From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.2 February 1984e.v.

“They live in glory, outward bound!” 
          G. L. McMurtry, circa 1939 e.v.

“And lastly climb, the walls of time.”  Aleister Crowley, circa (?)

Technically the Baphomet is any Hypostatic Union of God and Man.  Or as Crowley has it in Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass, Male -female, quintessential, one, Man-being veiled in woman-form.”  The “woman-form” being both the incarnate female and “the Kundalini, the female magical soul.” A.C., EQUINOX I, Vol. 5, p. 119.  Lions 10, Christians 0.
Or, if you prefer:
Many people insist on forgetting that in his Higher Initiations in his later years, Crowley always insisted on the value of the female magical partner, & has hymned it in great poetry.  In my own poetic experience I have considered this matter variously.  Here are typical examples.  From the cycle THE ANGEL & THE ABYSS

The Heavens of Urania

Blind Horus on His Falcon Throne
Has blasted back the sky.
The Hawk upon the World has thrown
The challenge of His cry
That Virgin Isis veiled, alone,
The terror of His Eye.

Child of Light
Child of Story
Child of Archsupernal Glory
Child of Night
Child of Season
Child to bridge a World’s Unreason.
8 25 61 e.v.

And again in RHADAMANTHUS, an uncompleted cycle:

The Throne of Hell

Bright Goddess in your Bed of Flame
Eternal Moon.  Eternal Sun.
Gaze on your enemies.  Their shame
Has found them out.  The Work is done.

Serpent Goddess.  Lion of Light.
Hot sands of Hell has bound their ire.
You hold their ka in blinkless gaze
And their soul on The Frog of Fire!
3 3 72 e.v.

And again:

Blind Horus

Mother Medusa of the Solar Wind
Lion paw and lambent thigh
Love-lightning playing in your hair
Has blinded me, and I am thine.

Mother Medusa, lion cubs
Come tumbing (sic) thru your amber dream.
I hear you purr with a throat of iron
And your growl in the slap of thunder.
2 19 72 e.v.
Or, if you prefer:
     “There is no God but Man.” Liber OZ

       Blessed Beast!
H.A.  777

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