From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.8 August 1984e.v.

In a March 3, 1984 review of Francoise d’Aubigne’s book, THE KINGS WAY, N.Y. Times Book Review columnist Audrey Foote remarks:

“Mistresses of Louis XIV were
rewarded with Chateaux; and titles;
their children were legitimized and
dubbed dukes and princes.”

This reminds me of a delightful story Crowley loved to tell;

It seems that in the days of the King, there was a certain Lady who wished to come to the Kings (sic) attention, but was up
against some stiff competition.  She was advised by a certain gentleman of the Royal Court, “Madame, the next time you go out riding with the King, take your silk handkerchief and place it at that intimate place between your legs.  At mid-day when he pulls up hot and sweaty from his royal hunt, hand it to him to mop his brow.”  It worked like a “charm”.

It was fun watching Crowley tell this joke, his eyes sparkling, and his face beaming eith the smile of a mischievious (sic) imp as he recalled this tale of Royal Shamanic Earth Magick.

Are women really the “Dangerous Sex”?  The horrendous accounts in Robert Graves THE WHITE GODDESS, and other books, makes one wonder.  He tells of men being crucified on totem poles, crying their litany to the Goddess; “terrible bull men ring me ‘bout”.  As you may recall both Hathor and Ishtar were called the “Mother of Slaughter”.  There is obviously some mystery concealed here.

This is called the Law of Reversals.  It is one of the decisive tests of the Initiate.  If you cannot “destroy your temple” and restructure it according to your new grade, you will find yourself blocked from further progress in that line.

Your danger is that of the “Black Brother.”  As the universe of your new grade flows around you, you may inadvertently block that flow.  If the flow is blocked, you may become blinded to the vision of new possibilities.

Aleister Crowley channelled (sic) the following in THE HOLY BOOKS LEIBER (sic) CORDI SCINCTISER (sic) PENTE (sic) VEL LXV, IV:33-41:

33:I trembled at Thy coming; O my God, for Thy messenger was more terrible than the Death-star.
34:On the threshold stood the fulminant figure of Evil, the Horror of emptiness, with his ghastly eyes like
poisonous wells.  He stood, and the chamber was corrupt; the air stank.  He was an old and gnarled
fish more hideous than the shells of Abaddon.
35:He enveloped me with his demon tentacles; yea, the eight fears took hold upon me.
36:But I was anointed with the right sweet oil of the Magister; I slipped from the embrace as a stone from the
sling of a boy of the woodlands.
37:I was smooth and hard as ivory; the horror gat no hold.  Then at the noise of the wind of Thy coming he
was dissolved away, and the abyss of the great void was unfolded before me.
38:Across the waveless sea of eternity Thou dids’t (sic) ride with Thy captains and Thy hosts; with Thy
chariots and horsemen and spearmen didst Thou travel through the blue.
39:Before I saw Thee Thou wast already with me; I was smitten through by Thy marvelous spear.
40:I was stricken as a bird by the bolt of the thunderer; I was pierced as the thief by the Lord of the Garden.
41:O my Lord, let us sail upon the sea of blood!

In Liber XXX Areum (sic) (The Vision & the Voice) 2nd Aethyr;
“And now I see the white rose, as if it were in the beak of a swan.”

In a picture by Michaelangelo we see a similar motif f (sic), that too is a legend of BABALON.

“And now upon the face of it (the Shew Stone) is a great black Rose, each one of whose
petals, though it be featureless, is yet a devil-face.  And all the stalks are the black snakes
of hell.  It is alive, this Rose; a single informs it.  It comes to clutch, to murder.  Yet,
because a single thought alone informs it, I have hope therein.  I think this Rose has a
hundred &fifty-six petels (sic), and though it be black, it has the luminous blush.  (This
Black Rose is the veil of BABALON Herself.  It is the repulsiveness which is half of the
Fascination.)  There it is, in the midst of the Stone, and I cannot see anyone who wears
it.  Aha!  Aha!  Aha!  Shut out the sight!  (Thus, suddenly, BABALON breaks thru to Her
Lover.)  Holy, Holy, Holy, art thou!  Light, Life and Love are like three glow-worms at
thy feet: the whole universe of stars, the dewdrops on the grass whereon thou walkest!”

And again;
“I am the harlot that shaketh Death.  this (sic) shaking giveth the Peace of Satiate Lust.
Immortality jetteth from my skull, and music from my vulva.  Immortality jetteth from
my vulva also, for my Whoredom is a sweet scent like a seven-stringed instrument, Played
unto God the Invisible, the all ruler, That goeth along giving the shrill scream of
orgasm.”(From this it would appear that BABALON is not merely the complement of
PAN, but the feminine (or Androgyne) equivalent.  This can be seen in Her many

And again;
“Now I will describe the Angel of the Aethyr until the voice begins again.  He is like ones
idea of Sappho & Calypo (sic), and all seductive and deadly things.  (BABALON “in
whom all power is given” is the Teh, Sakti, Heh.)  She is seductive and deadly, being the
Disturber of the Total Equilibrium of the Absolute Zero, which considered as a positive
Idea, is Existance (sic) in Perfect Peace, and Immutable Essence.  But He cannot truly
exist without Her; and through Her therefore comes Change, which is love and Death.

The 2nd Aethyr is attributed to Atu VI, The Lovers, The Marriage of the Seer with BABALON.  For why?  30 Aethyrs;
“Tremble ye, O Pillars of the Universe, for Eternity is in the travail of a Terrible Child;
she shall bring forth an universe of Darkness, whence shall leap forth a spark that shall put
his father to flight

Liber AL III:71
“Hail ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand.”

Aleister Crowley lived in a universe of extremes.  So do you.  You might as well get used to it.

Blessed Beast
H.A.        777

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