From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.7 July 1984e.v.

Ex Castria Hiberniae Ionae et Omnium Britanniarum

Dearly Beloved in Thelema.

At 1100 hours Thurs May 31 1984 e.v. a certain devoted member of the Order walked into my living & handed me the original Manuscript of Liber Al vel Legis (The Book of the Law).  Exactly how it got here is a mystery we are still working on, but since the story involves Sascha Germer, it is just wild enough to be true.
So far I am the only one of the Supreme Council who has examined the entire Manuscript.  Further authentication will be provided by Select Committees appointed by the Supreme Council.  My authentication is as follows:

The paper is buff w/a tendency to darkness & has the water-mark of a good English bond…certainly rag, possibly linen…if so in a bond purchased in 1904 e.v. we can hope for no deterioration in the paper due to wood acids.  The paper stock seemed exceptionally heavy even for Crowley’s taste & when I examined it further I discovered that each sheet has been laminated to a fine cloth backing I first took to be white buckram but is very thin…again possibly linen…on the edges of certain pages threads can be seen coming loose.  I don’t think we have any fear of losing it to time right now.  No chemical analysis may be necessary due to state of the art spectroscopic analysis.

All of the pages are numbered in the upper right hand corner.

Chapter I     has 22 pages & is numbered in a dull red crayon or pencil.  The verses are not                      numbered.
Chapter II     has 22 pages & is numbered in blue.  The verses are numbered.
Chapter III    has 21 pages & is numbered in pencil.  The verses are numbered.

On the back of each page in the bottom right corner is a numbering system resembling (31/3) that may be of value in the “paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom…” AL III:73 mystery.

We can forget handwriting analysis.  Comparison w/holograph in THE EQUINOX OF THE GODS is exact.  Holograph has no watermark & the print can easily told from original.

Further authentication is afforded by the fact that is was accompanied by the original tattered brown (rather thin) envelope which has a numbered Registration stamp.  By post marks we follow it’s (sic) travels: mailed Mar 22 1984...arr: NY Heg’y Div (sic…smeared) 4 4 1948…& arrived in NYC for delivery Apr 5 1948.  It was not in the “3 enormous packing cases” Germer received, but was mailed by Mr. Yorke separately.

Blemishes:  The Manuscript is in excellent condition considering that it is 80 years old, that Crowley lost it under a pair of skids in the attic of Boleskine House for 10 years, but was obviously not “wrapped in silk” or otherwise treasured all that time.  The 1st page of Chapter I is very dark, indicating the Manuscript may have been left lying around in the sunlight carelessly over time.  The 2nd page is almost as dark, but the rest of the Manuscript is buff as indicated.  On the first page of Chapter II there is an enormous stain, looks waxy buff, as if someone had used for a ritual at one time.  Above it is a note in pencil (not in A.C.’s handwriting) saying it is not to be removed.

Upon completing my examination the Manuscript was vaulted & will remain so except for necessary authentification by the Select Committees until we have a proper Temple for display.  I emphasize that the Manuscript is not on the private property of any member of the Order, so do not come expecting to find it exhibited. All that will happen is that you will be asked for a $5 donation for the Donors Finder’s Fee, which they richly deserve.  They could have sold it on the rare Manuscript market for megabucks.  You are encouraged to mail a check for that Fund.

I do not know how to account for miracles, but I strongly recommend you recite the Thelemic mantrum:AL III:38

“Show thy star-splendour, O Nuit!
Bid me within thine House to dwell
O winged snake of light, Hadit!
Abide with me, Ra-Hoor-Khuit!”

Every time you think of this one.

Now we have the Manuscript of Liber AL and THE HOLY BOOKS OF THELEMA.  What next, the Stelè?  And a Temple to put them all in?  I’m still getting over the shock.  It seems that our Warrior Lord has given us a mark of His favor.

Blessed Beast!


To be continued… [Click HERE]

I wish to thank Frater Petros of Leaping Laughter Clerk House
for making this page possible.