From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.9 September 1983e.v.

“Blessed be he who sits in the middle
for he shall double-toke.” 
                       Ancient Wisdom of the Haight

In the Haight they had this farout  phenomenon called “hitting the freakey zone.”  These children of the West, these Kali freaks, were playing w/the Lightning of the Soul, but how were they to know it?  We took our casualties.  It was a war like any other in the Templar tradition of the Legion of Time only this time for artillery read Acid=the lightning=pure clinical LSD=the Sword=Zain=7 (Venus positive in the Path, negative in the Sepheroth=line 17, Col. XLIII 777 which waswhy the Acid card in the 
Haight=that shifty Gemini (The El Evator) Tiphereth to Binah=Atu VI The Lovers=Venus armed by the Sword=mars=”let the woman be girt with a sword before me”=3 of Swords THOTH deck when the jolt of the acid up the “hollow pipe” (see 3 ½ times around the neck of THE FOOL) of the Virgin Kundalini of Yogic technique…but of Yogic discipline there was none en masse…these kids were doing it the hard way.  The Kali Yuga way.  Mechanically, Chemically.  Like in any war in Malkuth.  How the hell would they know that hammer-jolt of the “cosmic rush” up the hollow pipe of Prometheus (HANGED MAN, upside down)(crossing the Abyss time, remember) it would activate the Pineal gland (A):

p. 1368 GRAY’S ANATOMY (standard reference all Medical students) 1973.  We see the Serpent “f” Vau (  ) as in Ank-“f”-n-Khonsu (The Lord of Life in the Moon) of the Nile on the left, the Pineal body.
Or if you prefer:
The Pineal Body “is a small, piriform reddish-grey (note the red & grey!) organ which occupies the depression between the superior colliculi.” P. 1371, ibid.  As you can see it connects the Back of the Head (Pisces providing the Water Mem Hanged Man for the Resh card) & activates all sorts of “zones” in that region.  When activated it stimulates the Pituitary Gland the “Reservoir” that “stores” the power invoked by STAR RUBY & directed out via V REGULI.  Translation: the “3rd Eye Effect” of the activated Pineal causes the Pituitary to secrete the celestial dew the Yogins are always curling up their tongues in the back of their throat to receive thru the mechanism of the 3 of CUPS, THOTH deck.  As visualized alchemically, of course.

The Pituitary is the Hypophysis Cerebri “a reddish-grey and somewhat ovoid body…12 mm in transverse…8 mm in anteroposterior diameter…Inferiorily it isa large, partially loculated venous sinus, which communicates freely with the circular sinus.” P. 1357 GRAY’S.  The Hypophysis contains the Adrenophysis which releases at least seven hormones into the blood stream & are, of course, the physical basis of the Yogin psychic, or for that matter any psychic body=”the body of Light” of Crowley & MT&P.

Thus w/ the THOTH deck Crowley re-invented the Crystalline Physics of the Pharaohs but keyed it to the New aeon Energy Physics of the EQUINOX OF THE GODS.  And he put it all into THE BOOK OF THOTH pub in the early 40’s e.v. for it all to come to fruit now.  Proof?  His letter to me of Nov 21 ’44 e.v. in which he states categorically, “1965 e.v. should be a critical period in the development of the Child Horus!”  1965 e.v. being when Acid & Rock came down & the New Aeon started by getting its Mind blown.  & a few other things.

From physical body references we go to geographical.  W/the Genesis 2=4 Rivers of Paradise articles ‘LINK Oct 81ev located physically on THE TREE OF LIFE.  W/ON TECHNICAL INFORMATION ‘LINK Jun-Jul 82ev we got REVELATIONS 22 “the river of the water of life” bright as CRYSTAL” (see ON THE VERTAICAL (sic) PAGODA ‘LINK 83ev & matrices of crystaline (sic) physics revealed in THOTH deck), again Kabbalistic psychic body physically located.  Where?  Right here, right w/the River Alpheus, that “underground stream” of Crowley, Coleridge, alchemy, the poets & history.  Right there in the Pineal-Pituitary complex.
3 of SWORDS activates 3 of CUPS which then activates DEUCE of CUPS (the “Squeezer” as in orange juice of the Shiva Lingua…at this point we see WATER being produced from the STONE (Knight of DISKS…notice Mirror effect) which then becomes the Fountain of the ACE of CUPS.
Looks like Shiva’s top-knot.

Maybe one of these days we will find it surfacing geographically at the Fountain of Arethusa in Sicily having flowed under ground Greece, like it says in HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln NY Delacorte 1982 p. 113.  There has to be some reason Crowley went to Cefalu to establish The Abbey of Thelema.  Better start practicing your Greek Kabbalah.

Other geographical references: the 7 cities of Asia, REV 2-4 are Planets-Sepheroth per A.C. Col. XXVI, 777 & of course the Chakras as per previous ‘LINK article.

“Memory of previous incarnation, like other kinds of transcendental knowledge, comes with the vivification of the pineal gland.”  THE MAGICAL DILEMMA OF VICTOR NEUBERG Jean Overton Fuller p. 118

“When Isvara is moved to create…from this Maya issue all the particular saktis by which the universe is evolved and is maintained.  The same substance is to be found…in all accounts under a variety of presentment of symbols…”  BINDU or SAKTI  Sir Joh Woodroffe The Garland of Letters (Varhamala) Ganesh Madras 1963 p. 126

“There are seven keys to the great gate Being eight in one and one in eight.”  Crowley, “AHA!”

Blessed Beast.
H.A. 777

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