For Those who ARE Willing to be Shunned!

J. Edward and Erica M Cornelius


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For a great review of The Aleister Crowley Primer by sound engineer, music producer, and magician Oz Fritz, check out this entry on his blog The Oz Mix.   
MG in Grant’s Pass, OR: “BRILLIANT BOOK I just wanted to send a short email thanking both of you for a wonderful, insightful, informative, useful and very insightful book. 'The Aleister Crowley Primer’ just rocks my world. … I especially liked the parts dealing with the Old Aeon evolving into the New Aeon sections. Restrictionists like to control others and … this book … illustrated the daily battle it must be for the quest towards freedom. The perfect Thelemic message. Thank you.”

SS in Miami, FL: “[T]he book was good, period, will make every Thelemite think for the better. Congrats.”

TI in Jersey City, NJ “93! I've only just quickly perused it, but have to say that despite it's humorous title, it delves deeply and accessibly into most important subjects with refreshing candor. It seems to me to be a most welcoming and supportive introduction to Thelema, both Catholic and Esoteric. In fact, it strikes me as the first modern Thelemic Catechism that I can embrace. Well done!
93, 93/93!”

The Mad Poet Acbhb, Rev. Michael S. Margolin in Sunnyvale, CA: “93 …[F]rom the time I opened the book, I could tell it was far more than just a book on Magick. Not only is this book perfect for any and all beginners into Crowley's system but it is truly a gem for the advanced practitioner. I couldn't help but notice many of the questions and clarifications I've asked and sought through the years are answered in this book. In ending if you are a serious Thelemite or student of the occult, in general, you're gonna love this book. 93 93/93”

J.L. in Portland, OR: “I just got the Primer! A cursory look through the table of contents is certainly has me intrigued. I love that each chapter is a question. As we know, good philosophy always starts with good questions. I think my favorite is ‘Knowing what we know now, is Crowley a prophet if Satan?’ This book looks like a lot of fun and approachable food for thought. Thank you! To both you and Jerry, not only for the book but for writing it and for generally being awesome and doing the spiritual heavy lifting of which our culture seems utterly incapable.”

S.G. in Enterprise, AL: “Thanks Jerry and Erica for another fantastic publication. I’m about one-third through and I’m having a hard time putting it down. Like every other book you guys put out it’s a gem!”

C.H. from Colorado asks a great question:
“I tend to think of The Magickal Essence [by J. Edward Cornelius, 2010] as the Cornelius primer. I personally got a lot out of the way he relates the phases of the Abramelin work to the MoE, learning to pray. Also, giving a real sense to the HGA being an elemental being and thus showing a key aspect to Resh and the pentagram ritual in working towards K&C. Will this be covered in some respects?”

Erica answers:
“Yes, in some respects, not in others. Resh and its importance is covered. Same with the pentagram ritual. The comparison of Abramelin two-moon phases to man of Earth, Lover, and Hermit is not discussed in the Primer. And by the way it’s not so much that the HGA is an elemental being as that we can only interact with it through the Daemon, which IS an elemental being. In ME, he argues that the Angel can never descend below the Abyss without being “bathed in duality,” like everything Below, and thus becoming something other than an Angel. But, yes, this book does discuss the HGA.

"Honestly, these two books are radically different in format and not comparable. The ME has a format that allows Jerry to really expound his discoveries in philosophical detail. In this very different book, Jerry and I answer 120 of the most frequently asked questions by our students, along with our best short answers. Nor does the book shy away from controversy. It’s a sourcebook for everyone from a complete beginner to an advanced Thelemite. For the latter, it helps them grasp a concept clearly and succinctly—or at least our take on it. Obviously, not all will agree with our approach to every topic, but that’s ok  


Is Thelema a religion? Who are the Secret Chiefs? What are the Khabs and the Khu? Who or what is LAM? These questions and over a hundred more are answered in this pithy and entertaining book on Thelemic philosophy. Skip around and read as thou wilt!

If you are interested in pursuing Thelema, this book is for you—regardless if you are officially in the A.’.A.’. or not. After all, Crowley designed his system so that anyone in the world could become a Thelemite. We believe that to be a proper Thelemite, you must first be familiar with the terms, phrases and basic principles of our philosophy.