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From the Caliph
by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Vol. V, No.4 June 1985

Several years ago when we were casting the first production of THE RITES OF ELEUSIS here in the S.F. Bay Area I made the mistake of volunteering for the role of BESZ in the RITE OF SOL.  EQUINOX I 6 p. 73 Aries.  What is this offering?
Besz.  The eater of Flesh is my name “the Probationers…take SOL from the cross and lay him on the Pastos.  They cover it.  BESZ does his brutal demoniac dance upon the lid of the coffin.”
Now where was I going to get a wild, demonic dance?  Certainly not in my Shakespeare, so I settled a party trip from back in the ‘50’s: when things got dull I would drop to a crouch and go bouncing around the room on knuckles to stand up drumming my chest and emitting the well known “ape call” at the end.  So that is what I did on SOL’s coffin.  It worked very well, and got me to wondering about this strange “god” BESZ.

“The grotesque god Bes came into promince (sic) during the Eighteenth Dynasty…he appears to have been of African origin…he was a dward with long arms and crooked legs; his nose was broad and flat, his ears projected like those of a cat, he had bushy hair and eyebrows and a beard, his lips were thick and gross.  Over his back he wore the skin of a wild animal, the tail trailing behind…He was a war god, a god of music playing a harp, and a love god…As late as Roman times he was known by his oracle at Abydos (Egyptian oracular gods were very few).  Absorbed by the sun worshippers he became the nurse of Harpokrates (Horus) whom he nourished and amused.  He also guarded the child against attacks of serpents…p. 313 Donald A. Mackenzie, EGYPTIAN MYTH AND LEGEND London The Gresham Pub Co circa 1920’s.
Now about that relation of Bez and Horus.  On the Metternich Stele “…Horus stands with his feet upon the backs of two crocodiles, and he grasps in his hands the reptiles and animals which are the emblems of the foes of light and of the powers of evil.  He wears the lock of youth and above his head is the head of the old god Bes, who here symbolizes the Sun-god at eventide.” p. 270 E. A. Wallis Budge THE GODS OF THE EGYPTIANS Vol 2 NY Dover 1969

Yes, but what exactly is their relation?
“In the cippi of Horus of the Crocodiles (Harpocrates, the Child), “He stands on two crocodiles…Resting on the head of Horus is the head of “the Aged” god, which is somewhat like that of Bez, and the figure of Horux and the head together symbolized the old god who renews his youth and strength perpetually.” p. 165 Sir E. A.
Wallis Budge AMULETS AND TALISMANS NY University Books 1961
Well, now, we know where we have heard those words before:

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.” Rev. 21:6

For there is something “mechanic” about Bez.  Something automatic in the line of a machine, but that is what you have when you “yoke” an elemental demonic force in some ritual.  A machine.  A “Devil”.  In some Medieval town w/a dock there is a picture of a wheel full of men…as they went forward as a body the wheel moved, when they went back if lifted cargo from a barge.  It was known as “The Devil” of that place.  With it’s (sic) multiplied power it could move things.  And it is that we are getting at.  Like that lock of youth” looks like a piece of metallic jewelry.  In what universes is it binding, I wonder?

Well, possibly in South America.  Here is a perfectly good representation of the god Bez in the Mayan god of pulque, protruding tongue and all.  Like I said, man, a mystery.