From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.10 October 1983e.v.

All during the fantastic Kaaba Clerk House year of 1969-70ev I kept saying to anyone who would listen, “We get this THOTH deck published, we are going to set up a whole new psychic vibration in this universe.” & it did.  Why?  The unleashing of energy thru the publicity of knowledge, i.e. the more people tune into the vibrations in the THOTH deck, the more they turn on to Crowley, Liber AL, & Thelema, the more the energy equations of this planet are transmitted into New Aeon physics.

One day in Mar. of 1961ev I was sitting at my desk in the Office of Management Analysis for the Department of Employment in the top floor of an 8 story building spanning 2 blocks of prime Sacramento realcommuning w/the Great Computer downstairs back in the “good estate
old days” before IBM went solid state when I became aware that on the wall to my left, the North, I was seeing a great White Star, sort of  Chrismasiy (sic), if you know what I mean, & below it was a Great Black City – the City of Dreadful Night=Bina=Pyramids=Saturn etc.  It was obviously a vision of the Star card So I turned to my typewriter on the South and wrote The Star of the Magi

Beyond the Fortress of the Night
That rules the Gulfs of Avatar
My own transfigured soul burn (sic)
bight (sic) And glorious: A deathless Star!
And this our pledge to keep to those who keep
Their vigil on the Dreadful Deep
“Ad Astra Athanasis!”

for 5 verses.  Emboldened by this I decided to write one poem for each of the other Major Atu besides Atu XVII & on Crowley’s dictum that the Adept only has 2 real steps to take: (1) to achieve 5=6 which means bringing your Energy up to your Heart Chakra Tiphereth where  you meet your HGA & then “under that divine guidance” to (2) “essay” (no guarantees) the “adventure” of “the Abyss,” I named it

A cycle of 22 poems in honor of Our Maid of the Star Drifts

Next I wrote Alchemy for the Atu XIV Art
Fierce Virgin of the Sacred Source
Attracting all the world to Thee
We pray the Knowledge of Thy force:
Thine aching Negativity! For 4 verses.

and (sic) then, in succession, for Atu VIII Adjustment The Sign of the Sphinx
For I was born in the Sign of the Sphinx

1st line & 1st lines hereafter as follows

Atu XII The Hanged Man The Redeemer That Is In the Waters
O who will go with the mermen bold
Atu XI The Hermit The Magus
King Arthur reitns (sic) in Camelot
Atu XI Lust The Unicorn
I saw the god Harpocrates
Atu XIII Death The Black Osiris
Dread Virgin, Mother, Harlot, Crone
Atu 0 The Fool The Child
Around, around, the circling Hound
Atu XV The Devil The Dweller On The Threshold
The Angel stood on Gilead
Atu II The Hi Priestess The Virgin
The silent god Harpocrates
Atu XVIII The Moon Alien Star
Deeper by far
Atu XVI The Tower Remembered Eden
Dark Goddess of the Inward Sky
Atu XX The Aeon The Lamp of the Spirit
Cat Head Goddess, Lion of the Light
Atu X Fortune The Heavens of Urania
Blind Horus on His Falcon Throne
Atu XXI The Universe Noah’s Arc
The demon headed God of Space
Atu VI The Lovers Ezekial’s Bestiary
The Seven Headed Beast has won
Atu XIX The Sun Jericho
Phantom walls and phantom halls
Atu III The Empress October Bridge
Flaming Year Ghost, Ghost of Flame
Atu I The Magus The Abyss
Point-source light of phallic tower
Atu IV The Emporer Archetype
Dead woodlimbs of psychic yearning
Atu V The Hierophant The Dragon’s Head
Pragmatic Earth Sign.  Bird of Light
Atu VII The Chariot The Ark of the Convenant
Lion lust

The 1st was written in Mar of 1961ev & the last in Dec. of that year.

It was a fantastic initiatory experience.  It began with perfectly ordinary poetry,

In groves at night your Golden Cup
By Brother Nemo lifted up
O Babalon the Beautiful!
“To become a Sphinx one must be born a Sphinx
The Transformers did not lie.
And the pile of dust was burned to ash
As the Angel wind passed by
A Star was born in the Abys (sic)
From the Eye that is not “I”.

And then, sure enough, right there in the middle, was that “break” the Magician is always looking for in any Magical Experiment, that point where you go “from one universe to another,” as the poet says, or where you “take a little leap,” as Einstein put it.  You “break the type” (the “Stereotype, i.e. you all) as in all humour or genius & you “leap to Heaven like a grasshopper” (Papyri of Ani) or a zen Haiku.  I.e. you get enlightened.

With Alien Star for Atu XVIII The Moon card, we went into a different dimension.

Alien Star

Deeper by far
Than any Star
Deeper than the Unknown Night
The spaceworm spins it’s (sic) prison bar
It’s (sic) casement tower, height on height
“Shell by the Abyssal Crustacea”
Alien Star
Alien Light
Shine upon our Alien Fright
Alien Sun
Alien Star
Shine upon our Prison Bar
The nematodes
In their aboes (sic)
Renew the categories
The scaly reptile in the roads
Seeks on Her Lunar glories
“Shell by the Abyssal Crustacea”
Alien Star
Alien Light
Shine upon our Alien Fright
Alien Sun
Alien Star
Shine upon our Prison Bar (8 21 61ev)

The Vision was of an underwater swimmer in a wet suit at the bottom of the Black Lagoon swimming just above the bottom of a completely lightless pool.  After that the poetry became quite chaotic.
Phantom walls and phantom halls
The universe exploding
Desiccation in the soul
A phantom wind eroting (sic)
from Jericho and
Enigmatic Tetrahedral
Esoteric bridge of longing
Numinous, in Her cathedral
Cryptic star-track, Angel thronging.
from October Bridge &
Thicketed, the brambled numbers
Fiery steel-springs; Gold Ram
Dream-sequenced perception slumbers
Alien space-beast; abstract am

from The Abyss.  In many ways they resemble some of the verses from Synchronicity I on THE POLICE album so big now.  Aslo (sic) Every Breath You Take, both by Sting.  There is much music of this type coming down today on the rock scene.  And in your own private scene, I suggest that you too take on the Tarot, card by card.  Crowley tells you in THE BOOK OF THOTH “until each melds into the other.”

H.A.  777

To be continued… [Click HERE]

I wish to thank Frater Petros of Leaping Laughter Clerk House
for making this page possible.