From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.1 January 1984e.v.

In ON THE XXX AETHYRS (1) I gave you your key to the Abyss: a Table of Contents w/proper notation of relation to the Tree of Life thru the Paths (Tarot Keys) & Sepheroth of OTz Ch’’M (= 228, LIBER D nee Sepher Sepheroth).  It is curious that the inter-related realities of the Tree of Life & the 30 Spheres all happen to be on the Middle Pillar.  A “straight up the mountain” trip.  Better watch your pitons!

Now if you will take take (sic) that Table of Contents you can start indexing your VISION & THE VOICE nee 30 AETHYRS, & suggest you start by laying out the clues you have been given there by
laying out a chart 1st of the Sepheroth & then the Paths in relation to the 30 Spheres, thus:


18.(6)ThPeXRTh =1081

As you can see, they are all on the Middle Pillar.Now take the Paths:


3.Atu I,  The Magus (Mercury)
19.Atu II,The Hi Priestess (Luna)
7.Atu III,The Empress (Venus)
2.Atu VI,      The Lovers (Gemini)
12.Atu VIII,   The Chariot (Cancer)
17.Atu VIII,   Adjustment (Libra)
25.Atu X,Fortune (Jupiter)
12.Atu XI,     Lust (Leo)
27.Atu XIX,  Art (Sag)
24.  “   “
5.   “   “
14.(?)  Atu XV  (?)
16.Atu XVI,   The Tower (Mars)
28.Atu XVII,  The Star, (Aquarius)
26.Atu XX,    The Aeon (Fire)
20.  “    “

You will notice not only that the Spheres hit the Paths of the Tree in an uneven manner just as with the Sepheroth.  Yet each is an individual reality which altogethermake (sic) a 3rd Universe of reality.  You!  Start with Aethyr 16 coinciding with Sepheroth 1, Kether, the Brahma Chakra, the top of your head.

Also notice that the Paths are keyed to Planets & Elements.  This gives you the key to understanding the code with which they are enciphered.

Order Crowley C-1 tape THELEMA LODGE PRODUCTS per ‘LINK for Enochian Calls & pronouncing Enochian words.

Take DES, the Cry of the 26th Aethyr.  Here we find Crowley explaining that D = Spirit, E = Virgo, & S = Gemini in this particular system, & that it adds to 48, Kobab = KVKB, the Sphere of Mercury.

Now take this schematic of the Tree of Life & start relating the 30 Spheres to the Paths & Sepheroth.  It will well repay your efforts.

   Blessed Beast!  93
  H.A. 777

Art: Mike Malone II°

To be continued… [Click HERE]

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