From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.10 October1984e.v.

With ON THE HOLY HORROR OF BABALON we explored the female half of the equation as in Liber AL Chapter I.  W/ON ANY FOREIGN GOD YOU SWEAR BY we explored the male half, AL Chapter II. With ON THE CHILD we explore Chap. III.

For what is The Child?  The Child of the Aeon?  Obviously a state of consciousness not born yet. How would you recognize it? By looking within yourself. The mirror effect. Your own development.  It’s a sort of multilinear Child.
A change of consciousness on the group level.  Sometimes under ideal conditions this can lead to a group quantum jump & a change of vibrational reality.  “Purple beyond purple: it is the little higher than eyesight.”  AL II:51  This might not make much sense if you insist on being trapped within the current range of sight perception considered “normal.”  Remember we live in a society whose visual & other Neural perceptions are limited within a range defined by alcohol in the blood as a permanent “omniform menstruum for the Astral Light” (777 Col. XLIII, Line 6, addenda) & the nervous imperatives of caffeine, nicotine & refined sugar: nerve stimulants in Yesod, but blocks to the solar energy in Tip

But how do we get into the “light higher than eyesight”?  You will remember my article ON THELEMA & THE DAO (The MAGICKAL LINK Mar 1983ev) & various ways to create a universe by spinning it.  Let’s take the creative helix of the Resh card (THE SUN) in the Thoth deck.  As we can see the universe is being created by a “swirling motion” as the “sun” spins to the right.  And since we take it that it is the physical universe that is being so created we think of the sun as being the fulcrum & the radiant energh (sic) of the universe as flowing.  Now think of the sun as the Sun, your own radiant Tiphereth center.  Now we discover a very important fact.  Altho (sic) the sun is stable at the center of the center of the flowing universe of physical radiation it creates, you do not have to be.  As the sun creates flowing psychic energy, so you can create flowing psychic energy.  I say “can”.  It depends upon the development of your psychic body.  Most people never create a psychic body by activating the chakras of their nervous system & so remain blocked at the range of perception of the average TV junkie.  The band of that light spectrum is only so wide & top (purple) & bottom (red) are very well defined.  Scientific instruments only report their results within ranges you can perceive.  But suppose you develop your psychic body like Crowley did so you can perceive in “the purple dimension?”  At that point your Sun, your secret radiant center, becomes a ratchet rather than a fulcrum.  The fulcrum of the sun stands still while the tide of physical energy it creates flows out in a circular motion.  The ratchet of your Sun, once set in motion, is permanently anchored to the physical thru your incarnation, therefore it is possible to use your Hadit point to start “walking” up the purple dimensions.  In the pshchic (sic) universe.  Obviously the “higher” you get going up that way, the more you are going to pull away from the red heat vibrations on the other end…i.e. your band of vibrations will start moving upwards into the unknown realms of the purple dimensions & you will start leaving behind the decayed physical light vibrations of the red part of the spectrum as you knew it.

Now consider that the range of color vibrations come in a “wheel” effect.  As you move up the purple vibrations, you start leaving behind “red” as you knew it & your red or “bottom” spectrum starts moving into yellow, then green, etc, until it comes up to what you used to know as purple.  By then of course you are perceiving in entirely different dimensions than you had been or your neighbors still are.  And this is the ability of the “Child”, that new person within us who is keyed into the New Aeon energy dimensions.

And how do we get there?  Imagine “Mâyâ” to be “a circle of particles moving from right to left which after a time thru its own intrinsic motion sets up within itself a counter-motion…which moves in the opposite direction, from left to right, & little by little destroys the Mâyâ circle…& then becoming its Mâyâ, in it (sic) turn sets up a counter circle which in time will likewise be destroyed.”
Aleister Crowley, EQUINOX  I  4 p.168

Think of the little wheel escapement mechanism in side your watch that goes, “Back-&-forth!  Back-&-forth!  Back-&-forth!” maintaining the stability of the universe!

   Crowley, EQUINOX  I  4 p. 168

                    Capt.J. F. C. Fuller, YOGA, London,1925,p.114

Blessed Beast!
H.A. 777

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