From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. IV, No.11 November1984e.v.

Which came first, the Serpent or the Egg?
The Creative Spiral, of course!  It came before everything.

“The Wheel of nature revolveth constantly; the last becometh fist (sic),
& the first last. Crowley, TAO TEH KING, Refraining
From Action

The Bodhi Satva, The Seed-Bud of Truth, the “little Child that shall lead them,” for w/that stabilizing double-wheel of Maya-non-Maya, the 1st must of necessity become last, & naturally the last must become the first.

“The Kundalini, whilst it is yet coiled up in the Muladhara, is said to be in the Mahakasa, or in 3 dimensional space; when it enters the Sushumna it enters the Chittakasa, or mental spade (sic), in which supersensuous objects are perceived.”
Capt J.F.C.Fuller,YOGA, Rider,London,1925,p.80

‘The Oracles of Zoroaster utter this:
“And when, by often invoking, all the phantasms are vanished, thou shalt see that Holy and Formless Fire, that Fire which darts & flashes thru all the Depths of the Universe; hear thou the Voice of the Fire!
“A similar Fire flashingly extending thru the rushing of Air, or a Fire formless whence cometh the Image of a voice, or even a flashing Light abounding, revolving, whirling forth, crying aloud.  Also there is the vision of the fire-flashing Courser of Light, or also a Child, borne aloft on the shoulders of the Celestial Steed, fiery, or clothed with gold, or naked, & standing on the shoulders of the horse, then if thy meditation prolongeth itself, thou shalt unite all these symbols into the Form of a Lion.”
Crowley, Liber Samekh, MT&P, p. 292

“In the Hindu conception of creation…Siva…the non-manifest point, the seed syllable OM, the germ Bindu bursting with creativity, unfolds as the windings of the feminie (sic), Sakti, down through the successive cosmic vibrations and layers of being.  It is the task of the Yogi to return in consciousness on the upward spiral…Her name is ‘Coiled’, or Kundalini…Sakti…like the coils of the dragon around the Axis Mundi or World Tree.”
Jill Purce, THE MYSTIC SPIRAL, Avon, NY,1974

Also see Snake with Steel Grey Plumes in Crowley, The Wake World, KONX AM PAX.

And what are Dragons?  Creative Spirals.

The Great Dragon; means “curls” ThL’ = 440
of Whirling Motions   HGLGL’M = 121
White Whorl TzMR LBN = 412
(see Sepher Sepheroth)

Which is as good a way as any to describe the Sahasrara Chakra.  So now you know where Creative Spirals & Dragons come from.  That Axis Point at the top of your head.

  Frontispiece Capt. J.F.C.Fuller,YOGA,Rider, London, 1925

What next, the Double Helix?

Blessed Beast!
H.A. 777

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