From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.6 June 1984e.v.

In NYC they kill cockroachs (sic) by sprinkling boric acid on their trails, they lick it off their feet, bloat up & die.  Anatomically the cockroach is a closed system.  They can’t burp (1 way-in tube) & they can’t fart (they extrude a tube).  Boric acid generates gas from their tummy acid, they swell up & burst.  Next one comes along, eats him…u (sic) can rid a lot of cockroachs (sic) that way, & it’s bio-degradable.

Any province of the O.T.O. is governed by the Grand Master…until such time as
the Order is established…” p. 241, BAccording to Aleister Crowley document dated Apr 11 1946ev  “These presents are to appoint Grady Louis McMurtry IX° OTO as Our representative in the United States of America, and his authority is to be considered as Ours …/s/ Baphomet X° OHO”  That automatically makes me Grand Master for the United States of America.

“Every man or woman that is of full age, free and of good report has an indefeasible right to the III°.” p. 202 BQ  Now Aleister Crowley may have been the world’s great poet, & he was certainly our Prophet, but he was one lousy editor…for proof we only have to turn to p.264 BQ to find him say, “He takes the Cup” twice when he only takes the Cup once…Capt. Fuller was no longer around to catch such mistakes, & he made another editorial mistake on p.246 BQ when he placed, “Every man or woman that is of full age, free, and of good report, has an indefeasible right to these degrees.  Beyond this, admission is only granted by invitation…” between the IV° & V°.  Now every Thelemite in the OTO for the last 40 years has known this was just a typo…& there was never any problem while Germer was OHO…he refused to initiate.  But some of the new recruits…mostly in the LA area, simply refused to believe it & pushed for it’s (sic) validity before the Supreme Council.  I voted against it, but I refused to use my Absolute Veto.  We are a responsible body of Initiates & that requires experience in field command in all Lodges, Chapters and Camps.

When this business came up in LA I argued against it for my stated reasons, but also because we were on a collision course.  They had refused to obey the oath they had given in previous initiations to “look upon the higher members of the order w/respect.”  We were veterans.  We had been there.  The basic question was, “Who’s in charge around here?”  I thought I was according to Aleister Crowley’s written documents.  In the 3rd° Ritual u (sic) swore “not to initiate w/out a charter.”  Where is your Charter to Initiate 5th°s?  To nominate, yes, but to invite?  Who is responsible?  p.244 BQ “The Supreme & Most Holy King is appointed by the OHO”  Well, I was certainly appointed by him, that is why I am Caliph  “His is the ultimate responsibility for all within his Holy Kingdom.”  In every well run business there is a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).  The CO (Commanding Officer) like I was in the Army.  And no matter what happens he responsible.  He can delegate his authority, which I have done freely giving charters to Initiate, etc.  But he can never delegate his responsibility.  If he does well, like I got my Company a Presidential Unit Citation in Normandy, he gets promoted.  If not, he takes the karma.

What makes the 5th° important is the Electoral College.  “All applications to pass to the 5th° must receive their sanction.” p.243 BQ  So all of a sudden the Supreme Council is faced w/7 aps from LA, complete w/resumès, as if we had invited them.  & a 2 week deadline because “the Initiations had been set.”  By whom?  I hadn’t invited them, so who had?  The man-in-charge Around (sic) here that is supposed to be me.  In Maine I swore in a Federal Court I was Caliph of “a federally exempt California corporation established for religious purposes.”  We have IRS tax write-off because Bill Heidrick slaved his butt off & was able to prove we deserved it.  That is subject to review.  The lesson to be learned here is, “You can’t run a Lodge on the Kitchen Budget.”  That u (sic) were supposed to have taken care of when u (sic) were coming together as a Study Group forming an Encampment.  Your Study finances were informal, but now u (sic) have a Charter from Grand Lodge & “all must be done well & w/business way” so hi-ho the 1st thing u (sic) do is appoint a Treasurer.  He’s the guy who’s always going w/a worried look reminding u (sic) of your dues & fees & what r u (sic) laying into the Building Fund.  So you can move out of your living room & set up a proper Temple.  Somehow this never taken root in S. Cal  He said , when someone comes in, we farm them out to Camps & Chapters “so they will be w/people they know & the work is done there.”  So I said “What does the Lodge do?”  & he said” Put (sic) on 2 big Parties a year w/Gnostic Mass & put on Initiations”.  O boy.  The gravy train.  Headquarters.  “The Work is done in the Field.”  OK, all u (sic) field hands, now hear this.  Not only is the IRS looking over your account, in Hastings in 1945ev Aleister Crowley appointed me The Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 9th°.  And I am looking right down your throat.

Now the word is this.  Find someone who can keep a set of books & they are ur (sic) Treasurer.  He will lay out a set of money needs…parties, rent, fees, classes…& u (sic) have your Budget.  Otherwise I will not be held accountable as CEO of a Calif corp for your actions.  In Maine that was a Federal judge, a federal bailiff & a fed prison out there.  So “let’s get your house in Order,” so long as u r (sic) running around the old OTO reservation, & each check out your license.

Now about those cockroachs (sic).  They can’t fart & they can’t laugh (because they can’t burp)  It is always interesting to stick around & see who has a sense of humor.

MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU!  & that’s no Book of Lies.

Blessed Beast!
H.A. 777


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