Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. 

The demon Orichalcos first appeared in Season Four of the anime series titled ‘Waking the Dragon’ which aired on September 18th in 2004  (Episodes 145-184). It detailed the now infamous ‘Seal Of Orichalcos’ card which has never been released to gamers. The characters upon the outer circle of the card pictured left, which was released, are actually Enochian and what is more amusing, but difficult to see in this particular card, is that behind the image of the demon is a Unicursal Hexagram that was designed by none other than the blatant summoner of demons himself, Aleister Crowley. ... And, as everyone knows, Crowley was a great believer in Enochian Magic and he used these characters to summon beings from the spiritual world, among them no less than Choronzon, a powerful demon often said to be bent on destroying mankind. These are the exact same elements that are being sought after by our children who play this particular Yu-Gi-Oh game while using the Seal of Orichalcos card. So is it a game? And should I mention that there is a character in this series named Aleister? Or the fact that the name ‘Orichalcos' is said to mean 'a transparent changeable substance'?
And they wonder why our children are seemingly going crazy and acting as if possessed by demons ...we're training them!  ... anyway, if you want to learn more about this particular season of Yu-Gi-Oh and  how webbed it is in real magickal jargon then click HERE.

Love is the law, love under will.