From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.9 September1984e.v.

So long as you fight like hell & drink your barley-ale out of your helmet,” like we used to say in the Roman Legions.  What the hell difference did it make what “God” your buddy swore by…of course it was best if he swore by Meithras…so long as he was steady in the assault column going in?

There is a Myth in this country that Christ was born an American.  Christ is a foreign god just like any other from the Near East.  So when I swear by Horus Hawk, Lord God of Egypt, I am committing no secular crime.  There is supposed to be “freedom of religion” in this country according to the Constitution.  The way Thelema is parodied, you sometimes wonder.
Like the Betrayal of the American Veteran.  It happened so gradually no one noticed.  W/me it began one foggy night on Crissey (sic) Field at the foot of Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio of San Francisco…all you Bogey fans will remember that as the location shot where he offered that small time hood in DARK PASSAGE…in 1945 e.v. & we were Reserve Officers fresh home from the War & here is this Colonel from the Pentagon up on stage exhorting us to “stay in the Reserves” to “keep America strong,” when right out in the audience we in our own wry combat sense of humor were joking, “What do you do w/a Air Force pilot who has just flown thru a mushroom cloud taking samples?”  Issue him the prettiest Nurse in the house, give him a blanket & tell him to die fast.  He won’t want to live thru the side effects.”  “Yeah, & then we can sit around & watch him rot!”  We were the troops who had had our brains knocked out when 82nd ARBN dropped it’s entire Glider Brigade into the bocage instead of those empty cow pastures over toward Mountebourg.  Not a man walked away from his machine.  We had a strange sense of humor.  You don’t go thru a trauma like that & remain the same.  But we were willing to humor him & stayed in…not because of what nice old Col was saying, but because we shared a common wisdom known but to few: how to survive in combat.  A deadly virtue.  And a wisdom that can be passed on.

Like growing up in Oklahoma w/a rifle in your hands.  On a Sat afternoon in the back-yard after the barecue (sic) break out the family hardware: deer rifles for my Dad & Uncles & .22’s for us kids.  And one of your Uncles would pull back a sleeve where you could see those funny white uneven flecks in the tan of fore-arm & say quietly, “HE.”  A grenade in the night & a trench lined w/bayonets.  And that is what we Reserves knew.  How to move it when the adrenal rush of being “scared shitless in combat” hits.  We had been thru the meat grinder.  Normandy to Nűrnberg.  The ‘Canal Ansio.  A vital wisdom to be passed on in America’s foreign wars…of course we only thought in terms of constitutional wars in those days.  And how many guys have gone down since then?  Vietnam: the 10 Years War.  “Farewell, Mother, I’m off to the 100 Years War!”  Lebanon.  Grenada.  All Presidential adventures.  Machiavelli all over again.  “Well, Prince, if you have unrest at home, start a foreign war.”  Kennedy had blown his public image as “the Statesman” w/the Bay of Pigs fiasco by denying air support after he had OKed the assault boats going in.  So he started sending “Advisors” to Viet Nam.  Johnson escalated it.  All Presidential policy.  But Congress never declared War.  All they did was vote the money.  So now we have Imperial Presidents who can draft our young men like Hessian peasants & send them off to foreign wars for fun & TV coverage.  Viet Nam was such a popular atrocity they are re-running it in case you missed it the first time.

Personally I got broken out of the Reserves the hard way.  In 1963ev I was pulling Reserve Duty one night a month with Mobilization Designation Detachment No. 26, Office of Comptroller of the Army, The (sic) Pentagon, when the word came down.  The Secty (sic) of Defense’s computers had found a very significant factor in the national economy.  There was a whole ocean of War II Reservists coming up for Retirement.  That meant money.  Not much…Reserve Retirement pay is a fraction of that for Regulars.  So to hell w/that nice old Colonel of 20 years ago.  “Fire them before they can retire.”  So an impossible set of rules were set up.  When I told Col. Sol Rudell, my Commanding Officer in Mob Des 26, but during the day a GS-15, Army Budget: Plans & Review…he had a top level office w/an inside view of the courtyard…real Executive Turf…he blew up.  “Grady, for God’s sake appeal, you’re my replacement!”  It wasn’t until then it hit me.  As a Major I was the youngest guy in the outfit.  All the rest were Lt. Cols. or Colonels up for retirement.  So I appealed.  It went thru 5 tiers of Return-by-Indorsement (sic).  It went everyplace.  To Indiantown Gap.  To 2nd Army, Ft. Meade.  The Pentagon.  Back to Meade, etc.  But it all came down to one thing, 3rd Indorsement (sic), “…there (sic) no evidence that he was actively pursuing military education (leading to Lt Col) which could have been completed by 12 Dec 1962.”  The magick date.  So I took my ID in the Retired Reserves & said to hell w/it.  But you would not believe the education I got on how the Pentagon works on the inside.

But the ones who really got the axe were the “manufactured” Vets.  Viet Nam.  Congress never declared war.  Our national security was not at stake.  Ho would have made an excellent Nationalist barrier against the Chinese just as they are now.  What was the problem?  All I got from it was an ill wind.  On Jan 1 1984ev I was dropped from California’s MEDI-CAL rolls, at the age 64, & just before my European trip, but the Vietnamese immigrants were kept in & even told how to fill out the form: “Neu van can thong-dich-vien vin lien-lac voi nguoi can-su xa-hoi etc.”  Let’s see now, how many wars do you have to fight?

For a very simple fact arises from all this: Presidential Wars are Unconstitutional.  I did not say illegal.  There is a difference.  Anything is “legal” that is passed by a Legislature & signed into law by the Executive.  But laws derive their validity from the Constitution, & according to the Constitution of the United States, only Congress can declare War.  (Article I, sec. 8).

“One God is all Gods; all Gods are one God.”  Like one point is all points, all points are one point.  It is simply a technical fact, and being able to function at the level is simply one test of the Initiate path.  Or, as Crowley puts it in Liber Librae sub figura XXX, “21.  In true religion there is no sect, therefore take heed that thou blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth his God; for if thou do this thing in Jupiter thou wilt blaspheme IHVH and in Osiris ‘HShVH.”  EQUINOX I 1 p. 21

Blessed Beast!

H.A. 777

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