From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. V, No.1 January1985e.v.

In ON THE FOUR WORLDS DOCTRINE in the Dec 1984ev THE MAGICKAL LINK I brought your attention to how energy cycles thru four dimensions in this Universe and what happens to it when it flows.  In terms of the Achetypal/Primordial Man as it is sometimes illustrated think of

Atziloth as Kether ArchetypalHEAD

Briah as Tipereth Creative     BREAST

Yetzirah as Yesod Formativ         GENITALS

Assiah as Malkuth Material   FEET
Then think of your body…and psychic body…the way it is illustrated in Yogic psychic body charts…like what we think of as an electric battery or a magnet with energy leaving the bottom end and cycling back outside the body/magnet/battery and reentering from the top down.

In working w/this doctrine in Crowley’s metaphysical universe, it occured (sic) to me it paralleled the 4 Worlds of Philosophy I had outlined for myself while studying for my Master’s Degree in Political Theory at U.C. Berkeley in the 1950’s e.v.  That is, our fundamental understanding of reality is the Science of Ontology.  This decays into Epistemology, the Theory of Knowledge by which we explain most things to ourselves which then decays into Axiology, our Formative Theory of Values, and it is upon these 3 progressive foundations (sic) stones that we experience and evaluate the realms of Sociology/Economics/Politics/Humanities in the world we live in.

This ability of the human being to evaluate, to exercise judgment, is the distinguishing characteristic between the Qualitative Universes of Crowley’s Metaphysics…the Physics of Metaphysics…and the Quantitative Universes of Mathematical Physics which up to recently absolutely denied that Aleister Crowley or any other magician could be right about anything because so far as they were con-concerned (sic) those universes do not exist.  They were not “hard-metal” mathematics.  That is changing.  Stochastic Process, statistics, is coming up topologies that bring the two together as necessary complements of each other.  We will be getting more into the Qualitative Disciplines in future articles.

In the FOUR WORLDS CHART printed in the Dec 1984ev THE MAGICKAL LINK,Columns IV, VIII, X and XI were contributed by Erin Earthchild.  I have asked her to give us comments, and they are enclosed in the Footnotes immediately following this article.

Blessed Beast!
H.A. 777
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