From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.3 March 1984e.v.

In the Army a “goldbrick” is some guy who doesn’t do anything.  In today’s universe that may make a lot of sense.  In 1941 e.v. w/Pearl Harbor coming down, it didn’t make any sense at all.  Every Company had one.  We called ours “Bleeder” Thompson.

Christians look forward to having a wonderful time in Heaven.  Which is strange because when you take a look at the topography, there a’int (sic) nobody there.  The place is empty.  Like The Temple of Horus
in LIL, The Cry of the AETHYR, The Vision & The Voice, XXX AETHYRS.  Because what is described in THE APOCALYPSE OF JOHN (Revelations) is an energy transfer diagram for a refrigerator.  Where you create cold in one end by using a gas (ALchemical “atmosphere”) to transfer heat to the other end.

For the Yogin there is no problem.  We will remember that Aleister Crowley was heavy into Yoga (check the EQUINOX volumes).  Also that REVELATIONS begins w/the 7 Cities of Asia, obviously a reference to your Yogic Psychic body since each planet represents a path on the Tree which must be mastered as you take the Serpent up the Initiate path.  For proof, compare Cols. XXXVI & VII, 777.

Now take a look at the Baphomet of Levi & see the Kundalini energy, the traditional Caduceus, only goes up to the Heart Chakra.
From there on up it is an entirely different energy process in which several energy reversals take place.

As for the rest of it all we have to do is look at the # of times the code # for Kundalini (3½ times) is used: how many times do we get “a time, 2 times & ½ a time?)  As for the 7 Cities, 7 Lampstands, etc. they are obviously 7 chakras.  The “2 witnesses,” etc?  The Ida & Pingali of Yogic practice.  As for the “144,000 sealed (soldered?) from every tribe…” Rev. 7:4.  There are churches in this country with 144 Bishops who each “marries” (w/out their consent) whole strings of recently dead people into their “heaven” by newspaper listing.  U r (sic) next.

So far as we are concerned, like Aleister Crowley or any other Yogin, 144,000 is simply the # of cranial nerves in your skull which exit thru the fingers & toes like always.  As for the “12 gates” Rev. 21:12 & the “12 foundation stones” Rev. 21:14, divide 12 into 144 & you get 112 distinct bundles (nadis) of psychic nerves (threads) which is what you have been working w/as you brought the Serpent up the Tree.  Which makes the “72 yards of the wall” Rev. 21:17…well divide 72 into 144 & you get 2 major sets of psychic bundles…the Ida (Eeda) (female, Lunar, calming…done any left nostril breathing recently?) & the Pingala (male Solar, fiery).  As for the “small scroll” Rev. 10:8 which will “taste sweet as honey, but will be bitter to digest”…try The Book of the Law for the 7 Thunders.

As for “ye shall wear rich jewels..” AL 1:6 & Rev. 21:10-21.  All Yogins do.  They are called activated Chakras & on the astral (you didn’t think they were actually geographical physical locations like Christians do, surely?) any developed Yogin looks like a Chinese dragon in a San Francisco China Town New Years parade.  All lit up.  Each jewel, or “precious stone” being a different colr.

As for the Christians having a good time in Heaven w/their jolly old “God”: “rots of ruck,” as we used to say in Korea.  If you are going to live there, i.e., because the “City” is made of transparent gold glass, like the Rose Windows of the Cathedral of Chartres, Rev. 21:18.  It has lights Rev. 21:24 & a water system Rev. 22:1 just like Atlantis.  But where are they going to get power?  Why, right here in this handy electrical generator: 144,000 hot melted Christian Gold Bricks fused in Hell (the Lake of Fire) radiating a full spectrum of energy in all screaming directions (see 4 of Disks, POWER, THOTH deck, for the Cyclo-Tron) Like any solid state computer chip.  But I damn sure would not want my psychic “energy” (wrapped safely 3½ times around my coccyx so far as I know = your “soul” as a Christian would understand it) immersed in that sea of molten glass, the “lake of fire” Rev. 20:15, the 2nd death, providing all that energy.

“let the filthy still be filthy, let the righteous still do right” Rev. 22:11

“He that is righteous shall be righteous still: he that is filthy shall be filthy still.”
Liber AL II:57

Christian “heaven” as diagrammed in REVELATIONS is much more likely to be what they have inflicted on any Gnostic who disagreed w/them for the last 2000 years.
“Divide, add, multiply, and understand.” AL I:25.  If you see what I mean.

Belssed Beast!
H.A. 777

To be continued… [Click HERE]

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