…or is the 3rd still clinging to the “Blasted Tower” that is the “Great Mystery of the House of God”?  We have a mirror behind the HANGED MAN (AtuXII), or is the HANGED MAN the Mirror?  The same for the HI PRIESTESS (Atu II), the Queen of Cups & the Knight of Disks.  As for Crystaline (sic) Physics all we have to do is to look at those crystaline (sic) figures falling in the Pe card & remember they “have lost their human shape.  They have become mere geometrical expressions.” p. 107, BOOK OF THOTH

Matrices.  The structure of molecules.  Remember how a carbon ring looked in Chem1A?  Change that matrix & you have a different element Alchemically as well as physically.  Now look at the Aquarius card (Atu XVII) & see that “Windmill” of Nuit converting the energy of the madly swirling little blue Hadit star spinning directly into the Golden Cup & after being transmuted exits from her Silver Chalice as pure crystaline silver matrices as Old Aeon energy (Waite-Case decks, etc) is transformed from their static-plasma accretion to the living, sentient matrices of New Knowledge.  For,

“every form of energy in this picture is spiral.  Zoraster says, “God is he, having the head of a hawk; having a spiral force.”…It is only in the lower cup that the forms of energy issuing forth show rectilinear characteristics.” P. 110, BOOK OF THOTH

For pure crystaline Matrix Magick in THE WAKE WORLD we have the HGA’s Ring of Amethyst in
You will notice there are 5 verses just as there are 5 louvers in this “air shaft” (of Shu?) in the Golden Pyramid of Cheops

and 5 levels in this diagram that is the Frontispiece for Capt. J. F. C. Fuller’s THE STAR IN THE WEST (NY Walter Scott 1907) about Crowley’s poetry.

Of course Crowley says it best in Liber CCCXXXIII THE BOOK OF LIES in

That far-out “Celestial Dew” the Yogin/Alchemists are always talking about as in the Vision of Lake Pasquaney,

“Nothingness with twinkles…but what twinkles!” p. 109, BOOK OF THOTH

For visualization I prefer the Japanese PAGODA, a vertical sacred tower of 5 shrines

the celebrated “Vault of the Ages” as the Oriental see it on the Astral.  A vertical “crack in the Cosmic Egg” so covered with the verdigris green rust of Venus copper it looks jagged in the mist of the “Floating World,” as they put it.

Of course if you prefer it in terms of technical equations try
777 Col. XCVII
which from top to bottom reads:
Jecidah(‘Ch’DH = 37)
Chia    (Ch’H = 23)
Neschamah(NShMH = 395)
Ruach (RVCh = 214)
Nephesch  (NPeSh = 430)

Now we have 4 Yugas (Sat=Gold, Treta=Silver, Doapar=Copper, Kali=Steel) which leaves just room for one more for the New Aeon since you have got to get Spirit somewhere (the Buddhist Stupa/Chorten has the 4 elements going up & Spirit/Fire on top) so try Elohim (XLH’M = 86) masculine plural of feminine singular assigned to Fire (line 31, Col. V, 777 p. 53, Revised) because the name of five letters represents the active but feminine principle Shakti of Geburah, the fiery Sephira.

And if all that seems just too heavy well then the next time your tantric partner’s spinal column lights up like a Crystal Pagoda you will know you are getting some where.  “Next Gate to the Astral?”

5 is the number of Power.

Blessed Beast.

H.A. 777

Written during my visit to Olympus Chapter in Salt Lake City
where Jeff Price is the Musical Director for the 1890’s LAGOON OPERA HOUSE’s
& other groovy productions this Summer. 
It takes Salt to bring it down, Jeff!

To be continued… [Click HERE]

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