From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.11 November 1983e.v.

Having completed one poem for each of the Major Atu of the Tarot in THE ANGEL AND THE ABYSS as detailed in ON THELEMIC VIBRATION in the last issue of the ‘LINK, I decided to come down thru the Sepheroth from Kether to Malkuth, including Daäth, thus making 11 poems.  The entire cycle I called


A cycle of 11 poems celebrating the Mystery of the Virgin Goddess.

The 1st one, for Kether was:
Her Lovely Hair

I walked the dog in the woods today
And he consecrated the trees
We watched the bounding squirrels at play,
Crunched the snow in the rustling lees,
And echoed his joyous, belling bay
Down the hollow externities.
Existential monad swaying
Star imago, molten attire
Lepidoptera unfolding
Metamorphosis, Angel fire
I walked the woods of the world today
The wood of the ruined Towers
Where night-side trees in their Panic sway
To a lyre of lethal powers
I saw my skull in the disarray
O Her gorgon-serpent flowers
Diana archer, Maid of Light
Slayer of the Dragon-Tree
Thy Beauty’s Beast, Thy Serpent Priest
Burst my head, and set me free
Her Arrow coursed the bright sea sands
And found me in my lair:
The universe came apart in my hands
And I pray-said Her lovely hair.
(1-12-62 e.v.)

For Chokmah:

Angel Far

My mind is as bleak as the steppes of the Moon
And as cold as the Uranian air
My heart is a hot as the Brightside noon
Exploding in a solar flare
And with the lion love of my fiery boon
I burn in Her glorious hair
The galaxies
Are Arrow-Trees
Plummed (sic) by Maat’s bright feather.
Our Maid’s fierce love’s
A glowing see
That holds the worlds togher (sic)
(1-14-62 e.v.)

So far the poetry had begun much as it had for THE ANGEL AND THE ABYSS, and continued so for one more poem, that for Binah:


The leeching vacuum of hard space
Has sucked my tissues dry
And left a little pile of dust
Beneath the Gothic sky.
Mother goddess, Queen of Space
Virgin of the Caverned Deep
Crone of Dark Death, maiden bright
Magnet of Thy Star-son’s leap

for 5 choruses.  Then, with Daäth, curiously enough, we get that break point with

      Thy Serpent Priest

In Eden stands Thy Serpent Priest,
In Space Thy Serpent Flower;
The Heaven of Thy holy lust
Has burst my casement Tower.
                (4-4-62 e.v.)

And this seemd (sic) to change the equation.  After that the poetry tended to become quite chaotic.  For Chesed:


Plasma grail-fire
Sailor stoa
Queen of Heaven, Maid of Longing
Royal ale-pyre
Brother Noah
Ark of Neptune, Child belonging
Al Gnostic!
        (4-11-62 e.v.)

For Geburah just two words:

    (4-11-62 e.v.)

For Tiphereth:


Isaac in the burning bush
Fair Lady in The Tower
Aries in a Cloud of Flame
Danaë’s golden shower
Eleven is Her holy name
Flora is her bower
“But before you can know Rama
you must first see The Devil.”
            (4-13-62 e.v.)

For Netzach:

The Sea Fight With The Ghouls

Signalman!  Signalman!
Stand to your Lamp
Leviathan roils on the deep
The Enemy ships are alaunch from the ramp
Our Vigilmen watch from the Keep
Book of Keels
Dead man shells

For Hod:


I must go down
In Earth’s dark crown
and (sic) ending with:
Fair Goddess of the Windward Sky
Diana of the Groves
Divine Thy trees, Thy woodland frieze
Divine Thy treasure troves
In silence meet, in darkness greet
To share Thy fish and Loaves.
(5-4-62 e.v.)

For Yesod:

The Other End of Oblivion

Plug Castle of the atom wars
Is melted at the seam;
Compressed into the glass-ridged slag
And fused across it’s (sic) beam:
Plug Castle of the atom wars
Has heard our children scream.

for 2 more stanzas.  Finally, for Malkuth:

A Fall of Angels

Prismed world of Planed dispersion
Jonah Mona, Nojah Boa
Crystal sphere reflects immersion
Of thrones and stones and bones and tones
Star of East
Bride of Beast
Star of West
Dragon’s crest
Star of South
Lion’s mouth
Star of North
Shadow forth
"and be forever falling
Around the edge of the world.”
                       (5-31-62 e.v.)

Thus we complete an exploration of the Tree of Life thru the universal symbolism of the Tarot in relation to the Paths and Sepheroth.  We highly recommend magical experiments of this type.

Blessed Beast!
H.A.  777

Note:  Due to the rigors of European train travel during my recent tour of Norway, Germany & Yugoslavia, my health has been adversely affected requiring hospitalization.  I plan on continuing my articles
on technical equations as time allows.

To be continued… [Click HERE]

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