From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. III, No.12 December 1983e.v.



30.“Exordim of the Equinox of the

29.“The Disruption of the Aeon of

28. “The Vision of the Dawn of the
    Aeon of Horus (Atu XVII, The Star)”
27. “The Vision of the Initiation of Hecate (Atu XVI, Art) The Redemption of the Woman
of Witchcraft by Love.”

26. “The Slave-Gods superseded: (Atu XX, the Aeon) The Vision of the Stèlè of revealing,
abolishing the Aeon of the Slave-Gods.”

25. “The Path of Teh (Atu XI, Lust, The Fire Kerub in the Initiation) The Vision ofthe
Fruit of the Great Work of the Beast – 666.  The Lion.”

24. “The Rose”.  (The Woman of Aut (sic) XIV, Art, Minister of Babalon; the Water-
Kerub in the Initiation.)  The First Kiss of the Lady of Initiation.”

23. “The Kerubim of Earth and Air (Minor officers in the Initiation to 8° = 3▫.)  The Vision
of the Interplay and Identity of Earth and Air.”

22. “The 49-fold Table  (First appearance of the Crowned and Conquering Child to the
Exempt Adept as in the Pastos) The Vision of the Rose, the Heart of BABALON and
of the Birth of the Universe.

21. “Kether.  (The Hierophant prepares the Candidate).  The Vision of the Ineluctable

20. “The Path of Kaph (Atu X, Fortune).  The Hieraus (sic) prepares the Candidate.  The
Vision of the Wheel of Fortune.  The Three Energies of the Universe.”

19. “The Path of Gimel.  (Atu II, The High Priestess) The Hegemone (sic) between the
Pillars.  Preliminary: The Vision of the Unguided Universe.)”

18. “Tiphereth.  (The King’s Chamber.  The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel.)  The
Instruction concerning Obtaining of the Vision and the Voice of the Thirty Aethyrs.
The Preparation of the Candidate.”

17.  “The Path of Lamed.  (Atu VIII, Adjustment.  The combination of Gimel-Lamed-
Samech.)  The Vision of the Justice or Balance of the Universe.”

16. “Kether.  (Atu XVI, The Tower) The Overthrow of the Slave-Gods by the Beast 666.”
The Path of Pè.

15. “The Vision of the Rose of 49 Petals, and of the Holy 12-fold Table.  Examination of
the Candidate fot (sic) M.T. (Magister Templi).”

14.  “The Vision of the City of the Pyramids (Binah).  The Reception of the Master of the

13.  “The Garden of Nemo.  The Work of the Magister Templi.”

12.  “The Path of Cheth.  (Atu VII, The Chariot) The Bearer of the Sangraal.  The
Black Brothers.”  (& also Atu XI, Lust)

11. “Yesod.  The Frontier of the Abyss.”

10. “The Abyss.  Choronzon, his Nature.”  (note: Choronzon is pronounced  “WHORE-
on-zone”, not “KOR-on-zon”)

9.  “Malkuth.  (The Pure Virgin).  The Reward of the Magister Templi.”  (also see Atu I,
The Magus & Atu XXI, The Universe)

8.  “The Holy Guardian Angel.  His Instruction.”

7.  “The Path of Daleth.  (Atu III, The Empress) The Black Brothers.”

6.  “The Vision of the Urn.  The Magus 9° = 2▫.  The Three Schools of Magick.”

5. “The Vision of the Middle Pillar.  (Atu XIV, Art, The Arrow) The Mystery of

4.  “The Marriage of Yod and Hè.  (The common Tibetan Symbol) The Seer identifies
himself with it.”  (Atu XV?)

3.  “The Magus of the Tarot.  (Atu I, The Magus) Mayan, the Maker of Illusion (Lilith).”

2.  “The Marriage of the Seer with BABALON.  (Atu VI, The Lovers).”

1.  “The Vision of the Crowned and Conquering Child, the Lord of the Aeon.”

In my recent tour of Europe I was surprised to find no available Table of Contents for Crowley’s The 30 Aethyrs so here is one, supplied by Karl Germer, courtesy his THE VISION AND THE VOICE (LIBER XXX AERUM): Barstow CA, Thelema Pub. Co.  Oct 12 ‘52ev  You can’t very well index your 30 Aethyrs without a table of Contents!

Blessed Beast!
H.A. 777

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