Steven J. Cohen 
aka Shadow Igitur

(                      - January 30th 2009)
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of an old friend. I was there when Steve was initiated into Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. back in the early 1990s. I have considered him a friend ever since. He was gentle soul, a person who is hard to forget if you ever met him. If you knew Steve and you have any information or additions that you'd like to add; like photos, a biographical sketch etc, or just a brief story of your memories ... please feel free to submit at:

I received this from Luna on Saturday January 31st 2009  :

Dear Friends of Steven J. Cohen! 93!
 Our magical eccentric friend, Steven J. Cohen aka Shadow Igitur died tonight at 6:51pm.
He was surrounded by the women of his family.  His mother, Babe.  His sister, Andy.  
His two neices, and myself.
We circled around his bed at Moffitt Hospital and took turns reading from:  
"Thirty-One Hymns To The Star Goddess" by Frater Achad.
poem XX1 from the book:  Not

Three Eternites are passed . . . I have out-stripped a million Stars in my race across Thy Breast ---The Milky Way.
When shall I come to the Secret Centre of They Being?
Time, thou thief, why dost thor rob the hungry babe?  Space, thou hadst almost deceived me.
Oh Lady Nuit, let me not confound the space-marks!
Then, O Beloved, Thy Word came unto me, as it is written:  "All touching; All penetrant."
Thus left I Time and Space and Circumstance, and every Star became as an atom in my Body, when it became Thy Body.  Now never shall I be known, for it is I that go.
But Thou, Beloved, though Thou art infinitely Great, art Thou not energized by the Invisible Point -- the Infinitely Small?
A Million Eternities are Present.  Deem
not of Change; This is the
Here and Now,
and I am
 --Frater Achad.
 All Hail the Goddess Nuit
Whose Number is 156
All Hail Shadow Igitur
who left his mortal body
at:  6:51pm, Jan. 30th 2009.
His family has given us the blessing to transmute his entire library into a "Steven J. Cohen Memorial Library"...and the Great Work continues.
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Steven Cohen in High School.