From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. V, No.2 February 1985e.v.

“A new order substitutes for the divine. A silence falls upon the spirit’s Heights. From the veiled sanctuary the God retires, Empty and cold is the chamber of Bride;

***        ***        ***
A flame that sang in Heaven sinks quenched and mute, In ruin ends the epic of a soul. This is the tragedy of the inner death When forfeited is the divine element And only a mind and body live to die.”
             p. 255 Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri                    (Pondicherry, India, 1970)
The resurgence of Christian “conventional morality” traits, as Bernard Shaw put it in MY FAIR LADY, in otherwise viable Thelemites is one of those things we never looked for.  And yet so reasonable when you stop to think about it … not that I approve … but it seems to run in 5 year cycles, depending upon the age and/or experience of the candidate at time of joining the Order.  We all grew up in this country so we all know what a Sunday School is … no matter how revolting … and high school romance (thought you had forgot, didn’t you … but it is there because it is a part of our growing up)  and many  other social mores of which we are unconscious because they have always been there.  For you.  For each of us.

And being Americans we tend to act within the social mores of our times.  Which is ironic because as Thelemites we have rejected so much of that “Word of sin is restriction” trip as possible.  And we all do.  For awhile.  And then something strange happens.  Being Americans we are subject to something called “conformity.”  Don’t scream.  It’s purely subconscious.  It was Alexis de Tocqueville whose DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA … a French noble-man who made an 1830’s journey thru the new Republic just after the Revolution … who first spotted it.  We Americans want liberty-freedom, but we will settle for equality, and in equality is conformity to “the rules of the game” otherwise you have no social stability, no “safety”.

Conformity mass movements in America surface as moral crusades involving sin.  You have forgotten, I have not, the no sale of alcoholic beverages in this country up until the 1930’s.  The Prohibition Law was Put (sic) here by “moral majority” conformists of the time who today like to go the whole way and have just one whole plain of flat Christianity.  We protest.

And what are we doing to prevent it?  Within ourselves, within the Order, within society in general?  That is where cycling comes in.  First there’s your first Saturn return.  That hits you at the age of 30, unless you are especially precocious it might hit you earlier, which is when most of the young women of your acquaintance suddenly disappear.  Oh they are still there physically, but the “stability” circuit has changed on … that great lead ball of Saturn packs one hell of a whack … and reminds them “nesting instinct” time is here, but with whom?  It is at that time you see couples who have been together since their teens breaking up, and gals who have been independent singles since forever suddenly “mating” … finding one guy and forming a “club”.  Of two.  At first it’s sort of cute.  But it gets to be a real drag when they cannot do the Gnostic Mass as Priest and Priestess except with each other.  At that point the Highschool (sic) Romance has really taken over, which is easy and almost unrecognizable because of the parent relationship of our own Holy Grail trip.  As I said “purely subconscious.”  But you act on it as with any gut feelings.  And your acting on it has all the rationalizing in world just automatically built in.  At that time one or the other probably already has a child for the ready made “family”, and if not the female of the duo almost always has to immediately get pregnant to prove her “commitment.”  Comes marriage, civil or Pagan “hand-fasting.”  Some of which are very beautiful.

But whatever happened to our sense of high adventure in the Thelemic quest?  Well mostly it will have a 5 year rest while the kids get their heads straightened out on how to handle this thing, and then quite often the cycle comes round and we see wonderful independent action.  And it’s about time.  What is the O.T.O. up to?  All you have to do is ask any outsider and they will tell you, “Sin and Sex Magick.” … how do they know? Because, “Aleister Crowley was the Devil and Anti-Christ (they wouldn’t know one Beast from another) and they have read all about it in the popular yellow journals of the time.”  Well just where that “sin and Sex Magick” is in the O.T.O. I would really like to find out.  Of all the IXth° papers that were handed out I have had a personal report only from one couple.  It had been a strange adventure.  and (sic) they had had to manufacture some of their own rules due to the strangeness of the operation, but it was personal, it was real, and the results could certainly be accounted for.  It is about the only positive Magickal operation of that kind I have know (sic) of since I got together with a certain Priestess of the Order and brought down the residence we now call Alpha House.  But I dispair (sic) not.  The energy is there and will manifest like anything else when the cycles are right.  It’s like I have a letter from Aleister Crowley commenting on Artemis Iota and saying, “If you were entrusted with a gun of power & accuracy six times greater than any you ever knew”  and elsewhere comparing the proper use of the Sex Manual to the Atomic Bomb compared to our ordinary use of politics or whatever in trying to get things moving.  Well it’s about time we started some serious thinking about high level energy physics in those dimensions.

If not we are going to be in for a bad time as “moral majority” conformity sweeps over the land and moral crusades against you-know-who begin … we advise getting your mail in a post-office box rather than at a home address .. as it tries to create a society in which
“until eternal sameness eats their soul” as I said in a poem once.  For that is the “inner death” of Aurobindo’s Savritri.  There is no divine element such as poetry and dramatic ritual add to sex.  A good ritual is Liber Samekh, invoking the energies of the New Aeon.  But there are many others, including your own.  Also I suggest you re-read those passages in The Book of the Law concerning the role of the Scarlet Woman as opposed to the veil of the modest woman.  The Lovers card in the Tarot.  And the Lust card.  Without these divine elements in your magical Practice “only a mind and body live to die.”

Blessed Beast!
H.A.   777

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