From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. V, No.4

[This issue had no monthly date attributed to it; it appeared between both April/May]

I am sorry to have to report that we no longer have that bright and shining person known formally and to history as Dr. Francis I. Regardie, and as “Francis” to his friends.  Our report is that he died suddenly of a massive heart attack while at lunch with 2 friends.  Apparently it was so sudden there was no pain.  The name of “Francis” was bestowed upon him by an English lady during his Golden Dawn studies…she thought he was so much like St. Francis of Assisi.  He took it as a middle name for awhile,
but eventually took it for his first name.

Francis has played quite a role in the development of the Order, altho (sic) his role has been a strange one, and Francis was never a member of Ordo Templi Orientis.  This may seem strange to some people, but you will find no record of his having joined the O.T.O. while he was with Crowley in Paris, and his latter (sic) work in England was with the Golden Dawn people.  And that is the way he would live and die, the “highest Master of the Rosy Cross in America” according to Gerald Yorke, and I have seen nothing to refute that testimony,  He was also on of our “two witnesses.”

In any Magickal Operation one always has “two witnesses,” the “Eyes of Horus”.  Of course in our ordinary, every day ritual cycles we more or less take them for granted but in higher rituals and heavy workings they must be accounted for in greater formality.  Since you are aware that you are under observation to begin with, all Magickal Operations are, you might as well formally invoke them…the result is sort of like invoking the Four Watch Towers…don’t worry, you will be “observed”…just be sure to bid them a fond “Dismissal” after it is over.  Soon the material plane one must deal with material witnesses.  In this instance during the Kaaba Clerk House days with the THOTH deck assured of publication and the Investigation of the Crowley Library Rip-Off being written, I decided the time had come to activate Crowley’s documents of authorization and establish the Caliphate  So I sat down and typed one letter to Gerald Yorke in England one to Dr. Regardie in Studio City CA.  Since they had known Crowley personally as well as I had, they seemed just right to establish our credentials.  Thus Francis became one of our “two witnesses”.

It is well known that Francis and Crowley had one hell of an argument and were estranged for many years.  But when Crowley died, as Francis said to me one day, “I got so mad at the unfairness of the obituaries to the old boy that I decided to write again to set the record straight.”  We can all thank him for that.  THE EYE IN THE TRIANGLE, a biography of Crowley to set some things straight.  And his editing of MAGICK WITHOUT TEARS, THE LAW IS FOR ALL with Commentary, and of course his GEMS FROM THE EQUINOX.  One of the more delightful moments of my acquaintance with Francis was one day I was visiting him at his home in Studio City in L.A. and he had taken me out to one of his favorite restaurants…TAIL O’ THE COCK…or something like that, and the subject of GEMS came up.  Being me I argued, “But Francis, what we need is the entire EQUINOX set published!”  I still think so, but am subject to correction in this department.  If I had to grab a compendium of Crowley writings real fast because that was all I was going to have to read for awhile, that would be high on the list.

Francis was a gentle friend and personally I am happy to recommend his current publishers:
3660 N. 3rd St.
Phoenix AZ 85012

They have out a whole shelf of Regardie books, including the ones listed above as well as his GOLDEN DAWN treasures which, as you know,are awesome.

As for my own health, I have just survived a 3rd trip to the hospital thru the Emergency Room.  Congestive heart failure augmented by a medication that had developed a toxic side effect, setting up filibrations (sic) of the heart plus spasmodic breathing.  Took them about a week to get me“cured,” and another week to get my medication straightened out.  I am out now and feeling fine so long as I do not try to exert myself like going shopping by bus.  Ebony scores the mail and Sirius Encampment and others come by with wheels for necessary trips like renewing a prescription, cashing a check, etc.  At least I am back at the typewriter.  Who knows, you may hear a lot more from me!

Farewell, Francis, you were a great friend.  Welcome to your Greater Feast.  You were a far better “witness” by remaining outside the Order.  Thank you.

Blessed Beast!
H.A.  777

To be continued… [Click HERE]

I wish to thank Frater Petros of Leaping Laughter Clerk House
for making this page possible.