From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.5 May 1984e.v.
howitzer, 500 lb. bombs, incendiary rockets, flares, out in the stream flying the Baker Burgee, a square red flag w/a qtr cut out & means STAY AWAY – HAZARDOUS CARGO OPERATIONS UNDERWAY in Naval parlance.  As Explosives Safety Engineer, 2nd T. Major Port, Yokohama, it was my job to see to it that the Japanese stevedores didn’t blow up the place thru careless handling of what to them was just wooden crates of stiffs.  One day I wandered back from the docks w/their tethered barges of HE in from the ships waiting to be railroaded into the same neat chalk cliff caves the Japanese Navy had always used to store their explosives anyway, past the AmmO (sic) Supply Shack w/the Japanese indigenous labor in shirt sleeves & tie at his desk grinning broadly & shouting Moshie, Moshie, Hi!” (Hello, Hello, Hi!) into the telephone, to the bridge over which my Japanese indigenous driver had wended my issue OD sedan (an American graffiti’s 1950 Chevy 4-door sedan…complete w/trench coat) onto the dock area when we turned off the road running south along the Bay from the Tokyo-Yokohama complex…the road w/all those Shinto shrines hidden in wooded groves along the way & leads to the Great Buddha at Kamakura as you come back around the tip of the South Tokyo Bay peninsula…anyway as I was saying I had wandered back there w/my head full of tonnages…daily rates of expenditures, 1000’s of tons of frozen death being patterned Log X (Logistical Exercise) to here, to Korea (rotation of stock)…that would be I (Eye) Corps w/the Marines laying up on their sandbags on the MLR (Main Line of Resistance) w/their M-1’s “popping off the gooks coming in” & 4077 MASH, 9 Corps American to the right, then II (2nd) Corps ROK, the Central Front…Chunchon north…Hwachon, the Kumwah Ridges…all the things an experienced Ordnance officer on the line would need to know…so lost in my satori I stopped to lean on the concrete bridge railing & looked down into the stream it bridged while I smoked my pipe & thought about it.

And there I saw the most peculiar sight.  This stream was only full when “freshet” (when it rains), but otherwise it was a tidal creek flushed twice a day w/all the sewage, decayed fecal matter & fuel oil of Tokyo Bay & was coated a uniform asphalt black.  Then I saw movement.  This asphalt jungle was alive.  Out of the holes & ridges the tide pools had ebbed in the sand, came a swarm of black very militant crabs, a sort of H. P.Lovecraft (sic) “Black Canaan” trip, each w/a space to defend.  But some had shells to hide in & more elegant black shit sand castles & so War in Shit Heaven began…this one waving claws attacking that one & so on while this impatient melee went on like a sea of waving frustration…no matter how you looked at it they couldn’t win…no matter how elegant the sand castle you took away from the next guy it was still just another pile of shit.  Which is a very great lesson to all of us down here in Malkuth, the “dependent” Universe.

Speaking of dependent universes, I have just received from Southern Calif several requests that I change my vote on the Supreme Council in which we invited 3 of their 7 candidates & agreed to place the other 4 on Judicial Assignment (Review).  AL III:42 “..argue not; convert not..”  What’s the rush?  For Ordo Templi Orientis has 3 Aspects

It’s (sic) FORM is Masonic
“            RELIGION is Thelema &
“            SCIENCE is Magick (The Method of Science; The Aim of Religion)

The awarding of certs, Masonic regalia, etc. should be for those who merit distinction.  The problem is fiscal responsibility.  Their Lodge has no Treasury.  This is impossible.  Two years ago Heru Ra Ha went broke & was rescued by a Grant of money from Grand Lodge but they still report no means of sustaining themselves financially.  This is not Thelemic business ethics: AL III:41 “Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house: all must be done well and with business way.”  Grand Lodge cannot keep their accounts…& somewhere in all this the 5th° got mixed up as an object of controversy.  Oh well, back to those black crabs in that drainage ditch hard by Old Tokyo Bay.  The 5th° Senate & the Electoral College may be the highest peak you see, men, but I thought we were in here for our own personal Enlightenment, Thelema & Aleister Crowley.  All the Preliminary Ap you signed said was, (1) I am a Thelemite, & (2) I agree to pay taxes to this Order.  Nothing about Masonic aprons.

As for myself, politics always reminds me of headquarters, & being a Field Soldier myself, I always preferred to be above the FARM LINE hen it comes to combat.  Sure you can easy get yourself killed up there, but at least it don’t stink & when the artillery lets loose you know for sure it’s a HEAVY METAL UNIVERSE, C.B.!

Politics.  I’ve sometimes wondered why I took on the burden of the Caliphate.  It must be for the laughs.  In the summer of 1953 e.v. I had ridden the “8-Ball Express” out of the Korean War & would spend 6 beautiful months in Japan.  One day I was inspecting my HE (Hi Explosive) off-loading facilities at Taura & Karuhama, down the shore road from Tokyo past Yokohama & Yokuska Naval Base, w/the explosive laden ammo supply ships of 105 howitzer shells, 4 deuce mortar, 155

Blessed BEaster (sic) !
H.A. 777

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